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Bounce, one of Oakland's favorite slang terms!

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(verb) To leave

You might use this when you are leaving a party or suggesting that you leave.

Zach: Man, this party is hella dank!

Ted: Nah, man, people are gettin' too hyphy. Let's bounce.

Zach: Man, you're always about the chillaxin', never 'bout the real party.

Ted: I said, let's bounce! I got some dank and a pint of ice cream at my place. That's where the real party's at.

Zach: Fine, fine. You win. But I wanna hear some hyphy beats on the car ride home.

“To bounce” started being used in the 90s, and remains popular today. There are many synonyms currently used for “to bounce”, such as “to peace out” and “to dip.” It seems that saying you're going to leave is just too much of a downer, unless you add a little flair.  

Oakland rappers Souls of Mischief sing “So I'mma bounce up outta here, you knowmsayin” in their song “Times ain't fair” off the album No Man's Land (1995). 

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