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Meet Jui, part of our Korean teachers team!

Listen & Learn: Good morning, Jui! Thank you for taking the time to do this interview with us. Could you begin by telling us what language you teach and why you chose a career in teaching?
Jui: I teach Korean because I love sharing, not only my passion for the language, but also the culture.

Listen & Learn: That’s amazing! And how did you start your career? Tell us about your teaching history.
Jui: I began my career teaching an Elementary English Course to kids in Korea through a city program, and then I gained international experience teaching Korean in Cambodia through a university program.

Listen & Learn: That sounds fun! And what attracted you to teach with us?
Jui: I decided to start teaching for Listen & Learn when I moved to the U.S. 2 years ago because I love working with people and teaching Korean, so I was lucky to find this company.

Listen & Learn: And we were lucky you found us! What is your favorite thing about working with us?
Jui: I like teaching and sharing cultural information with my multiple students and getting to know their thoughts and opinions. It's pretty cool to me not only to teach the language but also to learn the small differences between our cultures.

Listen & Learn: That’s indeed one of the most captivating parts of this job. When one of the members of our staff offers you a new course, what traits do you expect your new student to have?
Jui: I look forward to having students who are truly interested in learning and have a clear desire to explore the new world that is studying a new language.

Listen & Learn: And what should students expect from you as their teacher?
Jui: I’m a traditional, straightforward Korean teacher who strives to be flexible with my new students.

Listen & Learn: Those are fantastic traits in any teacher! So far, which has been your most memorable teaching experience with us?
Jui: Recently, we did a one-on-one lesson with wine, and now I’m teaching using a jeopardy quiz game.

Listen & Learn: Why should students enroll in a language course with us?
Jui: Learning a new language only brings benefits! The world is a big place. It's time for everyone to learn to live well together and knowing each other’s language is essential for this! I'm studying another language too.

Listen & Learn: Fantastic reflection, Jui! Before you go, what advice would you give to those who are just getting started learning a new language?
Jui: Enjoy the mistakes you make, because that’s the best way to learn. Learning a new language is learning a new culture. You will learn plenty of new things besides language when you take a language course. The world we live in can be a better place when you are open to accepting new cultures! This is why I love to meet new students with Listen & Learn. It’s an awesome opportunity!