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Client Reviews and Testimonials

How can you make sure that Listen & Learn is right for you? With thousands of success stories under our belt, check out just of few of them here!

Afrikaans Testimonials

"My instructor was the absolute best one I have ever had. Because of her, I will definitely look at more lessons in the future. Thanks very much for your wonderful service. I can hardly wait until our next class."
Trish Anderson - Afrikaans course in Vancouver.

"My instructor is wonderful. Listen and Learn has been a great experience for me."
Linnaea Munro - Afrikaans course.

"My Afrikaans lessons are so much fun! I am doing well and learned quite a lot in a short amount of time.The teacher is reliable and we do useful exercises suited to my needs."
Viviana Pupeza - Afrikaans course.

"Sophi’s tutor is fantastic. She is responsive and prepared. She has connected really well with Sophi and Sophi enjoys Afrikaans. Her vocabulary and pronunciation have improved greatly. All in all, this has been a great experience."
Heidi Johnsen - Afrikaans course.

"The lessons are going great!"
Amber Mitchell - Afrikaans course.

"I have enjoyed the sessions, especially the ones where we had natural back and forth conversations in Afrikaans. This has helped me relax more and get better with the language. Sanet has also been very encouraging and patient."
Debo Ogunbanwo - Afrikaans course.

"The lessons with Sanet are going really well and I am happy with my progress thus far (I only hope Sanet is too!)"
Tom McGrath - Afrikaans course.

"Things are going great with Sanet. To be honest, we went with Listen & Learn as they were the only company that we could find that offered Afrikaans lessons. It was difficult to find this language option with many companies."
Celysse van Zyl - Afrikaans course.

Albanian Testimonials

"My lessons are going really well. My teacher has been flexible to my needs as well as my schedule - always willing to meet on a different day or time if needed. The content is engaging and I'm really enjoying it."
Jennifer Manfredo - Albanian course.

Amharic Testimonials

"I am extremely pleased with my teacher, Mesay, [Listen & Learn's] professionalism and the service you provide."
Syeed Ode - Amharic course.

"My lessons are going well and I enjoy them! Zemenu is an excellent Amharic teacher."
Amanda Bradica - Amharic course in Atlanta.

"The classes are going really well. I'm doing more or less 3-4 hours a week. Bereket is adapting the lessons to my level and needs very quickly."
Ennatu Domingo Soler - Amharic course.

Arabic Testimonials

"My lesson went really well and I am very happy with my tutor, Safa. Thank you very much, Listen and Learn!"
Victoria Rothbard - Arabic course in Long Island.

"We originally wanted a face-to-face class but we could not find any teacher. After taking online classes with Listen & Learn we have been very happy!"
Kathryn Wendeln - Arabic course in Madison.

"The lessons seem to be going well. Teacher and student have a connection and I believe they are working great together. Fouzia is a welcome presence in our home and I feel that Aaminah is progressing at a good pace for a four year old"
Yasmeen Sehbai - Arabic course in Montreal.

"Thank you so much for everything. It was a great experience and I have referred some friends to Listen and Learn. As for right now I am going to take a break and practice what I have learnt. I will be in contact in the future!"
Lauren Majed - Arabic course in Edmonton.

"It has been great. I have learned a lot from Mayada. She is extremely helpful. I appreciate the opportunity."
Faiz Khan - Arabic course.

"The lessons are going great! Rose is an incredible teacher and I am so grateful she is teaching me. Thank you for all you did to connect me to her!"
Maggie Konstanski - Arabic course in Baltimore.

"My classes are amazing. I enjoy them very much. Yasmina is a great trainer."
Anita Vazquez - Arabic course in Dallas.

"I love having my lessons. My teacher's so fun and personable and we always have a great time together. She makes a difficult language easy to pick up and I just love her to death!"
Clara Tittle - Arabic course.

"My Arabic lessons are going extremely well. I had a foundation from a couple of classes I previously took, but with my teacher my vocabulary and understanding of grammar are growing tremendously. The pace is just right, and I am completely satisfied.      "
Robert Fantina - Arabic course.

"The course is going well and I am enjoying it. I chose Listen & Learn because I found the price competitive and the flexibility of online classes suitable to my needs."
Lua Parsa - Arabic course.

"We chose Listen & Learn because we've both had an interest for a while in learning Arabic. We teach multicultural middle school students, and we're both able to speak Spanish, but as our Arabic-speaking population has grown, we've become interested in learning to converse in their language as well. We looked at different local classes, but the time commitment felt like more than we could reasonably juggle with teaching and other responsibilities. Listen & Learn gives us the flexibility to fit lessons to our own schedules, without even having to drive to a class location, and we get the teacher's undivided attention. The flexibility and personalization make it a very appealing option!"
Kristine Napper - Arabic course.

"I am very happy with my teacher. My class went very well and her enthusiasm about the language and my learning is a huge asset."
MH - Arabic course in Austin.

"Marwa has been an excellent and attentive teacher. I have enjoyed our lessons and appreciate the care she puts into our time together. She has an excellent way of helping me remember when a noun is masculine or feminine and has been great at correcting my pronunciation. I would highly recommend her and would consider taking lessons from her in the future."
Katie Longenecker - Arabic course.

"Things are going great. Esme is really enjoying Hala, his Arabic teacher."
Neylan McBaine - Arabic course.

"I like Tarif a lot! He’s great and helps manage any anxiety and stress I feel while learning!"
Candice Wilson - Arabic course.

"The course is going very well! Abdelhady is doing a great job and is a very nice person and teacher."
Iain Miller - Arabic course.

"I chose Listen & Learn because of the information on your website, your prices and the availability of my chosen language. The Arabic lessons are going well, and I am pleased with Hala, who is able to work around my schedule and which I really appreciate."
CR - Arabic course.

"My lessons with Osama are going great. I feel that I am truly learning how to converse in Arabic and know much more about the language, despite only having had three lessons so far. Osama has been helpful by assigning me homework, so I can practice and use the textbook effectively. I look forward to learning with him more!"
Sobia Yaqub - Arabic course.

"I like Hala and the lessons are going pretty well; they are mostly conducted in Arabic which I think is good. She's very punctual and we're working through some things I've done but I evidently need to recap. I get writing homework in order to practise what we do in the lessons.I chose Listen and Learn for my course because the company has some good reviews. And when I contacted L&L, I was given an overview of what the course would be like. Given that I'd studied before but hadn't used the language for 1.5 years, and need to improve quickly (hence looking for 1-to-1), and specifically to support my PhD research proposal, it was good to see what the course content would be like as I could check that I'd cover the level of skills I'm looking for. Also, I'd originally looked at face-to-face lessons in Cambridge, as I live here, but hadn't found anything in particular that was going to be affordable for me. The price of online lessons at Listen and Learn was significant in my decision."
Mez Dubois-van Slageren - Arabic course.

"I have completed my 24 hours with Osama. I enjoyed the classes very much and made significant progress with my Arabic! Working with an instructor, one-to-one, was very important to learn the correct pronunciations, especially since some Arabic letters are very challenging."
Emily Abdo - Arabic course.


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  • Libby

    Language: English
    Years of experience: 20

    “Any situation where a student's face lights up — because something they've been working hard on is suddenly illuminated — is wonderful to see!”
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  • Leema

    Age: 35
    Language: Bengali
    Years of experience: 10

    “Listen & Learn is a professional language course provider that works hard to connect students with the right teacher. At the same time, it supports teachers, providing all the necessary information to help trainers organize their lesson plans, syllabus, and resources”
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  • Anna

    Age: 45
    Language: German
    Years of experience: 23

    “The company provides students with one-on-one training and practice that is essential to learning a language. Short of in-country immersion, I think this is the best method to learn a language!”
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Armenian Testimonials

"After two lessons, I have nothing but positive feedback for my teacher, Armenuhi; she's very personable and a great teacher. The lessons are very structured, strategic and effective, and she is clearly very knowledgeable - I like that she adds a lot of background and cultural information to the basics of what we are learning, and takes the time to set me homework between lessons. Very impressed!"
Elyzzabeth Hashiba - Armenian course.

Azerbaijani Testimonials

"I am very satisfied with the course so far. Fidan and I get along very well. She explains everything very clearly, not only the grammar and the vocabulary, but also the cultural aspects, which I find very helpful.Sometimes, I have to change the course times because of my work and Fidan is very flexible and understanding."
Romy Schwarz - Azerbaijani course.

"I'm enjoying the Azerbaijani language course very much. Fidan is a highly motivated, friendly, and knowledgeable person. Not only does she teach vocabulary and grammar clearly, but she also emphasizes important cultural aspects. She plans her lessons according to my needs and my pace of learning. I really enjoy learning with her."
Heiko Schwarz - Azerbaijani course.

Basque Testimonials

"I'm learning words and phrases that will be useful if I visit the Basque Country. Nerea is very skilled and good at her job. I'm glad I chose Listen & Learn!"
Blake Allmendinger - Basque course.

Bengali Testimonials

"The lessons have been great. I've learned so much in a very short time. I now know the Bengali alphabet and can read most words. My vocabulary is still small, but I'm able to work through children's books, with some help. Also, I can have basic conversations in Bengali, about things like family, home, weather, work and food. I also learned a handful of phrases that allow me to engage in other conversations (things like, "What does ___ mean?" or "Please say that again slowly." etc.), so I'm just starting to have spontaneous conversation with my Bengali coworkers. I'm proud of this accomplishment. If there's one area I need more work in, it's listening comprehension. I find that native speakers are just too fast for me, even if they say something that I could understand at a slow speed, but I look forward to overcoming this hurdle in the future. My instructor is great to work with. Every week she brings new material, and I bring questions or things that I want to learn. Lessons are very focused and enjoyable. I definitely couldn't have learned so much without these lessons."
Andrew Smith - Bengali course.

