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Bul, one of Philadelphia's favorite slang terms!

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(noun) Boy

Or 'young bul'

It can be associated with the youth in terms of the words ‘man’, ‘dude’, ‘kid’ etc. It’s the opposite of “ol head”, another Philly term meaning older guy (or man). 

Travis: Yo man, whaddup? Who dis?

Lewis: Chill man, dis my young bul. Name’s D’Andre.

D’Andre: Whaddup yo.

Travis: Fuckouttahere! Kid gotta be drawlin’ chillin’ witchu!

This word is pronounced “bool” and (often) refers to a younger someone who looks to you as a mentor; someone who isn’t necessarily related to you.

Grande Marshall, in GODBPM, raps, “Young nigga with a old soul/I came up wit a rare breed/Ain’t no future in frontin’ nigga/Since a young bul I been a OG/What’s money to me?” (chopped remix)

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