Meet Norman, part of our Spanish teachers team!

Listen & Learn: Please tell us a little about what you teach, and why?
Norman: I've always loved languages and teaching, studying what I did allowed me to do both!

Listen & Learn: Where did you study, how long have you been teaching, and what age group do you usually teach?
Norman: I’m originally from Colombia, and studied there before getting further certificates in Montreal. I love teaching all ages – from 7 year olds to 70 year olds – that’s why I’ve been doing it for 20 years! I also make a point of going to seminars to learn about new trends, anything that will make my lessons more enjoyable!

Listen & Learn: What do you think a student should bring in to the lesson?
Norman: I think the students should bring a willingness to learn – make notes, ask questions, plan a little beforehand. This way we’ll make the best team.

Listen & Learn: What do you think is important for the teacher to bring to the lesson?
Norman: It’s important for a teacher to be prepared, but I also like knowing my students well enough to know how they would learn best, and change up activities according to the individual learner.

Listen & Learn: What is your favorite thing about teaching?
Norman: Teaching is when I learn the most! Because I enjoy learning languages myself, I can easily put myself in the shoes of my students and make the lessons as easy and enjoyable as possible. The students motivate me to become a better teacher, and I try to give the same back.

Listen & Learn: What are three words that describe you?
Norman: Patient, persevering, and hardworking!