Client case studies

Have a look at successful and satisfied clients.

Client photo
Peter Dillard German in Tucson
I was impressed by Listen & Learn’s ability to provide individual language instruction in my home through a tutor

Bosnian Testimonials

"Meliha, my Bosnian teacher, is the best. She is always extremely prepared and keeps careful track of what I need to work on. She is easy to talk to and makes me feel comfortable making mistakes. She is also flexible and takes feedback."
Clay Drinko - Bosnian course.

"I have been doing lessons with Meliha for over three years.  She is a good teacher. This is a hard language, and I just finished a Master’s Degree in Theology.I spent 5 years in my early 40s learning Spanish, and I teach, read, and write in it very proficiently.  I had a reason to learn.My kids moved to Bosnia as missionaries, have bought a house, and are raising three of our grandchildren there.  They plan to live there permanently. I told you all that to say, Meliha is a great teacher.  I have been a distracted student.  Now that I am finished, I am able to focus more and am seeing good improvement.I have a great purpose in learning, so will be working hard at it.  Not being in a Bosnian speaking country has its constraints, but I have found Bosnian people here in Ga."
John Pearson - Bosnian course.

Bulgarian Testimonials

"Our lessons are fantastic and we love our teacher!"
Jacinda Morris - Bulgarian course.

"My lessons are going wonderfully. Maria is a great teacher. I’ve learned so much already in just seven lessons."
Katherine Haun - Bulgarian course.

"My lessons are going well. I am happy with Boyanka!"
Alex Shelley - Bulgarian course.

"Overall, our experience with Maria and Listen & Learn has been really great. We have already recommended the company to several friends learning languages around the world."
Joshua Haun - Bulgarian course.

Cantonese Testimonials

"I loved my lessons!"
Alicia Ward - Cantonese course.

"I am enjoying my classes. Everything is going well so far. "
Mandy Paquette - Cantonese course in Ottawa.

"So far the lessons have been great and I have been learning a ton.Sophia seems very enthusiastic. I very much like having her as my Cantonese instructor. If I am to continue taking classes I'd love to keep having her as my teacher.So far only good things :)Thanks!"
Kyle disanjh - Cantonese course.

"I had a great time learning Cantonese and I plan to start my classes again in the future! Thanks so much for all your help, Listen & Learn!"
Kyle Disanjh - Cantonese course.

"My lessons are going very well! Janice is a knowledgeable and attentive instructor."
Paul Rosborough - Cantonese course in Oakville.

"I appreciate Listen & Learn's efforts in finding a Cantonese tutor for me and the lessons are going great! David is a very knowledgeable and patient teacher. I originally chose Listen & Learn because it uses a structured format for learning. The course follows a syllabus, and it states the clear goals that will be achieved by the end."
Spencer Wigginton - Cantonese course in Houston.

"I cannot speak more highly of Carol. She is a great teacher and has really gone above and beyond any of my previous Cantonese tutors."
Ben Black - Cantonese course.

Catalan Testimonials

"Carlota has been amazing and her classes have been wonderful. I had the chance to practice my Catalan when I was in Barcelona for 10 days, and I could keep up with simple conversations with the locals."
Michele Calvi - Catalan course.

Chinese Testimonials

"Brilliant course, Listen & Learn!"
Jon Sheldon - Chinese course in Edmonton, MD, Space Ltd.

"Ling has done an excellent job as my teacher. Here are some of the things she does that make the classes work so well for me:* She checks in with me regularly to make sure I am understanding, ask if I have questions, and invite me to offer input.* She is well-prepared with exercises and activities that are interesting and fun, but also challenging.* She builds her lessons based on my level of ability, interests, and goals.* She is easy to understand.* She actively takes notes while we are talking, so I can review everything later.* She helps me improve my understanding and pronunciation in ways that are helpful and non-judgmental.* She adapts her approach to help me elaborate an idea or deepen my understanding.* She makes great use of the time we have. No time is wasted.I feel very lucky to have her for my teacher."
Tanya Renner - Chinese course.

"My lessons are going great. I am really enjoying the classes and I find the language is coming to me more naturally now."
Mairead Clinton - Chinese course.

Croatian Testimonials

"I have been thoroughly enjoying and learning a lot through the lessons with my teacher. His style of teaching works very well for me. I always look forward to our lessons. He is very patient and very thorough with each lesson."
Gillian Joseph - Croatian course.

"I love that my teacher always has a lesson plan and adjusts the lessons based on my previous knowledge of the Croatian language."
Sandra G - Croatian course.

"I’m impressed by the quality of teacher provided, and feel like I have made progress since the start of the lessons!"
Yasho-Victoria Singh - Croatian course in New York.

"Lessons are going well! Tomi, my teacher, is really patient with me as I am quite a slow learner BUT I should be speaking close to fluent Croatian by next summer so I am happy with how things are going so far!"
Arona Sinkovic - Croatian course.

"I am enjoying the classes and learning lots. Slavica is lots of fun! Thank you for the guidance and support. I will recommend Listen & Learn to others."
Tracy Ross-Marnika - Croatian course in Mississauga.

"The lessons with Tomislav are going great! I have no complaints. I am thoroughly enjoying my weekly calls with him, and with each week passing, I feel more and more confident with the Croatian language."
Gillian Josep - Croatian course.

"The lessons have been great! Ivana has been a great instructor and I feel like I am learning lots!"
Lauren Cumming - Croatian course.

"The Croatian lessons are going really well. Majda is a great teacher and we are making progress."
Amanda Stojanov - Croatian course.

"We're figuring it out with Ines. She's very accommodating, which we appreciate. With our group, the instructor has to be fairly adaptable :)"
Brandan Pesa - Croatian course.

"My Croatian lessons are going well!"
Marianne Premuzic - Croatian course.

Czech Testimonials

"The lessons are going great. So far, we have had 4 lessons, and Richard works really hard to prepare materials for me and is very kind and helpful."
Elizabeth Funk - Czech course.

"I really like how my teacher makes sure I am pronouncing the words correctly, which is really important to me. We cover a sufficient amount in each lesson without it being overwhelming."
Orlane Mbahin - Czech course.

Danish Testimonials

"All my lessons are going great and the course is very professional."
Eva Rosberg Cody - Danish course.

"My online Danish lessons are working and I couldn't be happier!"
Emma Cooper-Key - Danish course in Calgary.

"I have enjoyed learning Danish with my teacher. The way she tries to teach me is perfectly suitable for my learning habits. She explains everything clearly and efficiently. "
Ebella Chen - Danish course in Vancouver.

"Did the lessons meet your expectations? The lessons met and exceeded my expectations. Did my teacher seem interested or enthusiastic about the course material? She was very enthusiastic about the material. She provided videos, games as well as grammatical, reading and conversational exercises. She also gave a bit of history and culture in her lessons for a fun brain break! Each lesson was well planned and kept things interesting. She also asked for my input in what I wanted to focus on and was very flexible with my pace of learning. Would you consider your teacher to be clear, engaging, and on topic during the lessons? Absolutely - after we completed our Danish lessons, I moved to Denmark and was able to pass the A1 government required Danish exam in the first month I arrived. Which usually is completed after 6 months! I feel very confident with my teacher's help. I have moved far ahead of where I could have been on my own."
Mollie Agnes - Danish course in Minneapolis.

"It is going well. I think Guy is an excellent Danish teacher."
John Balzano - Danish course.

"I enjoyed the course a lot and it's been extremely helpful for my start in Denmark."
Elena Czarnecki - Danish course.

"The classes with Kaj were great. I was very happy with the course and I would definitely recommend it! Thank you for everything!"
Maury Loeb - Danish course.

"I'm very happy with Kaj as my teacher. I’m enjoying the process and hoping to travel to Copenhagen as soon as we can travel to visit my daughter and put it into practice."
Steven Himber - Danish course.

"I'm having a very good experience. I had never been asked to do so much in just one hour, so it is both fun and challenging!"
Matthew Deming - Danish course.


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Dari Testimonials

"I am very satisfied with my progression in the language and my instructor is wonderful. He is the perfect balance between professional and friendly which makes me feel comfortable to relax and just learn the language. I can already read and write in the language and I am enjoying some basic conversations with native speakers. Overall your program has been absolutely fabulous."
Rachel Woodhouse - Dari course.

"I'm enjoying the course and learning a lot. I asked my teacher if I could learn more medical/pregnancy-related vocabulary, and she was very obliging and helpful. Thank you for being so diligent to ensure a quality experience!"
Georgie Mills - Dari course.

Dutch Testimonials

"As for our Dutch lessons, we had our 6th lesson yesterday and are scheduled for our next one to be next week. Maaike is an excellent instructor and knows precisely how to approach our specific needs. We are making steady progress. She should be highly regarded by those at Listen and Learn. We would highly recommend her to any student. Tot ziens."
Glenn van Gaalen - Dutch course in Houston.

"I will definitely be sure to recommend these language courses to any friends or colleagues that are interested in learning a foreign language. Thank you for all the help!"
Jared Forrester - Dutch course in Saskatoon.

"The lessons are going well. Saskia has been able to cater the course to my level, schedule and needs, and I've been learning a lot. I enjoy having a digital copy of the book so that I can do self study on the principles between lessons, and then have my time with Saskia to work on the less "written" aspects of learning the language, an be able to go to her as a resource for questions and feedback. Saskia is very friendly and accommodating, she is able to be flexible in the lesson plan if she sees I need particular help in an area or if I'm doing well and can move more quickly in another. She also very clearly loves her language and is patient and positive in teaching it to me."
Shawna Joachim - Dutch course.

