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Who dat?, one of New Orleans's favorite slang terms!

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(interjection) A greeting between New Orleans Saints fans

It's another way to say “Who is that?”, but this slang is most commonly used as a greeting to other fans of the New Orleans Saints NFL football team. If you see someone wearing Saints gear you shout “Who dat?” and they will shout “Who dat?” back to you.

Fan #1: “Who dat?”

Fan #2: “Who dat?”

Fan #1: “I love your Brees jersey, man.”

Fan #2: “You have got to represent in ‘The Big Easy’!”

“Who dat?” comes from the famous football chant: "Who dat? Who dat? Who dat say dey gonna beat dem Saints?" This is probably the most well-known New Orleans slang expression, especially by anyone who follows football. Historically, however, the phrase has been around in New Orleans since long before the NFL. “Who dat?” was a greeting in the poetry community and is what traveling minstrels would say to each other before performing on stage.

Here is the New Orleans Saints’ rally song:

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