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feezy, one of Miami's favorite slang terms!

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(adjective) Fake

It also describes a person that beats around the bush

James: “I’m sick of this shit, yo!”

Trent: “What’s up man?”

James: “Shante. That girl so feezy, she lies about everything.”

Trent: “I warned you about hookin’ up with that broad.”

James: “Ya, I know. I always seem to find the feezy ones.”

Feezy has roots in Haitian Creole and literally means fake. In slang usage in English, though, feezy almost always refers to people, and not objects. For example, you would not say “I never buy feezy DVDs”. Feezy is a negative trait for a person to have.

Mac Dre uses feezy in his song Bleezies-N-Heem: 

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