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Wylin, one of Queens's favorite slang terms!

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(adjective) Crazy

Used to represent an extreme level of craziness or aggression.

JJ: My baby-mama caught me creepin’ with Ashley.

Leroy:  Aw hell naw!  Was she trippin’?  She throw yo shit out?

JJ: Dawg, she was wylin’.  Straight trippin’ outta control.  Ima hide out at yo place tonight.

“Wylin” is a term used in Queens to signify that something is wild and out of control.  It is an ebonics word that was morphed from the word “wild”.  It can also be used to describe partying to an extreme measure.  Throwing an epic party with copious amounts of alcohol and/or drugs is considered “wylin”.

It is shown in the song “Wylin” by The Lacs, feat. Bubba Sparxxx


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