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locker, one of New Orleans's favorite slang terms!

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(noun) A closet in your house

Son: “Mom, have you seen my baseball glove?”

Mother: “Did you look in your locker?”

Son: “Yeah, I did, but it wasn’t there.”

Mother: “That’s because you throw all your things in there when I ask you to clean your room. Hurry up and find it ´cuz we got to get goin’ – I’m fixin’ to be makin’ groceries after I drop you off at practice.”

The use of locker to mean closet originates from the use of the word locker to mean a large storage trunk kept at the end of your bed. New Orleans is a very old city, and so many of the older buildings were built without closets and people stored their clothes in a trunk, or locker, at the foot of their bed. When houses started to have modern day closets, the term locker stuck, since this is where people put their clothes.

This Twitter user found her friend's entire room in her locker:  

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