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Drawling, one of Philadelphia's favorite slang terms!

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(verb) Used to indicate doing too much; acting in an excessive way

It can be applied to people doing anything from too much work, to over-reacting, to tripping – anything out of character or out of the norm.

Travis: Dude, dat jawn was tight last week – was you there?

Lewis: Nah man, I had to sort out my girl. DAMN, she make me mad!

Travis: L, you gotta stop drawling, calm down – you gon’ burn yourself out, man.

Lewis: I ain’t drawling, YOU drawling!

Travis: (raises eyebrows)

Lewis: Ok, ok, maybe jus’ a lil’.

It’s difficult to pinpoint the origin of the word, but again it’s mostly used in inner city circles, only in Philly. It is not seen as a positive quality, and can vary in extremity – from being unreasonable to being impossible for others to be around.

Meek Mill’s “House Party (Remix)” ft. Fabolous, Mac Miller and Wale uses it here:

“Maybach! Bitch, we the winning team/How can I illustrate, you drawling if you ain’t with me/Balling like I’m in that league, flossing out, you bitch gon’ leave/Party at the L-I-V, y’all gon’ be like this shit O.D!”


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