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alabao, one of Miami's favorite slang terms!

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(interjection) Something you say when you are surprised or hear something strange

It's similar to saying "What the hell?" or “Oh, my God!”

Julia: “Yo Carmen, my papi told me he’s gonna get me a car for my sweet sixteen.”

Carmen: “Alabao! That’s awesome sweetie. You should get like a beamer or somethin’.”

Julia: “Yeah, right. Not unless it’s an ´84 beamer, I only get to spend like two thousand.”

Carmen: “Alabao! You’re only gonna get like a piece of shit.”

Julia: “Alabao Carmen, you’re 18 and don’t even have a car, and it beats the bus.”

The origin of alabao, as with a lot of Miami slang, comes from Cuban Spanish. In this case, alabao comes from “alabao sea dios” which literally translates to praise be to God. However, in today’s slang usage it is much more like saying “Doood!” or the equivalent of “OMG” or “WTF”.

Check out this Enrique Iglesias song that uses alabao:


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