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throw, one of New Orleans's favorite slang terms!

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(noun) Something that is thrown into the crowd or at a particular person during Mardi Gras

Tim: “Ready to hit up the Quarter?”

Joy: “I’ve been ready. I am waiting for you! Do you got your throws?”

Tim: “You know it. I’ve got a bag full of beads here, for you know what.”

Joy: “Oh, God, you boys and your boobies.”

Tim: “I’ve seen you flash for throws a few times over the years.”

Joy: “It’s been quite a while since those days Timmy Boy.”

The throwing of trinkets to the crowds at Mardi Gras started over 100 years ago and is a time-honored tradition, whether you plan on lifting your shirt for a string of beads or not. Other throws you might find along with the famous strings of beads are plastic cups, and doubloons. Doubloons are fake medallions made to look like coins. Since Mardi Gras is such a big part of New Orleans culture and identity, the word 'throw' or 'throws' is used year round.

Here is a short video talking about throws: 

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