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alligator pear, one of New Orleans's favorite slang terms!

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alligator pear
(noun) An avocado

Waiter: “What y’all up to tonight?”

Customer: “Great, just went by my mama’s and n'em.”

Waiter: “Lovely, so what can I getcha?”

Customer: “I’ll have a club sandwich. Dressed.”

Waiter: “The works.”

Customer: “The works. Well, hold the alligator pear.”

The slang term 'alligator pear' gives you some insight into the character of the fine people of the Crescent City, or as they call it “Nawlins.” The terms comes from the fact that an avocado’s skin looks like that of an alligator. Alligators, of course, play a big role in New Orleans culture with many of these animals living in the bayou.

This Twitter user is partying it up with some alligator pear salad:


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