Meet Yassin, part of our Arabic teachers team!

Listen & Learn: Please tell us a little about what you teach, and why?
Yassin: At the moment I am teaching Arabic - I love teaching this in particular, because I enjoy uncovering the beauty of Arabic culture and language during these classes.

Listen & Learn: Where did you study, how long have you been teaching, and what age groups do you usually teach?
Yassin: I studied for 20 years in Morocco in North Africa where Arabic is our mother tongue, and then for about 6 years in France where I finished my Master’s degree and worked as a legal adviser. I usually teach groups of around 4 students from the age of 13 up.

Listen & Learn: What do you think a student should bring in to the lesson?
Yassin: I think the students should bring information on their culture, personality and professional background to help facilitate the teaching process – I can then base my lessons around this!

Listen & Learn: What do you think is important for the teacher to bring to the lesson?
YYassinB: I believe the primary role of the teacher is to model each lesson and to adjust, according to the student’s needs. A teacher needs to be flexible, and to be able to individualize lessons for every student.

Listen & Learn: What is your favorite teaching story?
Yassin: For me, every teaching class is an amazing teaching story!

Listen & Learn: What are three words that describe you?
Yassin: Dedicated, goal-oriented and open-minded.