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Before you sign up to the Listen & Learn Travel Scholarship and submit your application, it is extremely important that you read these Terms and Conditions carefully.

Upon submission of your application, these Terms and Conditions form contractual obligations between you and Listen & Learn. This scholarship is only valid for Recent High School Graduates, Undergraduate or Graduate students, with at least Elementary level of Spanish or Portuguese, and is to be used for travel to Spanish and/or Portuguese-speaking Latin American countries. Minors (students under 18 years old at the time of travel) are not eligible for this scholarship.

Only one submission may be entered per student. Duplicate entries will be disqualified. We utilize an advanced fraud detection system to identify fake email accounts and single users submitting multiple votes. In the event of discovering fraudulent activity, all votes submitted by the associated user will be discounted. All scholarships are non-renewable. By submitting an application, you certify that all the information you have provided is original, accurate, and complete.

Vote for your favorite candidate and give them chance to win a $3,000 USD Scholarship to travel around Latin America.
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The selected winner will receive the total amount of $3,000 USD as 3 monthly payments of $ 1,000 USD each, to be deposited or transferred at the end of each month, during the trip, once and only if we successfully receive the following IN-TRIP CONTENT:

• 2x blog posts per month detailing your travel experiences, newly learned Spanish/Portuguese words or expressions, etc. Suggested word count between 800 and 1000 words.
• 4x 1-minute videos per month showing places you have visited, people you have met during your trip, experiences and fun facts related to the city/country where you are staying, etc. Videos must be of excellent sound, light, and image quality. Any third-party persons must consent to being recorded and having the video shared online for it to be valid.
• Your 10 best photographs from each new place you visit and activity you experience.
• Audio files of at least 10 new Spanish or Portuguese phrases you have learned while traveling (how to say something, a local word/phrase, the names of typical meals, jokes, etc.).
• A final summary of at least 800 words of your trip, what you found enriching and memorable, and how it helped you improve your language skills. The summary must be submitted to us no later than 30 days after you return home.

If the scholarship winner needs to leave/end the program/trip before its expected conclusion, for any reason, Listen & Learn do not have an obligation to pay any outstanding funds.

Applicants automatically grant Listen & Learn permission to:
Use the student’s name, application content (profile, place of study, itinerary, image, tongue-twister video) and all IN-TRIP CONTENT (including photos, videos, audio files, blogs, etc.) in any announcements, articles, blog posts, newsletters, or social media posts issued by Listen & Learn, including on the, and websites.

The student is responsible for financing all the following expenses: transportation, accommodation, travel & medical insurance, meals, visas/passports/legal documents, electronic devices, and internet/data provider.

Communication: The selected student must supply Listen & Learn with a valid personal e-mail address and mobile/cell number(s) prior to and/or on arrival to their destination, as well as Instagram or Facebook profiles, in order that communication between the student and Listen & Learn may be maintained at all times to ensure student’s reports (photos, texts or videos) are successfully delivered. Contact information must be updated and operational.

Listen & Learn will choose the panel members - 2 Spanish and 2 Portuguese teachers among their current teachers - for selecting the winning student from the finalists.

The winner will be notified via email and announced publicly, as well as on Listen & Learn social media pages, in 2021.
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