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Chillax, one of Oakland's favorite slang terms!

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(verb) To relax; take it easy; chill out

“Chillax” can be used to describe the activity of relaxing and chilling out, or to tell someone to calm down.

Jeremy: Hey, girl, you wanna chillax today? It's Sunday. I ain't got no place to be.

Jessie: Yeah, come on over...No, wait! I'm out of dank, and I'm out of ice cream!

Jeremy: Hey, chillax. I still have some stuff left to smoke, and I'll pick up some ice cream on the way.

Jessie: Oh, okay. Whew. Yeah, come over in an hour. I'm still in my pajamas, and I gotta take a shower.

“Chillax” is a combination of the words “chill” and “relax.” Its exact origin is debatable, but it started to be used in the mid 90s, and became popular in the late 90s. It is used by young people in the Bay Area, but known internationally.

“Chillax” has reached as far as Hong Kong. In the song “Chillax” off the album 24Herbs(2008), Ghost Style sings, “Chillax, sit back, sip your favorite cognac.”


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