"Lessons have been going fine and I'm making good progress. My instructor is great."
David Brown - Dutch course.

"Everything has been going great and my teacher always comes well prepared for each lesson. My teacher's been wonderful so far and has been very patient with me. I am quite happy with the course and my progress so far.  "
Gray Eby - Dutch course in Sacramento.

"I couldn't be happier with my lessons! My teacher is wonderful. She makes it fun and personable. She's a very understanding and kind-hearted lady. I'm very glad to have been paired with her as my Dutch teacher. Looking forward to book more lessons once these are over."
Sandra De La Cruz - Dutch course in Miami.

"I am really enjoying my courses and my teacher is a great match. "
Anna Adrian - Dutch course.

"My lessons are great and so is my teacher. Even after just starting, I can already see progress on my end!"
Dillon Bentlage - Dutch course.

"I choose Listen and Learn because I wanted to learn the Dutch Language in a professional and friendly manner and I'm completely satisfied!"
Jennifer Lynn Snooks - Dutch course.

" The first Dutch class went very well and Deniz is great.We assessed my level, determined which ways of learning I prefer, and which ones would be best to achieve my goals. Overall I only have good feedback so far!Thanks for arranging the class.  "
Sarah larone - Dutch course in San Francisco.

"The class is going great! I am enjoying it a lot and I like Marine’s style. She is very considerate, methodical and the lessons are never boring. I am always engaged!"
Liliya Aleksieva - Dutch course in Saint Paul.

"Everything is going well with the lessons. Doreth has been good at listening to the boys and picking up on their interests and developing the lessons around them. It makes them more engaged and interested."
Martijn Van der Molen - Dutch course.

"I am enjoying my Dutch lessons so far. Adriano is very knowledgeable and I am learning a lot."
Julie Hughes - Dutch course.

"Listen & Learn offered convenience through Skype sessions. My tutor, Ryan, is a good match for me."
Andrew Cardillo - Dutch course.

"I am still enjoying my lessons and I am always excited to take them."
Vanessa VanGoudswaard - Dutch course.

"I took a class last Saturday and it was great! Ryan is a great tutor. I really like her way of teaching and her approach to the class."
Jeronimo Vazquez Garcia - Dutch course.

English Testimonials

"The English course is going very well and Thor, the trainer, is great. He is a very good teacher and that he provided the course book for her and a dictionary too. We are learning more grammar, improving our vocabulary and listening, and having a good time with the lessons. The reason why we chose Listen & Learn as the English course provider was because it was one of the only in our area that met all our expectations. Other attractive features were the individual classes and the home/office attendance. The course is now close to the end, but I thank you in advanced for the help that you provided."
Raíssa Malaguth Girundi - English course in Baton Rouge.

"The English course is going very well and Thor, the trainer, is great. He is a very good teacher and that he provided the course book for her and a dictionary too. We are learning more grammar, improving our vocabulary and listening, and having a good time with the lessons. The reason why we chose Listen & Learn as the English course provider was because it was one of the only in our area that met all our expectations. Other attractive features were the individual classes and the home/office attendance. The course is now close to the end, but I thank you in advanced for the help that you provided."
Djalma Junior - English course in Baton Rouge.

"Thank you for the amazing lessons – I appreciate the level of Listen & Learn's service."
Vitalii Panchenko - English course.

"Classes are going on well. Maribel is an excellent teacher. She is is very kind, sweet and understanding. I feel grateful and thankful for finding such a compatible trainer."
Sarojini Kanagala - English course in Plano.

"The quality customer service was what sold us on Listen and Learn. Your representatives took the time to respond to all of our questions and provided us with additional services. Thank you for helping get our classes arranged."
Clement Gom - English course.

"My daughter loves her teacher, so thank you for a finding a perfect fit. "
Derek Zott - English course in Long Beach.

"I chose Listen & Learn for English classes because of the help and patience provided. Thank you very much!"
Banu Yaman - English course in Markham.

"My daughter is making great progress! The instructor is well-prepared in every lesson and I am happy that she is assigning a lot of homework. Thank you!"
Jai Hyun Jung - English course in Baton Rouge.

"My teacher is a great person, professional, kind and super flexible. She taught me everything I know in English! She also taught me the Canadian traditions and helped me to be more confident to talk to another person. I am glad to have met her and to have had the opportunity to learn from her for 2 years."
Evelyn Erivwo - English course in Toronto, TransferEASE Relocation Inc..

"Classes are going very well and I am happy with Diana as my teacher."
Ann Parente - English course, Avangrid.

" I am really enjoying my English Class with Lynn."
Ines Plum - English course in Kitchener.

"I`m still enjoying the English lessons with Luisa. She is doing a fantastic job. It couldn't be a better match. I was looking for an English course in Toronto and searched on the Internet. I chose Listen & Learn because your website was convincing and I don't regret it ;-). So I would like to say THANK YOU!"
Andrea Koepsell - English course in Vaughan.

"My English lessons have been very helpful."
Cristina Lazar - English course.

"It was great. The English teacher is very professional. We had a clear class with slow conversation. The single little problem was he doesn't speak Portuguese, my maternal language. But, maybe it is better for me because it forces me to speak and listen in English. I think it'll work."
Whellington Amorin dos Santos - English course in Phoenix, COSENTINO NORTH AMERICA.

"My tutor is so nice. I really enjoy my classes with her."
Anum Riasat - English course.

"The lessons are going very well. Tom is an excellent teacher. He is flexible, very helpful at assisting me with business presentations and is always looking for some new materials to bring to the classes. I definitely recommend Tom as a teacher!"
Viviane Amaral - English course in Buffalo.

"My first English lesson went well. Anke is very understanding, attentive and patient, which is important to me."
Esra Boran - English course in Mississauga, Schneider Electric.

"I chose Listen & Learn because I can request the lessons I want to learn and change the teacher if I am not comfortable. However, my English teacher is good and helpful; we regularly role-play everyday situations."
Tomoka Nishide - English course in Plano.

"I was really lucky to have Peg as my English instructor. Her classes were always great and I am pleased I had the opportunity to learn English with her. Thank you for arranging and supporting my lessons."
Kana Isobe - English course in Minneapolis.

"The lesson went very well! We are looking forward to the next one."
Michele Linehan - English course in Boston, Enel Green Power North America Inc.

"We like our teacher, Fiona, who is very nice and patient. She gives us written and workbook exercises as well, which we complete outside of the lessons as homework. I feel very confident our English will improve!"
Roberta Polidori - English course.

"I have now taken 20 lessons with Listen & Learn and we have enjoyed a nice process with Nada."
Alexander Arias - English course.

"Things are going very well. Jef is a very good teacher."
Fernanda - English course in New York, Enel Green Power North America Inc.

"My English classes have been very helpful to perform better in my job. Nate has been really supportive and provided me with lots of examples to understand new words and increase my vocabulary. We are heading to the end of the course, but I highly recommend Nate to other students looking to improve their English skills. He is doing great as a teacher and provides a thorough explanation case by case. I feel really happy with my lessons."
Brenda Perez Cano - English course in Cleveland.

"The kids really enjoyed the English lessons. Our teacher did a great job."
Sybille Allgaier - English course.

"The first lesson was very nice. We enjoyed it very much!"
Iana Voitehovschi - English course.

"My first lesson went well. David is very good. He easily found my weak points and helped me fix them the right way."
Shara Micucci - English course.

Estonian Testimonials

"The lessons are going well. Eva is a great Estonian teacher."
Gregory Vint - Estonian course.

"My daughter’s first lesson was great and I can tell she is very excited about learning with Eva. Thank you so much."
Christopher Caravello - Estonian course.

Farsi Testimonials

"The course is going extremely well! I really enjoy studying the language and Arghavan is an outstanding teacher. I'm looking forward to continuing the course. I am very pleased I signed up for it. The pace and content are very good."
AJ Abraham - Farsi course in Akron.

"I really enjoyed my first Farsi lesson and my teacher is great. He teaches well and has patience with me to learn the language! I really had fun and look forward to my classes."
Heather Mikulski - Farsi course in Akron.

"I just had my last lesson today and I am very satisfied with the results. I finished the beginner book and in the future when I have more time, I will be interested in continuing with the classes."
Juana Gonzales - Farsi course in Vancouver.

"Lessons are going fine. I’m very happy with Maggie."
Nikki Brunner - Farsi course in Virginia Beach.

"  My lessons with Shahbaz are going well. He's very thorough, and I know I'll learn a lot with him!  "
Carrie Livingston - Farsi course.

"The lessons are going well my instructor is very good! Overall I’m very happy with the experience. "
Alex Clark - Farsi course in Vancouver.

"I have been very busy at my job which requires a lot of traveling. My teacher has been very understanding and flexible. We are moving slowly but will get there. She has been very good so far. Thanks to you and Listen & Learn for facilitating this process."
Sina Ahour - Farsi course in Nashville.

"Lessons are going well. We are working through the alphabet and I’m really looking forward to speaking more Farsi soon."
Mitra Djalili - Farsi course.

"The Persian classes are going well. Hamed's a good teacher. We get along well, and he's been setting a decent pace. I particularly like how he incorporates Iranian songs and Persian poetry into the language-learning process as it really helps to motivate me and make me feel like I'm coming to grips with the language. I also really appreciate how flexible he has been with regards to changing class times due to changes in my schedule."
Edmond Brookes - Farsi course.

Finnish Testimonials

"My teacher has been great! Overall, I am very happy."
Blair Pollock - Finnish course.

