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Gumbo ya-ya, one of New Orleans's favorite slang terms!

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(noun) A situation where everyone is talking at once and nobody can understand what the other people are saying

Drew: “What was that?”

Darren: “I said, what do you think about the new Ford 150?”

Drew: “I can’t hear you, let’s go outside away from all this Gumbo ya-ya.”

Darren: “I hear ya, every time these girls get together it’s one big Gumbo ya-ya”

Gumbo is a dish that originated in southern Louisiana. The base is a strong stock and it contains several different meats or shellfish, especially shrimp. The vegetables in Gumbo are usually onions, celery, and bell peppers. When you eat Gumbo you experience many different tastes at the same time, and this is where the slang came from – too many “ingredients”, or speakers, at once.

Famous New Orleans blues musician Dr. John wrote a song about Gumbo ya-ya: 

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