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Hella, one of Oakland's favorite slang terms!

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(adjective - interjection - adverb) A lot; really

The interjection can be used to enthusiastically agree with someone.

This is how “hella” might look in a conversation:

Katie: I'm hella excited to go to the No Doubt concert on Saturday.

Jenny: Me too! There are gonna be hella people there. It's gonna be awesome!

Katie: Yeah, and it'll be hella cooler than that party Brad invited us to.

Jenny: Hella!

The term started to be used as early as the mid 70s, and became popular with youths of all ethnic, racial, and socioeconomic backgrounds in the early 90s. Although it originated in Northern California, it is understood nationwide due to its appearance in popular media. Today, it is most commonly used on the West Coast of the United States and by people under 30.

The pop hit “Hella Good” was released on No Doubt's album Rock Steady (2001). 

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