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ruca, one of Long Beach's favorite slang terms!

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(noun) Girlfriend; true love

Specifically a girlfriend that has stuck with you through difficult times

Carlos: “Through all this shit, my ruca stuck by my side, yo.”

Felipe: “Yeh, man, she’s a keeper, esse.”

Carlos: “What about you ‘n Angelica? You all seem tight.”

Felipe: “Nah, bro, she ain´t no ruca. I like her and all, but she flip straight out if I skip a day of work ‘cuz I’m sick. I lose my job like you, bro, she’d be out the door before I get home.”

Carlos: “Just don’t lose your job, esse, haha.”

In Spanish, ruca means an old maid or an older single woman. Over time, in the Chicano culture in Long Beach, California, the word shifted from meaning an older woman to being an “old” girlfriend, old meaning that you’d been together for a long time. Then, the word shifted even further to mean any girlfriend, or a true love.

Long Beach ska punk and reggae rock musicians Sublime use the word ruca often in their music:


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