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thot, one of Los Angeles's favorite slang terms!

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(noun) a woman of low morals

Plural: thotties

 Marshawn:”Who’s that girl? She fine as hell! She yo main girl?”

Keyron: “Aaw shit, she just a thot”

Marshawn: ”She a fine thot, though.”

Keyron: “Like my mamma says, ‘Never drop yo diamond for a rock. Never leave yo wife for a thot.’”

Marshawn: “Yo mamma say whaaat?!”

 THOT stands for That Ho Over There. Ho is slang for a woman who has sex with a lot of guys as in ‘whore’. ‘Over there’ implies she’s just hanging around, not there with the speaker or of any significance to the speaker.

Here’s an example of some guys talking about a thot on the train:

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