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Jawn, one of Philadelphia's favorite slang terms!

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(noun) Any person, place or thing that you can think of can be replaced by this word.

Used to describe everything from women, to drugs, to the party last weekend

Travis: Whaddup dude, was you at Laticsha’s jawn last night?

Lewis: Yeah man, I rolled myself a heavy jawn

Travis: Damn son, I was looking for something to calm my jawn down.

Lewis: Yeah, she be fine as hell when she ain’t talkin!

“Jawn” was started by and is used mostly among those living in the inner city (not limited to the African American community), and has become a mark of pride and identity for all from Philly.

It can used to describe a beautiful woman in Joey Bada$$’s “Death of YOLO” ft. Smoke DZA: “L’s burn, smash hoes in Melbourne/Light skinned jawn, look like Chanel Iman”


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