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730, one of New York's favorite slang terms!

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(adjective) Crazy; mentally unstable

“730” would probably be used to warn someone about a person who doesn't quite have it all together.

Sebastian: I got a date with Shaneequa. Bruva, she so fine.

José: You bananas? Girl is 730.

Sebastian: Nah.

José: Uh, yah. She was in the psych ward last year and word is she doin' mad drugs.

Sebastian: Bruva, you just jealous 'cause I know how to get the fine honeys. Don't even.

“730” started to be used in the 90s. It refers to the motion a criminal on trial has to file (A 730 “fitness to proceed” motion) to have a psychiatric exam testing their sanity. If they are sane, they proceed to trial, and if they are not, they don't.

Harlem rapper Big L gives us a slang lesson in his song “Ebonics (Criminal Slang)” from the album The Big Picture (2000).“If you 730, that mean you crazy.” 

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