"My tutor is generally well-prepared and flexible with scheduling. She has been an exceptional tutor for my level. I’ve just spent a few weeks in Finland and was happy to see how much more I understood than on previous visits. I’m looking forward to continuing my lessons."
Jacob Corzine - Finnish course.

"I am really enjoying the lessons and learning a lot. I highly recommend Listen & Learn and wish I had found the service earlier!"
Sharon Wynn - Finnish course.

"The lessons are going really well. I am thoroughly enjoying learning Finnish. The content of the lessons are always great and allows me to go at my own pace. I have been learning Finnish since Oct last year and can honestly say I've really enjoyed it. My teacher is also brilliant and has the ability to explain things so they are understandable and also so they resonate with me and I remember it. She is very very good. I could not be happy with the course so far."
Helen Cowie - Finnish course.

Flemish Testimonials

"I have finished my lessons and I was very satisfied.  I had fun and learned a lot.  My family really noticed an improvement in my Flemish!  I was sad that they were over and will take them up again very soon!"
Danielle Dresch - Flemish course.

French Testimonials

"I was extremely pleased with everything, I couldn't ask for anything better."
Kerri Douglas - French course in Burlington, Executive Director, OSFA (Ontario Funeral Service Association).

"I am exceptionally happy with the course so far and am very saddened to be almost done! The content of the course was appropriate for my needs and the speed was good. My instructor, Marius, has been very accommodating to my busy schedule and is an excellent instructor. He has been professional and courteous while still pushing me to succeed. He shows a good amount of patience infused with a good sense of humour. Thank you for sending me a great instructor and providing a productive experience!"
Rosalind Ziegler - French course in London, National Compliance Manager, Investia Financial Services Inc./ Investia Services Financiers Inc..

"Thank you for all your help! Everything is going well and the kids are enjoying the lessons."
Andrey Makarenko - French course in Oakville.

"The lesson was great. Francis gave me some very good information on pronunciation rules and tips. I am very happy."
Jonathan Fortier - French course in Vancouver, Training Advisor, BBA.

"My first session went extremely well. I really like my teacher. She makes learning fun and I am hopeful that she can teach me to converse in French."
Lynn Franzoi - French course in Long Beach.

"My first lesson went so well! Marie-Anne is really great and I have already learned a lot as far as conversation and pronunciation. I am looking forward to the next one."
Erin McFarland - French course in Birmingham (Alabama).

"My French lessons are going well. Nadia is very good instructor & I'm improving in the French language because of her."
Sherif Shamy - French course in Burlington.

"The course is going well. I've particularly improved my speaking and listening skills, which are my two biggest goals."
Leah Dierker Viik - French course in Brampton.

"French lessons are good! I enjoy every minute. The books are excellent and a I like having the cd's to listening in my car."
Renata Kirkwood - French course in Kitchener.

"The lessons are going pretty well. I am happy with my tutor's approach and his patience with me. I think that I will make considerable progress over the next several months, and I like Nour’s approach."
Jillian Hartman - French course in Oakville.

"All is going well. I'm enjoying the opportunity to speak one-on-one with my instructor. I'm more comfortable in speaking French without fear."
Mimi Wong - French course in Mississauga.

"The lessons are going great!"
Vicki Lackman - French course.

"The lessons were really excellent."
Helen Day - French course.

"The teacher feels like a good match. Her style of teaching is helping me substantially as she’s taught me aspects of the language I didn’t know and understand before.  She is also very prepared before each lesson with plenty of activities to go over and offers easy ways to practise during the week in between. I am confident that her lessons will help me reach my goals."
Rochelle Fiorito - French course in Thunder Bay.

"Things are going well so far. My teacher is wonderful. We practice words in French and also answering customer questions to help out with work. Overall, a very nice experience!"
Anne Orsi - French course.

"I thoroughly enjoyed my language course with my teacher. She is an extremely warm and engaging person. I have been thoroughly satisfied with both her and Listen and Learn. In fact, I recommended L&L to a dear friend of mine who is now furthering his business German with one of your tutors.       All the very best  "
Eeshma Qazi - French course.

"My instructor is great and has helped me accomplish my goal to learn the basics of the French language."
Yves Tolod - French course.

"The sessions are going well. I am taking the opportunity to review and recall a lot of the French that I knew but forgot over the past 4 decades. My tutor identifies areas for me to work on, and corrects me where appropriate. She is very pleasant to work with and sufficiently flexible with our scheduling time."
Mitchell Levine - French course in Hamilton.

"My teacher is wonderful and we really get along on a personal level. She has shown me some wonderful resources that have proved to be very helpful. Thank you for choosing her to be my teacher."
Deborah Schmelzer - French course in Oshawa.

"My classes have been going quite well! My teacher and I go over a lot and he maintains the lessons to my level – which I really appreciate.  I always look forward to my lessons and I feel comfortable. "
Tammy McDougall - French course in Guelph.

"My teacher is excellent and only wants the best learning experience possible for his students. He is kind, fun and patient as a teacher so I don’t feel nervous trying to speak in French. This is very important to me as I’m a beginner. When I felt a little overwhelmed and wanted to slow the pace a little, and practice more before moving on, he was happy to adjust. He takes the time to explain anything you don’t understand.  He makes me want to do my best all the time."
Rhona Smith - French course.

"Sadly, my lessons are coming to an end. I have found the classes to be so productive. In Quebec last week, I was so much more confident in approaching people in French and received comments that my French was better than their English! It always used to be the other way around!"
Michael Edmundson - French course in Burlington.

"Classes are great! I’m getting along very well with my teacher and learning a lot of new things."
CS - French course in Philadelphia.

"I have been taking classes since October 2017, enjoying once or twice-weekly sessions via Skype for one hour at a time. My teacher is engaging and enthusiastic. While there is core curriculum which we cover, he encourages and I enjoy conversation, and so we cover a surprisingly broad range of topics. He has an easy, friendly manner. The fluidity of our sessions, the back-and-forth of speaking and listening has allowed me to acquire and practice verb tenses and accumulate vocabulary in a more natural way, simply because I am learning first the words that are most relevant to my life. The sessions do not feel like classroom lessons. I learn best not by rote, but by doing. My teacher quickly understood that and so he tailored our time together accordingly. We do not spend the hour with conjugations and memorizations. I think that is aided by the fact that I do my homework and some self-study, which is critical, and I am a reasonably quick study. The sessions allow me to put it all together. In a sense, they are game day. I make mistakes, he puts me back on course, and we move forward. I have progressed farther than I had thought I would by this time. I now have a reasonable grasp of the formation of the following verb tenses: le présent, l'imparfait, le passé composé and the futur simple. If plonked down somewhere in France, Im confident I would be intelligible to the average citoyen. I enjoy our sessions. Admittedly, there are days when, coming on the heels of a particularly difficult day at work or other challenge, I find myself struggling for words, but my teacher is always encouraging. I very much recommend him as a teacher and as a conversationalist. Learning French is on my bucket list, and Listen & Learn will help me cross it off."
Robin Mason - French course.

"I am enjoying my lessons with my teacher. We are working on conversation as that is the area most difficult for me. I have a reasonable vocabulary and understanding of grammar but it can be difficult to converse freely without resorting to mental translation which kills the conversation. My teacher has provided a number of resources such as films and books which help. These sessions are being very effective."
Frank Brown - French course in Charlotte.

"The lesson last Thursday went great! I think it is going to be a great experience for us all."
Shelly Papadopoulos - French course in Kansas City.

"Rudy is such an authentic French teacher. He also moves at a fast pace. We covered a lot in our 2 hour lesson. The recap emails he sends out after our lessons are especially helpful."
Lindsay LePage - French course in Burlington.

"Eden was great. I enjoyed my first lesson and I look forward to the ones to come!  "
Anisa Arra - French course in Oakville.

"I have just finished my second lesson with Rodriguez. I'm very happy with how things are going! Rod quickly assessed my level and made a plan. We have already done some very hard work and I feel like I will make good progress. Rod is receptive to my feedback and easy to work with. He is even fitting in some extra lessons before my vacation so that I don't lose momentum!"
Catherine Gautreau - French course in Longueuil.

"Celia is great and I’m making a lot of progress. I’m really happy with her."
Marcelo Bertolami - French course in Miami.

"Kadidia is great to work with. The pace is perfect, she challenges me and has created a wonderful environment for learning where I am not afraid to stop and ask any questions, regardless of how small they may be. So far so good! She is covering the basics and then moving forward, which has been wonderful."
Tara Dentinger - French course.

"The lessons have been great! We love Nadia: she is wonderful with the girls and has been a terrific teacher. Both of my daughters aced their DELF exams and I credit Nadia with a huge part of that success."
Rebecca Gardiner - French course in Oakville.

"The lessons are going very well and Miguel is a wonderful teacher. I have really made a lot of progress since the first lesson, and I appreciate Miguel’s teaching style and flexibility with our schedule."
Lisa Jimenez - French course in San Antonio, Alamo Group.

"The lessons with Christophe are great. I love my fun discussions with him as we focus on the oral side of the language, which is exactly what I wanted."
Ann Gale - French course, AGales Consulting Ltd.

"I am progressing nicely and I am enjoying Rodrique’s teaching and the classes. He is working to incorporate fundamental skills with everyday conversation to help me advance my learning."
Lana Luccitti - French course.

"I really enjoy that we discuss subjects of interest in class, rather than focusing on passing exams or whatever. Each lesson is about learning French to be of practical use, discussing things which are happening and current. I have a lot of fun in our sessions and have noticed a very definite improvement in my French conversational abilities."
Ann Gales - French course, AGales Consulting Ltd.

"My French lessons are going fine. Christine is flexible and adjusts to my learning pace, which is good for me."
Titilola Adesuyi - French course.

