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Meet Lovella, part of our Tagalog teachers team!
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    Age: 29
    Language: Tagalog
    Years of experience: 5+

    “What I really love about Listen & Learn is that they give me the opportunity to meet people of various nationalities, ages and backgrounds.”

Listen & Learn: Hello Lovella! Thank you for taking the time to meet with us today! Could you begin by telling us what language you teach and why you chose a career in teaching?
Lovella: I teach Tagalog, my native language. I chose a career in education because I have an innate passion for teaching since I love sharing my knowledge. Even if all the other things in my life are unclear, my passion for teaching is crystal clear to me. It fulfills me and adds more meaning to my life.

Listen & Learn: You sound so passionate! I’m sure your students love that about you. And how did you get started in this field?
Lovella: I started my career teaching English as a Second Language to Koreans. I taught from Beginner to Advanced Levels to students of various ages. Then, I got an opportunity to teach reading lessons in a private school for a few years. After some years of teaching in school, I decided to seek an online teaching career so that I could enjoy my hobbies while working from home. Luckily, I am able to continue teaching even amidst this pandemic.

Listen & Learn: Teaching online certainly has many perks, both for the students and the teacher. Is that your favorite thing about working with Listen & Learn?
Lovella: What I like about Listen & Learn is that I am able to share beautiful moments with students from across the globe and I can also help them learn Tagalog. And what I really love about Listen & Learn is that they give me the opportunity to meet people of various nationalities, ages and backgrounds. This means that I’m able to teach not only my native language but also my country’s social culture.

Listen & Learn: Teaching students from all over the world is definitely very enticing for those of us who love foreign cultures! When you meet your students, what do you expect from them?
Lovella: What I seek in students is the interest to leap across the borders of their first language. I cherish so dearly those students who are enthusiastic about studying the target language. Motivated students progress well as they’re navigating the path to success with their keen interest to get to the top.

Listen & Learn: I’m sure you play a big role in making your students feel so enthusiastic about learning Tagalog! And of all the options available, why should students enroll in a language course with Listen & Learn?
Lovella: Taking a language course with Listen & Learn will allow learners to communicate with their family and friends in new and unique ways. Learners will be given relevant opportunities to share their thoughts and ideas in the new language that they are learning.

Listen & Learn: Thank you very much for your time, Lovella! Finally, could you tell us a fun fact about the language you teach?
Lovella: The fun fact that I like to tell my students is that 33% of Tagalog words came from Spanish. The reason for this is the 3 century-long colonization of Spain to the Philippines.