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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can see a list of the most frequently asked questions about language courses offered at Listen & Learn. In case you don’t see your question below, or are looking for additional information, please contact us.

1. Designing your course

Please see our levels page for a general guide as to the levels we use and what category you fall into for your new language. Once you begin your course, your teacher will be able to provide a more detailed assessment of where you stand.
The amount of lessons will be determined after the teacher assesses your starting level and what your goals are for the course. It is our pleasure to shed some light about this. For instance, we suggest that Complete Beginners start with 24 hours of classes (twelve two-hour sessions) in order to achieve an Elementary level.
We have several course duration suggestions that depend on your goals, timeframe, and schedule. We will tailor your course length to best fit with your availability when booking your course. Feel free to contact us for more information.
The minimum number of people is 2 and the maximum is 12. In certain circumstances we can have up to 16 students, but this tends to take away from the students’ learning experience since teachers aren’t able to provide sufficient individual attention needed for everyone. We try to avoid this if at all possible.
No. The first class is typically used as an introduction to the course and focuses heavily on the language assessment, making it hard for students to judge initially. In addition to this, our teachers invest a lot of time and energy into preparing each course they teach. If you would like to know more about your teacher, we would be more than happy to provide teacher references and profiles. Just ask!
All teachers are native speakers of their respective language that they teach. They have experience and hold certificates that enable them to teach their language to foreign learners. Many majored and graduated in education or their language.
Listen & Learn verifies references of every one of our teachers, but it is possible to issue teacher profiles to students when requested. In some cases, Listen & Learn may request that a student provide a reference from a colleague or friend to attest to their good character. Normally though this is only when one-to-one classes are held in the teacher’s office or a student’s home, so everyone is comfortable.

2. Throughout your course

You can reschedule any class for a more suitable time for free as long as you provide our office and your teacher with two working days’ notice.
Yes, however, extra classes will be deducted from the total number of classes for which they have been paid. With advance notice, the teacher can record an audio clip of the class so that the absent student may listen to it afterward. As a second option, students can arrange live online classes if they are in a remote location. These classes can also be recorded and reviewed at a later time.
Should you need to take a break or pause your course already in progress, please reach out to our office or the teacher. Although we only ask for two working days’ notice, the sooner we know, the better it will be for your teacher so s/he can plan your lessons with regards to your break.
Yes. You will receive a course attendance and completion certificate once you have finished your course. This certificate confirms the language studied, the total amount of hours, and your language level attained.
If you are moving to a major city, it normally isn’t a problem to find a replacement teacher. In the case that you aren’t moving to a major city center, there could be a slight delay, so the sooner we know the better so as to not interrupt your learning. We normally charge a $300 relocation fee to cover administration costs.
COVID-19: All clients who have an ongoing face-to-face language course who temporarily need to isolate or go into lockdown can continue their classes online with the same teacher. THERE IS NO COST TO TRANSITION FROM FACE-TO-FACE TO ONLINE LESSONS. You will receive the same quality of teaching as before, including digital lesson and homework materials. If you need help to set up online communication software (i.e. Skype, Zoom, or similar) or your current teacher cannot provide online lessons, then contact us for assistance.

There is no issue arrange an occasional online lesson with your teacher. Rather, this can be a practical solution to continue your course schedule if you cannot be physically present in a lesson. If you want to change from face-to-face lessons to online, or vice versa, permanently, then please contact us to arrange the necessary changes. You may also need to be assigned a new teacher.
We will do everything within our reasonable power to keep you with the same teacher unless otherwise requested. However, our teachers are people, too, and we cannot predict illness or personal circumstances. In the seldom chance that we may need to replace your teacher during the course, we will alert you as soon as possible and try our very best to make sure it s/he is an appropriate replacement.
Please let us know as soon as possible if you need to withdraw from your course for any reason. If you are within two working days of, or have finished your first session, you will be given a credit for the balance of your invoice, less the cost of any course books supplied, the cost of any classes already taken (including late cancellations), and a cancellation fee of $550.
If you have any feedback or thoughts about your teacher or course please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will speak with your teacher directly to make sure you are getting the most out of your learning experience. If after that you still find that you and your teacher aren’t compatible in terms of personality or teaching style we will do our best to find a replacement at no additional charge to you.

3. Payment

We do not charge any sales tax on any of our courses in the USA and Canada or for Online Courses.
Yes. We require a deposit of USD$550 / CAD$450 (bank transfer or major credit card). You can begin your lessons as soon as your deposit is received. Then, we will send you you an invoice for the remaining balance of course fees. Please contact us for further information should you want to pay in installments.
Primarily the price reflects the cost of extra materials and added administration costs per student. Additionally, teachers must plan more in order thoroughly integrate the goals of each student into their course planning.
Yes. Because our teachers plan their courses expecting the full number of students, our group prices remain the same no matter how many students attend the class. In order to avoid disrupting learning progress, those who are absent are expected to catch up on missed material on their own time before the next class.
Unfortunately, no, neither option is available. We aim to move students along as quickly and effectively as possible and if a student is regularly absent, it will be very problematic for him/her to stay on top of things without hindering the class’s progress. Our teachers dedicate many hours to their course preparation and in order to adequately plan, they need to know the course duration and how many students will be present each time.

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