"I'm very happy so far with my French lessons with Pascal. We are covering grammar and phonetics, while completing many other exercises. Pascal also gives plenty of opportunity and encouragement for me to try and speak freely in French, as far as I can, and is very patient in trying to understand me. I think that Pascal has a good understanding of my level and sets the work and homework accordingly, and we're working through the basics at the moment. I would like to extend the course and I'm impatient to learn, so I'm supplementing the lessons with some reading and listening practise. It's sometimes hard, but I'm very much enjoying the challenge."
Richard Johnson - French course.

"Julie is a great teacher and I am enjoying learning French from her."
Karen O'Connor - French course.

"My French lessons are going well. Jean is a good teacher and I am getting to learn the basics. We have been meeting in person (in the office) for the past 5 weeks or so."
Janet Reihm - French course in Ottawa, Fairtrade Canada.

"The lessons are going very well. Kadidia is an excellent teacher and does very well at preparing lessons and introducing new concepts."
Joy Gridley - French course.

"The lessons are going really well and Rod is a fantastic teacher. He is very patient and knowledgeable."
Chetan Chawla - French course.

"The lesson went very well as expected. Mr. Christophe is a great instructor and I believe together we can achieve the desired results."
Moshe Bar Gil - French course.

"I'm enjoying the French lessons a lot and I am seeing great progress right now. I like it!"
Anonymous - French course.

Georgian Testimonials

"Khatuna is a WONDERFUL teacher. She is most responsive to my particular needs and tailors the lessons accordingly. The lessons are a real delight."
Daphne Hall - Georgian course.

German Testimonials

"The first lesson went really well, the hour whizzed by and I enjoyed it very much. Stephanie is a pleasure to work with."
Carol Strohmeyer - German course.

"They are going well! Our teacher is definitely helping us with our accents! That is huge for us! I think the books will be great for our kids as well."
Cara Pagendarm - German course in Prairieville.

"The lessons are going really well. Claudia is a wonderful teacher and I have learned a lot this session."
Jennifer Von Durckheim - German course in San Antonio.

"Everything is going very well in our class with Veronika. She is a skilled teacher and has been very flexible, accommodating, and creative in her teaching. We are very pleased to be learning with her.      Gratefully,           Sister Emma     "
Sister Emma Calvo - German course.

"I am really enjoying my classes and my teacher Kornelia."
Eileen Marshall - German course.

"This experience is more than I thought it would be. Grant is amazing. He really tailors it to my needs and it's like I get to meet a family member from Germany every week! I couldn't be happier."
Rexina Netuschil - German course in Reno.

"I love my German lessons. The lessons are geared to my needs. I am learning vocabulary that I will actually use when I visit family in Germany. I am progressing at my speed and get lots of practice speaking and listening to the language with my teacher. My teacher is from Germany so I am learning phrases that are commonly used. He has several creative methods to help me learn: pictures, games and assignments that help me to practice using the language. I think this is the best way to learn a language if you need to use it.  I am so thankful that a friend, who also used it, recommended "Listen and Learn"!"
Joan Kalmring - German course in Toronto.

"Classes have been going well and I'm satisfied.  love that my teacher is really co-operative and is a really good teacher. "
Preston Heimbouch - German course in Cincinnati.

"My son's teacher and he seem to be on the same page: she pushes him to cover a lot of material and he seems to thrive on it. She has made herself very available to me to work out logistics, and that is all fine for now."
Cynthia Turner - German course in Seattle.

"The lessons are great! My teacher is very good and is someone who is extremely encouraging and patient."
Lillian Goodwin - German course.

"My lessons are good. I really feel like I'm getting better every class."
Rob Longhurst - German course in Edmonton.

"I am enjoying Listen and Lean's German class structure and I feel that I am benefiting a lot vs learning the language via online."
Fouad Hejazi - German course in Oakville.

"I need to learn German for my visa since I am moving to Austria in May. My instructor has been great to learn with!"
Gabrielle Von Stanke - German course.

"My Romanian courses are going well! I am halfway through and really enjoying them and learning a lot— the pace is just right for me, which is great. I also love the Skype element because it gives me the ability to be regular about the sessions (since they are not location-dependent, I can still take them when I travel).  Those same reasons definitely motivated me to take German with Listen & Learn. The fact that the pace can be tailored, the Skype setup, and also the credentials of my teacher make me eager to take German. Since I am an advanced intermediate speaker, my teacher sent me some materials to assess my level and also we discussed my goals (and he had ideas for what kinds of materials we would use to acheive them). I was impressed with the list of options he gave me for materials upon learning that I was more fluent that he expected—we will watch and discuss German ‘Krimis’ and read short texts, which is exactly what I think I need at my level—and I even got hooked on a mini soap-opera for German learners that he sent me as part of the example materials."
Vanesa Sanchez - German course in Brooklyn.

"The lessons are going well. No concerns. Svetlana, my teacher, is pleasant and keen on teaching."
Patricia Baker - German course in Winnipeg.

"  The German lessons are great! It is likely I will purchase more lessons in the future. My teacher is great!  "
Brooke Rasmussen - German course.

"The lessons are going very well. Mallory is an excellent German teacher."
William Best - German course in Halifax, NS.

"It was a pleasure to be a student with you and Mariya is an exceptional German teacher. She is super attentive and is always giving more materials!Thank you for all your attention."
Yasmin Gross schinke - German course in Las Vegas.

"We are very satisfied with our German course, including the content and the speed at which we are progressing, as well as our teacher, Stephanie."
Judit Deri-Takacs - German course.

"My lessons are going well! Gerhard, my teacher, is doing a great job. We have switched to having lessons via FaceTime and are communicating well."
Rita Main - German course in Omaha.

"The course is great and Marie is super lovely!"
Yury Russell - German course.

"My first lesson went very well and I am very pleased with Kathrin."
Lolita Ramdhan - German course in Oakville.

"Working with Erik to develop my German has been fantastic! He's a really engaged teacher and the sessions are super relaxed, fun, and most importantly, really productive. I've found this to be a far more effective way of learning German than any online tools or apps I've tried in the past. You just can't beat one-on-one interaction for developing conversational skills."
David Nicol - German course.

"I couldn't be happier. Both Kerstin and Charlotte are absolutely wonderful. They are kind, skilled, expert teachers who are very sensitive to my desire to learn, and I make excellent progress with their guidance. I recommend both of them so highly to any of your other clients. They really have to be some of the best teachers you have, and I think good teachers need to be appreciated. Please give them as much work as possible!"
Jessica Polish - German course in Queens.

"My German classes are going amazingly and I am very satisfied with the instructor."
Aezaz Adeeb Bhatti - German course.

"The german lessons are going great. "
Magan Kell - German course.

"The German lessons are going well. I enjoy Jasmin's teaching style and she always goes the extra mile to make sure I understand."
Aidan Howie - German course.

Greek Testimonials

"Lessons are going well and I think that I am advancing considering that I only restarted real studying two weeks ago when I returned from holiday. I can write with ease and reading is getting better; short words are fine but the longer ones take a moment or so. Greek is not easy in the sense that every word is a new word for me although fortunately I can make associations with meanings because of all of the greek derived words in the medical lexicon. Konstantina is very helpful and a very nice person."
William McCallum - Greek course in Houston.

"I’ve just begun my classes and all is going well! Tina is a very good teacher, and I feel confident that I will get back on track with Greek, even though I have to refresh a little now."
Athena Theodosatos - Greek course in Orlando.

"I'm very happy with the course. The content is interesting and the pace is as fast as I can handle. The course will definitely provide me with a firm foundation in Greek to pursue my studies."
Randy Jonasz - Greek course in Burlington.

"My teacher is excellent and is so sweet. As per what I wanted, she gives me lots of homework."
Victoria Goldring - Greek course.

"The first lesson went very well and I am enjoying the course. My instructor is very patient and a good listener. I have high hopes for this course."
Zoé Orfanos - Greek course.

"I love my teacher! She is great and I have been learning so much and so fast because of her! Thank you so much!"
Mabel Pantaleon - Greek course in New York.

"Lessons are going great! My instructor is the best I've ever had and I'm learning a lot. I just wish I had more time for more classes! Thanks!"
Elena ricart - Greek course.

"My lessons are going very well! My instructor is very patient, knowledgeable, and always on time. He has mnemonics that help me remember rules in Greek. He also makes me feel very comfortable even though I'm learning a new language where I'm going to get things wrong and sound silly. I am very happy with the lessons!"
Gigi Fontan - Greek course.

"I had a great lesson with Marina, my teacher. So far I'm very happy."
Morgan Devlin - Greek course.

"The lessons are going very well thank you. Vasiliki, my Greek teacher, is excellent"
Eugenia Zorbas - Greek course in Brooklyn.

"The Greek lessons are going quite well. I really like Katerina and her teaching style. She is knowledgeable and I like the lesson material."
Jessica Schwaber - Greek course in Toronto.

"I have no complaints at all. Everything is going really well. We Skype once a week for the lessons. Nikos is a great Greek teacher."
Pawala Ariyathilaka - Greek course.

"I love my Greek lessons with Amy. She is absolutely wonderful. I would like to book an additional package!"
Karen Lightfoot - Greek course in Washington, D.C.

"Julieta was great at handling all our needs and Konstantinos was an excellent teacher and friend. He is fun, interesting and intelligent and I would highly recommend him."
Luke MacDonald - Greek course in Kitchener.

"I would love to continue my classes with Christina; she's by far the best teacher I've ever had!"
Elena Ricart - Greek course.

"The Greek lessons are going really well. Vaios is an excellent teacher and we have a first-rate rapport."
Claire Vane - Greek course.

