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Meet Sweta, part of our Hindi teachers team!
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    Age: 49
    Language: Hindi
    Years of experience: 10+

    “Listen & Learn gives everyone the chance to learn Hindi, or any other language, and connect with their friends and family.”

Listen & Learn: Hello, Sweta! Thank you for agreeing to share your experience working with us! Could you start by telling us which languages you teach and why you chose a career in teaching?
Sweta: I used to teach both Hindi and English, but now I teach only Hindi. One of the reasons why I chose a career in teaching is that, when I was a student, I looked up to my teachers. I always thought that they were the people who enabled me to understand the world with their knowledge and wisdom. In this way, I could serve my country in the best possible way. Another reason why I started teaching is that I enjoyed working with young children. During my stay in the UK, I met many Indian families who had been living in the UK for a long time. But then, I realized that many of them --including young children and adults-- could not understand Hindi and found it difficult to communicate with their friends and families in the UK or elsewhere. I wanted to help them understand Hindi and also learn how rich the Indian culture is so that they felt proud of their roots, and could communicate with their friends and family members. As a result, I focused on teaching just the Hindi language.

Listen & Learn: What a fascinating story! And besides being a native speaker of Hindi, what other qualifications do you have?
Sweta: I have a Bachelor of Arts degree from India and I have completed National Vocational Qualification Levels 2 and 3 from the United Kingdom. I also have a Bachelor of Education in Hindi from India. Plus, I have received training in MS Office, Skype, MS Team, Google Meet, and Zoom. I have over 17 years of teaching experience in various schools in India and the UK, as well as one-on-one courses, both online and offline. Most of my students live in India, the UK, or the USA.

Listen & Learn: Wow, that’s an amazing skill set! And what attracted you to teach with Listen & Learn?
Sweta: Many people around the world have lost touch with Hindi. As a result, they find it difficult to communicate with their friends, family members, or partners in this language. Listen & Learn is a global platform that is helping people learn Hindi. This enables them to communicate effectively and efficiently with their friends, family members, and partners using Hindi. My goal coincides with the vision of Listen & Learn. As a result, I have started working with this company.

Listen & Learn: It’s fantastic that we share the same values! And in your experience, what has been the best part about working with Listen & Learn?
Sweta: Listen & Learn gives you the freedom to plan the content of each class as long as the lessons are tailored to the level of the student. During the first class, I get to know the students to prepare the basis of the syllabus. As a teacher, I try to understand the level of the student and their needs and wants. Then, my student and I agree on the course material we’re going to use. I believe that this arrangement yields the best results.

Listen & Learn: It’s great to know that this arrangement has given you such good results. Regarding your students, is there anything that you expect from them when you meet them?
Sweta: Definitely! I want my students to attend the classes regularly, study the material, come prepared with questions and interact so that they can make the most of the lesson. I feel proud whenever a student shares their success story.

Listen & Learn: What should students expect from you as their teacher?
Sweta: Students should see me as a teacher, but also as a friend. I want them to trust me, and also to know that they could learn anything and everything from me, so that I can help them in their day-to-day life. My students can also expect me to teach them at a pace that is suitable for them. I will also focus on teaching content that they could use in their day-to-day life, and I’ll do my best to make them feel that they are appreciated and valued. To help my students, I use PowerPoint presentations. I also provide handouts containing the key concepts we saw in class, the videos used in the PowerPoint presentations to practice pronunciation, and worksheets.

Listen & Learn: That’s so useful! And so far, which has been your most memorable teaching experience with Listen & Learn?
Sweta: One of the most memorable teaching experiences I have had with Listen & Learn is the following. My student was an American girl married to an Indian. Both of them could easily communicate in English. However, she was eager to communicate with her in-laws in India. Every other day, she would ask me to teach her something special. Then, she would share it with her in-laws. She had no background in the Hindi language, but she worked very hard and passed the beginner-level exam with flying colors. She was extremely happy with the lessons, and even told me that they were helping her get close to her in-laws. I expect her to join the intermediate level soon.

Listen & Learn: That’s so inspiring! Why should students enroll in a language course with Listen & Learn?
Sweta: Listen & Learn gives everyone the chance to learn Hindi, or any other language, and connect with their friends and family.

Listen & Learn: Thank you for being with us today, Sweta! Before you go, could you tell us a fun moment you had during your classes?
Sweta: One of the exercises that I give to my students is to unjumble a sentence. There are 5 to 7 words that the students have to put in the correct order to make a proper sentence. Sometimes, the students, especially at the beginning of the course, unjumble them and produce funny sentences. When I explain the meaning of the sentences, we can’t help but laugh.