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dale, one of Miami's favorite slang terms!

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(interjection) From Spanish, it literally means "go ahead" or “yeah”

[pronounced: dah-lay]  It can also be used to say good-bye when you hang up the phone, or to mean “later” when you are leaving your friends

Armando: “Hey homie, you wanna hit up the club tonight?”

Vicente: “Dale. Just lemme ask my sis to watch over my abuelita.”

Armando: “Cool then. I’ll pick you up around 9?”

Vicente: “Dale.”

In Spanish dale literally means “give it” from the verb “dar-to give”, but as slang it is an expression with multiple usages. One of the most common usages is as a showing of agreement. So, when in Miami, instead of saying “Yes, I agree, let’s go ahead and do that”, a quick “dale” will do.

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