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Dank, one of Oakland's favorite slang terms!

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(adjective - noun) Very potent marijuana, or 'incredibly good'

“Dank” is often used in conversations about high-quality marijuana or food.

Mary: I just visited my dealer, and I got us this dank.

Jane: Aw, man, that stuff looks dank!

Mary: It is dank! Later I am gonna buy us some dank chocolate to eat after we smoke, for when we get the munchies.

The term “dank” became popular in the 90s, and is used today by people in various demographics. “Dank” literally means moist, humid, damp, and often chilly. The potent marijuana it sometimes refers to is made by reducing air and light contact, giving it this literal dank quality. 

II Foe Tha $/Money sings “It's the dank, and I like it” in “It's the dank” from It's Goin' Down (1996):


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