"My Greek lessons are going great! It's a tough language so it will take some time but I'm enjoying my teacher and my classes very much."
Kathryn Gianaras - Greek course.

"All is good. Yiorgos is a kind soul... and perfect for a 72-year-old woman who is a little bit of a slow learner. He knows a lot about the Geek language and is able to adeptly explain subtleties making my learning easier."
Pamela Ellis - Greek course in Miami.

"Emily has been an amazing instructor. I’ve learned so much from her classes in very little time."
Jennifer Orfin - Greek course.

Gujarati Testimonials

"The lessons are good. Jigar is a great teacher. I like that he is very patient and knowledgeable."
Priya Mistry - Gujarati course.

"Classes are going so well! Sonal is such a fantastic teacher and I am learning a lot in such a short time. She is also such a kind person and a real joy during our lessons."
Trisha Parekh - Gujarati course.

"Chetna is a fantastic tutor. I have both enjoyed working with her and have learned a lot from her. I would certainly recommend her to other students."
Elizabeth Washburn Surti - Gujarati course in San Francisco.

"Very good! I'm happy with the support and guidance of Bharati, my instructor."
Vidyut Mehta - Gujarati course.

Haitian Creole Testimonials

"The lessons are going well. The course has been well planned and the content is very good. My teacher provides audio and homework exercises that I find really beneficial."
Carene Bejin - Haitian Creole course.

"Thatiana has been a phenomenal teacher. I feel like I am getting infinitely more than I paid for so far."
Jean-Philippe Innocent - Haitian Creole course.

"The lessons are going great! I’m really enjoying them — thanks so much for setting them up!"
Jessica Harvey - Haitian Creole course.

"I chose Listen & Learn because I found the company on Google (maybe the first result or on the top results) and when I looked it seemed a serious organization. So far, the course is going very well. Wilguens is a good match for what we needed and is a good teacher for beginners."
Renaud Di Bernardo - Haitian Creole course in Toronto.

Hebrew Testimonials

"Yossi is an excellent teacher. I am learning so much. Great match! He is a fantastic teacher!     Here are some of his strengths: 1) He intuitively knows how much to push me to improve without making it overwhelming -- that is a teaching skill that is rare 2) He makes the learning fun and his materials are easy to understand 3) His system reinforces what I've mastered while introducing new vocabulary and concepts. There is an optimal balance of new material and review.  Each lesson builds on the last 4) He sends me voice recordings and texts between sessions that are very helpful 5) He takes the time to tell me interesting little things like why you break up two yuds next to each other  6) He is very organized! 7) He motivates me! I am already very excited about this topic -- but wanting to do well for my teacher adds that extra oomph!   I'm sure I missed a dozen other things I like. He is a very skilled teacher! I look forward to our lessons. I would highly recommend him if you have other students.  "
Cathy Sussman - Hebrew course in Minneapolis.

"Miriam is a good teacher and is flexible with lesson times. Hebrew is a hard language to learn! Thanks for all your help!"
Richard Stokes - Hebrew course.

"The lessons are going very well, and my instructor is wonderful! I am so so happy with Listen & Learn."
Michelle Edelsburg - Hebrew course.

"The classes are wonderful! She is a great teacher! I'm learning a lot from her!"
Tina Aharon - Hebrew course.

"I am learning a lot from Miriam, my tutor. I am conversing with her in Hebrew all the time and this is helping me to improve as well as learn new vocabulary."
Nuray Bamanie - Hebrew course.

"I am absolutely LOVING the lessons! They are just great and I always finish every one with such a buzz! Miriam is fab and I love her style!"
Rachel Roberts - Hebrew course.

"Shai is a fantastic match and I’m loving my classes with him. He’s upbeat, knowledgeable, has a background in linguistics, is highly motivational, and understands Spanish and English, which helps him figure out the best way to get me to understand new concepts."
Orlando Vanin - Hebrew course.

Hindi Testimonials

"I'm very happy, as I am beginning to actually talk Hindi! I am at a stage where I think I can make myself understood and understand someone, if they really want me to understand them."
Ola Rozenfeld - Hindi course in Kitchener.

"The classes are are going well. I am very happy with my teacher and classes."
Michael Dixon - Hindi course.

"My Hindi teacher, Sandeep, is doing a very good job of teaching me and helping me towards my objective."
Louis Audet - Hindi course in Montreal, Cogeco inc.

Hungarian Testimonials

"Lessons are going very well. Hungarian is extremely difficult, but luckily I understand grammar very well with the help of my teacher."
Johann Von Schrenkel - Hungarian course.

"Marianna is a great Hungarian teacher!"
Gerrit Ebert - Hungarian course.

"Eva is beyond wonderful! She has a very good technique and a lot of patience. I enjoy working with her."
Cheryl Fazekas - Hungarian course.

"Marianna is a fantastic teacher who explains the language very well."
Stuart Watson - Hungarian course.

"I will definitely be continuing my studies. Betti is an excellent teacher. I know that I am progressing, and no matter if I have a good week or a bad week, she makes me feel I am doing well. It is exciting to continue."
Niki Reeves - Hungarian course.

"The first lesson with Beata went great! We had a good exchange of information. She was patient and gave me useful corrections. I learned a lot! I'm looking forward to Lesson #2."
Eldee Wittstock - Hungarian course.

Icelandic Testimonials

"I love my Icelandic lessons. Kristrun is an awesome teacher!"
Elsa Pollock - Icelandic course in Portland.

Indonesian Testimonials

"The class was great and I really enjoyed the trainer."
Monica Schwarz - Indonesian course.

"We are enjoying our Indonesian lessons very much. Yuli is a great teacher. She is very patient with us despite our crazy schedules.We would be very happy for you to use our testimonial on your website. She is a wonderful teacher!"
Elizabeth Sullivan - Indonesian course in Vancouver.

"My teacher is amazing and incredibly accommodating of my complicated schedule."
Rowan Mataram - Indonesian course.

Irish Testimonials

"I am absolutely delighted with Orla. She is an amazing educator and I would highly recommend her to anybody. Thank you very much for putting me in touch with her; I couldn't be happier."
Aoife King - Irish course in Toronto.

"Stephanie is a fantastic teacher and a lot of fun to speak Irish with. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for an Irish teacher."
Molly Harris - Irish course.

Italian Testimonials

"I have now had 3 classes with my teacher Ester and am really enjoying them. We are primarily speaking only in Italian. She is a lovely person."
Anna Scarola - Italian course in Raleigh.

"Thank you so much! The lessons are great and I’ve really enjoyed the entire experience."
Lindsay Giffen - Italian course in Caledon East.

"The class is very good! Both Diane and I like our tutor, Tony, very much. We look forward to the rest of our lessons."
Robert Barone - Italian course in Reno.

"Li stanno andando molto bene, grazie. Signor Masala e io siamo lavorando benino."
James Welch - Italian course in Lexington, Florida Tile Inc..

"I appreciate the way you are keeping control over my studies. This is once again proves for me that your organization takes the business of teaching Italian (or other foreign language) very serious and with complete responsibility. I am very happy with my teacher, Claudia. I like her teaching style and also she has very nice way making me speaking Italian as much as possible during the class. She is very reliable person and we never had any problems with timing our meetings.mSo, thank you again for your choice for the teacher for me."
Julia Gauchman - Italian course in Chicago.

"I am writing this email to express my gratitude and satisfaction for the Italian lessons I had with Stefania Fenocchio last year. She is a fantastic teacher, knowledgeable and nice, patient and polite, always focused, and very attentive to the needs of a student. In only 40 hours of very intensive and information-packed lessons she managed to equip me with a good initial base of the language, allowing me to continue this challenging journey on my own. I have created my own study plan since the course completion, and will continue studying regularly, because I truly enjoy the process thanks to my wonderful teacher Stefania. In addition to basic language grammar and structure I have learned many valuable facts about Italian culture which I find very useful for my work and future travels to Italy. I wish Mrs. Fenocchio and all the teachers’ pool of Listen & Learn to continue providing such a high level of teaching other languages and cultures to the other students."
Marina Dessiatkina - Italian course in Oakville.

"I’m happy with the course. My teacher has been very accommodating. She has adjusted the course for my level of Italian."
Matthew Pepe - Italian course in London.

"I've been very satisfied with the course so far. My teacher is wonderful! She's great at bringing in different forms of material (movie trailers, music), and she checks with me on homework and speed of the course as we go, so overall I've been very happy with what topics we've been covering and my progress. "
Nora Traum - Italian course.

"Since I started, my progress has been great. There's really no measuring how much my vocabulary has grown in such a short time, and my instructor makes lessons fun by allowing us to go to different cafes."
Zach Long - Italian course in Columbus.

"Our teacher is very effective and has been particularly good at catering to my learning style, speed and goals. Love the classes!"
Remy Canario - Italian course in Washington, D.C.

"My Italiano classes are going molto bene! My professoressa is a super tutor."
Joseph De Angelis - Italian course in Colorado Springs.

"I am very pleased with the lessons!"
Brian Bieder - Italian course.

"I feel like I am in good hands with my trainer since she is very personable and we connect well!"
Rochelle DiGennaro - Italian course.

"The lessons are going well and I feel like I am improving, I chose Listen & Learn because I wanted to attempt to learn the language before I went to Italy in August and Listen & Learn's flexible schedule worked best for what I was trying to accomplish. "
Thomas Baack - Italian course in Kansas City.

"The teacher was always well-prepared.  She has excellent skill at promoting conversation, even with a guy like me who is not talkative.  "
Robert Burnell - Italian course.

"Frank, my Italian teacher was great! He is really patient and thoughtful."
Jessica Hitchcock - Italian course in St. Louis.

