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Miamese, one of Miami's favorite slang terms!

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(noun) This term refers to people born and raised in Miami who are super shallow and materialistic

Generally the Miamese still live at home and drive a luxury car that is way too nice for how much money they make

Mike: “You gotta love the Miamese.”

Dave: “What do you mean?”

Mike: “Check out my neighbor. He’s like 28 and still lives with mommy and daddy.”

Dave: “Maybe he’s having trouble with money?”

Mike: “Nah, man, I know him. He’s got a job and all, just cares more about bling than anything else.”

Dave: “Yeah. I see what you mean, I don’t get the Miamese either.”

The term Miamese generally refers to people who speak improper English (although this is not always the case) and wear a lot of gold or other flamboyant jewelry. Miamese definitely has a negative connotation, and you wouldn’t refer to yourself as being Miamese. It is mostly used when talking about other people who are obsessed with their looks and social appearance.

Here’s an example of its usage in a twitter post: 

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