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June gloom, one of Los Angeles's favorite slang terms!

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(noun) a thick fog on the beach

Pam: ”I’m free this morning. Want to head down to the beach today? I need to work on my tan.”

Pat: “Dude, no point in going to the beach till this afternoon or the June gloom will getcha. Don’t you know anything?!”

Pam: “Shit, I forgot it’s that time of the year. Good thing we didn’t waste our morning driving down there. How about hitting the shops instead?”

June gloom is a well-known LA phenomenon used mostly by people lucky enough to live close to the beach. Every morning, at the start of summer, a thick fog rolls in off of the sea and settles on the beach where it stays until mid-afternoon. Local residents who live near the beach are entertained by the tourists who head down to the beach in the morning and sit in the fog for a few hours before eventually giving up on seeing the sun and leaving. If you’re in LA, and you hear the locals talking about the June Gloom, you´d best find something else to do rather than head to the beach.

Here’s an example of June Gloom in usage in the song ‘Like’ by the band June Gloom :


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