"Everything is excellent! I am so happy with Francesca! I would recommend her to everyone! The lesson are interesting, fun, and informative! Francesca found my personal strengths and weaknesses and uses special methods to help me learn the language. For example we are studying my favourite Italian songs and learning new words and grammar points from them. Moreover she gives me a lot of handouts and worksheets to practice the new information. So she is the best! I love her!"
Laura Goldy - Italian course.

"I am very much enjoying my Italian classes with Tania. I chose Listen & Learn for the private lessons."
Janelle Redman - Italian course.

"Overall Nadia, my Italian teacher, has been excellent. She is always on time and extremely knowledgeable both about the language and overall culture. I've really enjoyed my experience with her. I need to study more on my own but overall the way Nadia has structured the lessons is very helpful.She has provided me with the book as well.I found Listen & Learn through a Google search and then reading reviews about the program. I have been very satisfied overall and am considering buying more classes from you."
Braxton ONeal - Italian course in Raleigh.

"Yesterday was our first Italian lesson since Christmas. I believe things are going well and Inno is enjoying it."
Carmela Laurino - Italian course in Vancouver.

"I am really enjoying my lessons with Elisa. In addition to the language itself, I am getting a lot of info on the culture. This will be very useful for our upcoming trip. Overall, it's been a very good experience."
Elaine Collins - Italian course in Kitchener.

"It was truly a pleasure working with Listen & Learn and Liliana; she is a great instructor! I would gladly recommend Listen & Learn to anyone."
Bianca Jack - Italian course.

"At first, I was hesitant to do the lessons online as I didn’t think they would be as effective. But I was wrong! My online course is just as effective and I am learning just as well as if it were in person. Tania is great!"
Jessica Rattana - Italian course in Brampton.

"Our first lesson went very well. Claudia is a patient instructor. She spent time discussing with us what we would like to accomplish. We are pleased that she is willing to work as hard as us. Overall, we are off to a great start!"
Timothy D'Angelo - Italian course.

"Our classes with Piero are going very well! We chose Listen & Learn because we had done group classes previously with another language school, but felt we wanted to have a more personalized experience so that the class could move forward at our pace. This is exactly why we are so happy with our choice. Piero has been very responsive to any feedback we give about pacing our learning and we are really feeling positive about our progress so far with his help."
Kerri Surtees - Italian course.

"My wife and I wish to congratulate your company for Serena. She is delightful to work with, very cooperative, extremely helpful and very knowledgeable."
Robert Haik - Italian course in Miami.

"The lessons are going well. The materials Alessandra has been providing are very useful."
Nadia Napoletano - Italian course.

"My compliments to Claudia. She is an excellent teacher. We are thoroughly enjoying our journey to learn the language."
Timothy D'Angelo - Italian course.

Japanese Testimonials

"The lessons are going well and now I think I have much more confidence in passing the test since Tomomi, my tutor, and I have been working so hard. Thank you for finding me the right tutor. I really like Tomomi, not only as a tutor but also as a friend! Everything's going well and I'll talk to you in the future when I need help in extending my program."
Iris Yang - Japanese course in Quebec.

"I am happy with my decision to take a Japanese course. Dai is a reliable professional who knows what he is dong and I feel confident that he has the skills to teach me."
Kaspars Cibulskis - Japanese course.

"My Japanese lessons have been going well, thanks! Hiromi and I have been working through the new textbook, which has been going great! Hiromi has been doing a great job at keeping the lessons fun and interesting. I always look forward to the classes!"
Jake Chalkley - Japanese course in Guelph.

"I've had three lessons so far and I'm having a lot of fun and learning very quickly. The course has met my expectations. Overall I am very satisfied and the teacher is really sweet and fun, and her explanations are clear."
Emma Farrell - Japanese course in Austin.

"My son, Aidan, was very pleased with his lesson! He's a beginner so everything is new. He has some homework so he's working on that."
Janine Kemp - Japanese course.

"The lessons are going great I'm learning so much Japanese from Momo I'm really glad I found Listen and Learn."
Grace Kinyua - Japanese course in Baltimore.

"The lessons are going great! My son just loves the teacher. "
Kristin Rutz - Japanese course in Minneapolis.

"Our lessons are going extremely well. Yukiko is a phenomenal instructor and I cannot recommend her enough!"
Jason Franks - Japanese course in Norfolk.

"The teacher is easy to communicate with, clear and matter of fact and to the point. The method seems good."
Paul O Callaghan - Japanese course.

"I'm really enjoying the Japanese course. My teacher is doing a great job. She's extremely nice, very good at explaining and patient with answering my questions.  We're going slowly, which is fine so I don't feel overwhelmed. Having someone who can teach me and answer my questions is a huge motivator. I've already learned more than I was ever able to on my own."
Ryan Gustafson - Japanese course.

"Everything is going great! The instructor is amazing and very accommodating to our sometimes crazy schedules. I wouldn't change a thing! The content is difficult, but not overly difficult. It's a good balance between challenging and informative. I love it! "
Lucas Daniels - Japanese course in Milwaukee.

"I am extremely satisfied with my instructor I wouldn't change a thing!"
Cindy Ho - Japanese course in Vaughan.

"I very much enjoyed my lessons with my teacher. She was terrific. She catered to my language needs and always made the material easy to understand and gave the conversation topics we practiced a practical use. I enjoyed and always looked forward to my lessons with her. Fantastic teacher!"
Victoria Wasserbauer - Japanese course.

"I had a lot of fun and my teacher is wonderful. Thank you so much for helping this come together - I appreciate it! I'm enjoying the classes a lot!"
Eliane Rectenwald - Japanese course in Pittsburgh.

"My teacher is a lot of fun to learn from and she is great at encouraging me in my lessons. I look forward to continuing to learn from her through Listen and Learn. Thank you for finding me a teacher I can enjoy learning from. "
John Kennedy - Japanese course in Winnipeg.

"I'm really enjoying my classes so far. My teacher is nice and we get along well. We even text message in Japanese which is a great teaching method!"
Darren Wilson - Japanese course in Markham.

"I am learning a lot and the teacher is doing a great job. "
Kody Swackhammer - Japanese course in Savannah.

"I loved my Japanese course. The teacher was great and the lessons were just what I was hoping for. "
Catriona Lefkos - Japanese course in Las Vegas.

"I am really enjoying the lessons so far. It is quite challenging but my teacher is great so I’m making good progress."
Edmund Whitmore - Japanese course.

"The lessons are going well. My teacher is very pleasant and easy to talk to in English and Japanese. "
James Kramer - Japanese course in Portland.

"I am very satisfied with my instructor's methodology and quality of materials."
Marlus Ferretti - Japanese course in Houston.

"I like my teacher a lot. I have learnt so much from her and all things make sense to me."
Ziqi Shen - Japanese course in Saint Paul.

"Ben, my son, is enjoying his Japanese classes very much. Yukie, his Japanese teacher, works very hard to keep him engaged and make the lessons interesting for him. She provides feedback on his progress and seems to thoroughly enjoy teaching him. Ben looks forward to his session every week and independently practices and reviews his work in between classes. I feel Yuki is a very good match for him and he is on his way to reaching his goal: being able to speak Japanese."
Luanne Wootton - Japanese course in Vaughan.

"All my lessons have been fabulous. I have studied many languages, and my instructor now is one of the top three I have ever had. She has been very flexible and accommodating, and her knowledge is superb. She structures the lessons to our abilities, which in my opinion is amazing."
Jan Alton - Japanese course.

"I learnt so much just on the first day. I really like my teacher because he explains things really well and is super patient with me!"
Ryan Rolph - Japanese course in Oshawa.

"I am 100% satisfied with my Japanese course. Between prompt arrival with our scheduled meeting times and always doing a great job helping me understand material, my teacher is great."
Stephan Weis - Japanese course.

"My daughter enjoys the teacher and the way her sessions have been running. The teacher does both visual and verbal, which she thinks is fantastic. My daughter said the teacher is very sweet and have great rapport. I'm impressed and speak highly of Listen & Learn."
Laura Hernandez - Japanese course.

"I feel very confident in my ability to handle basic transactions and read signs for my upcoming trip to Tokyo. The lessons have been immensely helpful! I also feel that our teacher gave my wife and me a strong foundation for continuing our studies later on."
Marcus Lewis - Japanese course in Nashville.

"I have learned a lot with my teacher and I feel it's helped tremendously. As one of my biggest motivators for learning the language was for reading purposes, I am delighted with my results so far."
Nicole Griffith - Japanese course.

"We are absolutely loving our Japanese course. Our instructor is excellent and is going at a very good pace. "
Serriah Toste - Japanese course.

"I think Yasuhito, my Japanese teacher, is doing a great job."
Ryan Pintar - Japanese course in Anchorage.

""The lessons are going extremely well. My son really enjoys meeting with Keiko, his Japanese teacher. He feels that he's learning a lot which is great hearing from him. Especially because in middle school, we took him out of his Japanese language class because he wasn't learning anything and it was hard for him. He said that Keiko makes it easy for him to understand and she's very energetic. He feels that she's just as excited to teach him as he is to learn the language. I chose Listen & Learn because I wasn't able to find any other language company here in Las Vegas that taught the language one to one and in person. Your company also had great reviews from your customers. ""
Deysha Chock - Japanese course in Henderson.

" The lessons are going well. I am enjoying learning with Kazuko, my japanese teacher. She has taught me a lot and is always well prepared.  "
Francis Fasola - Japanese course in Madison.

"Kazumi was a wonderful teacher. If we continue to learn on same pace as the first class, I think that I should benefit greatly from the course overall."
Wesley Sherow - Japanese course in Albany.

