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Ocky, one of Philadelphia's favorite slang terms!

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(adjective) Anything that describes something lacking authenticity; something counterfeit

Usually used for items of clothing that are labeled with fake brand names. It’s cause for excessive mocking.

Travis: Yo man, check out this young bul – he be walkin’ round like he da shit, but I saw him yesterday atta Term buying those jawns off the street!

Lewis: Ah naw, son! Don’t be doing dat! YO, Tyrell! We can see dat Nike swish be da wrong way round from here, man! Dat shit’s ocky as hell, yo!

Any fake merchandise or clothing bought from a less than respectable store (or person) can therefore be described as “ocky.”

N.O.R.E ft. Lil’ Wayne and Pharrell rap “Them dudes finito, I sell chich to a chico magnifico…/Kawasaki ocky, your shit sloppy probably” in the track “Finito.”


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