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You betcha!, one of Minneapolis's favorite slang terms!

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(exclamation) An enthusiastic expression of approval or affirmation

Used to demonstrate approval of an idea, plan, etc. Can also be used to verify that something is true.


Mitchell: One of our neighbors is one of them gay guys, don't cha know?

Susan:  Oh, you betcha. He has a rainbow bumper sticker on his car.


“Betcha" was first attested to in 1904, and originally started as a shortening of the words "bet you" (e.g., "I bet you that he would do it!"). Over time, "betcha" became interpreted as its own intransitive verb, so that "You betcha!" is a complete sentence. It now means, "You bet (your bottom dollar that...

It's used frequently in the film "Fargo", which satirizes midwest states like North Dakota and Minnesota

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