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Hoagie, one of Philadelphia's favorite slang terms!

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(noun) A sub or sandwich

Used when you’re craving some good ol’ Italian rolls

Travis: Yo, we headin’ to da corner store to get some hoagies, aaait?

Lewis: Aaait, I want somma dat extra meat n mayo on mine, ya hear? And go to Papi’s Hoagies, nonna dat udder shit.

“Hoagie” probably came from the area of Hog Island where the Irish and Italians settled. They referred to each other as Hogans, and their lunchtime sandwich became known as a “hoggie”. Somewhere down the line the pronunciation and spelling transformed into “hoagie”

Mac Miller and Lil’ Wayne appreciate the snack in the song “The Question”: “I’m lighting up a stogie/It’s longer than a hoagie”


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