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Seattle Tuxedo, one of Seattle's favorite slang terms!

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Seattle Tuxedo
(noun) The general attire in Seattle

It could mean:

1. A flannel shirt and jeans

2. A fleece and jeans

3. Waterproof clothing and jeans 

The term “Seattle Tuxedo” is not necessarily a positive statement about your outfit, but it sure is practical for walking around the city and being comfortable. Here's a conversation two university guys might have, regarding Seattle tuxedos.

Ben: Hey, I got a date tonight with that girl from my psychology 101 class.

John: Filthy, dude! Where are you gonna go?

Ben: Just to Pagliaccis, man. It'll be chill.

John: I know you're just going out to pizza, but some friendly advice here. Lose the Seattle tuxedo. You practically live in that rain jacket. And don't wear the fleece or flannel, either. Everybody and his brother is wearing that shit. Bring an umbrella and a nice button-up shirt.

Ben: Whatever...

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