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papi, one of Miami's favorite slang terms!

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(noun) A term of endearment used by women to refer to their men

Yolanda: “Papi, where we goin’ to dinner tonight?”

Nico: “Yoli, we just went out last night. I’m runnin’ low on funds, baby. Why don’t you cook somethin’?”

Yolanda: “Ay papi, I’m tired. Let’s go out.”

Nico: “Alright, alright, but you need to get a job unless you want to start cookin’ more.”

Yolanda: “I love you papi, you’re so funny.”

Papi originally comes from papa, or father in Spanish, which is a cute way for children to say Daddy. However, in modern usage papi is used by women to refer to their boyfriend. The term is often used during sexual intercourse.

Here is J-Lo’s song Papi:


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