Meet Tina, part of our English teachers team!

Listen & Learn: Please tell us a little about what you teach, and why?
Tina: I am currently teaching ESL at the University of Kentucky. I teach because I am a life-long learner and I want to make every day easier in the lives of international students who are learning to be in a new culture with a new language. I want students to see themselves as life-long learners - I have been in their shoes.

Listen & Learn: Where did you study, how long have you been teaching, and what age groups do you usually teach?
Tina: I earned my BA in Education at the University of Kentucky; my MA in Education from Georgetown College; and my endorsement from the University of Kentucky. I taught elementary for 20 years and I now teach college-aged students and older.

Listen & Learn: What do you think a student should bring in to the lesson?
Tina: Students need to bring enthusiasm, curiosity, excitement, desire, and need to be willing to step outside of his/her comfort zone to have fun with the learning. If the student is ready to learn, then the teacher can be ready to show up to teach.

Listen & Learn: What do you think is important for the teacher to bring to the lesson?
Tina: Teachers need be prepared, but flexible. Teachers need to also bring enthusiasm and multiple ways to teach a lesson and they must be able to think on their feet!

Listen & Learn: What is your favorite teaching story?
Tina: I had a student who was very serious. He wanted to be perfect when he spoke. One day he was trying to use the word “kitchen” in a sentence, but his context was for the word ‘chicken”. It was a small group of learners and when he said the sentence, “I love the taste of kitchen,” the group laughed. He was angry as he processed the group’s laughter at what he had said. Once he realized that what he had said was funny. He laughed and it was a major breakthrough. He understood the phrase, “laughing with you, not at you” and that it was fine to relax and enjoy the humor in learning a second language.

Listen & Learn: What are three words that describe you?
Tina: Patient; Flexible; Energetic