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Son, one of New York's favorite slang terms!

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(noun - pronoun) A friend; Someone you admire; An all-inclusive pronoun

“Son” is a word more typically used amongst men. Think of the word “dude,” but with a bit of a different flavor.

AJ: Son! It's been a time since I've seen you.

Dave: I know, right. I went out to see Chromeo last night. Man, Macklovitch is my son! And P ain't too bad, either.

AJ: Fuck outta here! I didn't know they were in town. Next time, hit me up.

Dave: You know it, bruva. And Nat and Ari were there. They sooooo fine.

AJ: Son, you best lay off them plaid pants, and don't make me tell you twice.

They approach a hot dog stand

AJ Son, I'm gonna need an extra large dog with extra mustard. (Turns back to Dave) Like I said 'bout the pants.

Dave Shows how much you know. They told me I was lookin' wavy.

“Son” is slang that you would normally hear more in “the 'hood” (more lower-class, urban neighborhoods of New York, such as Harlem and Brooklyn). However, like most slang, it migrated to the general population through popular culture. 

Brooklyn rapper Maino sings “When my homies call, this how I greet them. I say, I say, I say, What up son?” in “Waddup Son” (The Mafia mixtape, 2012). 

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