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Think Blue, one of Los Angeles's favorite slang terms!

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(verb) an expression of support for the LA Dodgers

Simon: “Think blue! Three big games coming up. Let’s go Dodgers!”

Raul: “Yeah, it’s gonna be a hell of a series. You got tickets?”

Simon: “I do for Friday, but not Saturday or Sunday.”

Raul:  “Cool. Gotta wear blue this weekend. Stay calm and think blue!”

If you hear someone in Los Angeles say that they are feeling blue, they probably aren’t sad, but are just instead referring to the Dodgers, meaning that they are excited about the game that night, or perhaps expressing that the team just won. Originally the Brooklyn Dodgers, the Dodgers Major League Baseball team moved to LA in 1958. The team colors (blue) have remained the same and there are a few hues of blue now referred to as Dodger blue.  The Dodgers uniforms have changed very little over the last 70 years. The home jersey is white with Dodgers written in blue across the front. Their website is also done in ‘Dodger blue’.

Here is a fan thinking blue via Twitter:

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