Meet our Listen & Learn teachers, all native-speakers, dedicated to making sure our clients reach their language goals.
  • Anastasiia Read more
    Age: 29
    Language: Russian
    Years of experience: 4

    “I think teaching is one of the most important professions in this world. You share with people something that nobody can take away from them: knowledge”
  • Manami Read more
    Age: 44
    Language: Japanese
    Years of experience: 1

    “I still miss my hometown so much, but Listen & Learn gives me the chance to teach Japanese. This makes me happy because I feel connected to my culture during my lessons and enjoy when my students show enthusiasm for the history and stories I tell them!”
  • Steven Read more
    Age: 59
    Language: German
    Years of experience: 28

    “Listen & Learn gives me the freedom to develop lesson plans and activities with the client's input. Teaching materials and methods aren't prescribed; I have the elbow room to seek out and use the resources that work best for the clients”
  • Vaios Read more
    Age: 35
    Language: Greek
    Years of experience: 15

    “It's amazing that I am in Greece, my student working up in the mountains, and Listen & Learn can bring us together!”
  • Abdelhady Read more
    Age: 42
    Language: Arabic
    Years of experience: 17

    “I use the communicative approach when teaching, which is the most relatable method, and I motivate students through various innovative activities, such as the use of authentic materials, language games, role play, Arabic culture integration, dialogue, and dramatization”
  • Leema Read more
    Age: 35
    Language: Bengali
    Years of experience: 10

    “Listen & Learn is a professional language course provider that works hard to connect students with the right teacher. At the same time, it supports teachers, providing all the necessary information to help trainers organize their lesson plans, syllabus, and resources”
  • Sri Read more
    Age: 40
    Language: Hindi
    Years of experience: 15

    “All the associates of Listen and Learn are thorough professionals. They are very supportive and helpful when I need them. They have been providing me with work continuously”
  • Anna Read more
    Age: 45
    Language: German
    Years of experience: 23

    “The company provides students with one-on-one training and practice that is essential to learning a language. Short of in-country immersion, I think this is the best method to learn a language!”
  • Liliana Read more
    Age: 40
    Language: Italian
    Years of experience: 5

    “ As teachers, Listen & Learn gives all the didactic tools to support our students in their learning process. So, students can be assured that the material they use is the most advanced available.”
  • Vumilia Read more
    Age: 27
    Language: Swahili
    Years of experience: 2

    “I am so proud to work with Listen & Learn. I hope that anyone who wants to learn and speak another language, wherever you are, does not hesitate to study with Listen & Learn. You will not regret your decision; it is truly worthwhile”
  • Rabab Read more
    Age: 50
    Language: Arabic
    Years of experience: 20+

    “Listen & Learn offered me all the support I could ask for to make working online easier! They provided me with many digital teaching resources, and even arranged for an expert to give me specialist tips!”
  • Janice Read more
    Age: 26
    Language: Japanese
    Years of experience: 5

    “As the proverb goes, interest is always the best teacher we know. The students with a sincere interest in learning always turn out to be excellent learners”
Meet the Listen & Learn clients

“Bianca, our teacher, is fabulous. She made learning fun. We got the Italian foundation we were looking for.” Kaylee & John

  • Carly Read more
    Language: Portuguese (Brazilian)
    Years of experience: 4+

    “Teaching at Listen & Learn is very pleasant and productive. The staff are highly organized, and they allow us teachers to establish the teaching pace according to the student's needs. Moreover, we have the opportunity to teach students in the comfort of their homes, at their time convenience, either face-to-face or online.”
  • Marion Read more
    Language: English
    Years of experience: 20+

    “Teaching does not just include the language itself, but also the cultural aspects. Without understanding the culture somewhat you will only be able to talk to people, but not actually be able to communicate.”
  • Rasha Read more
    Language: Arabic
    Years of experience: 4

    “I like teaching and try to make Arabic easier for people willing to learn the language. I believe I have the experience and methods to do so.”
  • Libby Read more
    Language: English
    Years of experience: 15

    “Any situation where a student's face lights up — because something they've been working hard on is suddenly illuminated — is wonderful to see!”
  • Glaucia Read more
    Language: Portuguese
    Years of experience: 5

    “when I am teaching I am also learning, as students ask certain questions and think with a different perspective – one that I had not thought of before. ”
  • Lyda Read more
    Language: Dutch
    Years of experience: 20+

    “Enthusiasm is an important quality for teachers to have, and a willingness to understand what makes a student tick and then be able to use their interests to make the lessons challenging and informative.”
  • Manola Read more
    Language: Italian
    Years of experience: 18

    “I am also very proud of my Italian heritage, and very passionate about it, so I enjoy teaching my students (and my children!) about our traditions, morals and values, and of course, language.”
  • Tina Read more
    Language: English
    Years of experience: 25

    “I want students to see themselves as life-long learners - I have been in their shoes.”
  • Norman Read more
    Language: Spanish
    Years of experience: 20

    “The students motivate me to become a better teacher, and I try to give the same back.”
  • Martin Read more
    Language: English
    Years of experience: 37

    “I would describe myself as ‘patient’, ‘creative’ and ‘inspiring’. ‘Humorous’ too, if there is room for an additional adjective!”
  • Yassin Read more
    Language: Arabic
    Years of experience: 4+

    “For me, every teaching class is an amazing teaching story!”
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