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Gurm, one of Nashville's favorite slang terms!

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(noun) A groupie

An almost obsessive follower of a band or a singer. It is not the same as a fan – fans are regular people who like a band, singer, or type of music.  A gurm is much more fixated with the star. 

Sandy: Wow!  Did you see the Dixie Chicks yet?!  They’re amazing!  I have tickets to go again tomorrow night!  I’m so excited!

Charlotte: Didn’t you go last night?

Sandy: Yeah, they were awesome!

Charlotte: And you’re going again tomorrow?  You’re becoming a gurm!

Typical gurm behavior may include stalking an artist, waiting outside the stage doors for hours on end, buying tickets to watch a show every night it is playing, traveling the length of the country and beyond to watch a show, spending huge amounts of money on concert tickets, merchandise, and memorabilia, and acting so obsessively that it almost takes over their life. 

Here Patty Way, a local, describes 10 Things Not To Do In Nashville (hint: being a 'gurm' is one of them)

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