"My Japanese lessons are going well and are very enjoyable.Ms Katsube is a very good tutor who answers all my questions and has the patience of a saint when listening to my bad pronunciation."
Robert Kerrison - Japanese course.

"I am very happy with Sally as my Japanese teacher. I am sad to see this course coming to an end but it has given me a lot to work with."
Molly Hinrichsen - Japanese course in London.

"I chose Listen & Learn for many reasons. I did extensive research on multiple websites and resources and Listen & Learn teaches in a way that matches my personality. The company has a very organized website and legitimately appears to care about my desire to learn another language. A friend of a friend also used Listen & Learn and had success with it."
David Camejo - Japanese course.

"The Japanese lessons are going very well. Nanami is an excellent teacher."
Sam Hawkinson - Japanese course in Portland.

"The lessons are going well. Megumi is a wonderful Japanese teacher. I am learning so much and remembering many things that I knew in the past. She is so willing to help and teaches me phrases that will help in my travel and with my mother.I chose Listen & Learn because of the ease of fitting the classes into my schedule. I appreciate the flexibility."
Pamela Sellden - Japanese course.

"Our Japanese lessons are going great. We are really happy. Our teacher is amazing and we are progressing a lot. We can now read and write both hiragana and katakana, and form basic sentences in Japanese. We never imagined we would advance this quickly."
Zack Berjawi - Japanese course in Windsor.

"Ohata-san, our Japanese teacher, is excellent! Every student highly recommend him.One student came up to me to tell me how great the course was! He said that the teacher managed the pace of class to make sure each student could understand everything.I included a few comments from other students below rather than summarizing them:- I am pretty happy with the course progress. Although I am not able to practice a lot, I can still catch up with what we are learning. The teacher is very nice, very professional, and patient. Thank you so much for providing this opportunity.- I really liked the course and I think Ohata-san is doing a good job. I am definitely seeing progress in regards to reading and understanding but I need to find a way to spend more time at home memorizing vocabulary. I think that at some point, by knowing the grammar and correct participles, my vocabulary will build up faster. She starts each class reviewing the previous week' session for about 30 minutes which is helpful but practicing at home is a requirement to be able to keep up. Also, I realize I'm not learning Kanji right now, but now that we can read Hiragana and Katakana it will be easier to study at home and learn more words for speaking. I hope that we will continue with these classes!"
Maekawa Kaoru - Japanese course in Albany.

"The course is going very well. I am enjoying them. Natsu is a very patient and well prepared Japanese teacher."
Keith Hodges - Japanese course in Burlington.

"The lessons have been pretty awesome so far. Aika is a wonderful teacher!"
Matthew Porter - Japanese course in Vancouver.

"Classes are going great. Ohata-san is pushing me, so I will be ready for my certification test."
Peter D’Elia - Japanese course in Albany, Tokyo Electron US Holdings.

"The lessons have been going very well. I would say that this course is set up really well. We are learning very quickly and Mariko has been fantastic. I really look forward to my Japanese lessons every Sunday!"
Conor Bogstie - Japanese course in Calgary.

"The course is going wonderfully! Eri has been excellent at assessing my level and the areas that some work, as well as developing activities that challenge me to take my Japanese to the next level!"
Kelsey Berg - Japanese course.

"My Japanese lessons are great and my fluency is getting better. Still a long way to go!"
Guy Tillinghast - Japanese course in Portland.

"Eri is a fabulous teacher. I've learned quite a bit in my last three lessons and feel that I have already made some strong progress. Also, she is helpful in answering my questions about customs and culture in the workplace. In particular, this makes my language study more relevant, and I feel I am getting great, all-around exposure."
Danielle Dyksterhouse - Japanese course.

"My trainer and I get along super well and she encourages me to communicate in more of a conversational manner, rather than the way you learn when just reading from a textbook. She writes down things I struggle with and I study them before every lesson. I don't see how the course could be any better. I'm very happy with how things are going, even though it's a bit of a struggle sometimes! But then it wouldn't be fun otherwise though, right?"
Gary Gipson - Japanese course in Austin.

"Mary, my teacher, is lovely! She has really thought out ways to teach and plan the lessons. She is personable and knowledgeable. I would recommend her."
Erica Williams - Japanese course in Minneapolis.

"I have truly enjoyed my lesson time with Eri. She is very knowledgeable in the subject that she teaches."
TK Yahagi - Japanese course.

"We have been enjoying the lessons with Megumi very much. She always seems to be in a happy and cheerful mood and is very patient with us as we learn new topics. It is a very involved course and we have learned much more than I had anticipated. The arrangements work with our schedule, and the speed of the course is good. With the time between lessons, we are able to study the previous lesson and be prepared for the next lesson. Megumi also helps us review older topics we haven't touched on in a while. I can't think of anything that we would need an additional review on, as that is usually covered in class. We are satisfied with the lesson content and look forward to completing the course."
Megan Sereni - Japanese course.

"There is not much to say about my lessons, since they are perfect! I enjoy them. Eri is a really nice and fun teacher and makes it easier for me by using examples of anime and more!"
Lydia Smith Diallo - Japanese course.

"The lessons are going very well! I chose you guys because of the Google reviews and based on the easy access to info on your website."
Michele Fiorese - Japanese course in Winnipeg.

"Everything is going well! I'm enjoying the classes and the teacher is super helpful. I have a much firmer grasp of the basics now, which was the point."
Christian Machamer - Japanese course.

Korean Testimonials

"Regarding the Korean lesson, Susie is an excellent teacher, very focused on e.g. correct pronunciation and trying to bring me up to speed with a survival level of Korean (vocabulary and phrases to be used in day-to-day situations). I really appreciate how she always remembers my weaknesses and insists on those in order to improve my Korean “skills”."
Simone Magni - Korean course, Edwards Vacuum Ltd.

"Although 10 hours is short, my tutor has taught me to create many habits that will allow me to learn Korean even after my lessons. I find reading articles to summarize and journaling in Korean very helpful. She is also very approachable and flexible with lessons so it makes learning all the more accessible."
Jonathan Jin - Korean course in Toronto.

"The classes are going great! My daughter is enjoying them."
Erin Thompson - Korean course.

"I wish I could accurately express with words how meaningful and enjoyable learning Korean has been so far. Jiyoung is a perfect fit. As of tonight's lesson we decided to go down to once a week to better allow me to study in between lessons and for her to prepare for the next week's lesson. So far it's been amazing!"
Brandon Hatch - Korean course.

"The Korean lesson went well and I'm looking forward to the next. Susie helped me find the right level at which to start, and she was very helpful and attentive. I will let you know if there are any questions or concerns that come up later down the road.Thank you for all your help."
Richard Elmore - Korean course.

" We are absolutely loving it. Everything is going well and DC is an amazing Korean teacher. "
Genesis Arko - Korean course in Salt Lake City.

"My daughter enjoyed her hours. It was really great to give her a taste of Korean for her possible 3rd level Asian studies. The Listen & Learn approach worked very well."
Pauline Whyte - Korean course.

"The course was really fantastic! I love Youngkeun. Her energy was great, the pacing was good, and she was flexible but insistent that we keep to a schedule. Altogether, it was better than I'd expected and even hoped for! Thank you for this opportunity, Listen & Learn!"
Savannah Hizer - Korean course in Indianapolis.

"My daughter is really enjoying her Korean lessons, and she gets along very well with her tutor. She is learning very quickly and I'm really pleased with her progress."
Margaret Diffin - Korean course in Coquitlam.

"My lessons are going very well and I really enjoy taking them. My professor, Seonhwa, is really nice and I like her teaching methods."
Manon Brun - Korean course in Montreal.

"The lessons are going extremely well. Hsing is a gem, and my daughter feels 100% comfortable with her and loves her personality! Hsing has done a nice job of transitioning to online lessons, and I am happy with the work."
Charles Kirschbaum - Korean course in Denver.

"My classes are going really well, I'm learning a lot and Hyerim is a great teacher: very patient and clear!"
Ruth Linehan - Korean course.

"My Korean classes are going well. There are definite benefits to learning a language one-on-one with a native speaker. While group classes move forward according to a timeline and curriculum, I have a chance to slow down when I need to and spend more time on areas where I would like more help before moving on. It's also great to get the "inside scoop" on a language - textbooks tend to give you the "general case" or how the language might work in more formal settings, which is important to learn, but then it's also useful to know about the situations where native speakers don't follow those particular rules - it helps with making my speech sound more natural."
Noelle Huntington - Korean course in Boston.

"My son, Quinn, is very happy with the current tutoring schedule and structure. He feels that he is making progress, and that he and Min-Jong work well together."
Rick Bourgon - Korean course.

"The class has been going great. Sunyoung is great and I can see my improvement."
Albert Wang - Korean course.

"I just had my second class and she's a great teacher! She’s very in-depth and helps me with everything I need."
Aleigh Dafoe - Korean course in Vaughan.

"I am enjoying my classes with Min-Jong. I don’t even have the words to describe how much I’m loving them. She is so amazing at her job and makes learning so much fun. She teaches with so much passion and depth and I appreciate it so much.  I’m so so happy that she was matched with me! I truly look forward to classes with her every week. I feel like my Korean has also improved massively so I’m really glad I applied for this course."
Alex Romascu - Korean course in Braintree.

Lingala Testimonials

"My first lesson went really well and I’m looking forward to the rest of the lessons. My teacher has been very helpful!"
Conchita Mbuyambo - Lingala course.

Lithuanian Testimonials

"The classes so far are going great. Sandra is clearly talented as a teacher and I'm hopeful I will pick things up quickly."
Brett Munslow - Lithuanian course.

"I have nothing but great things to say. The lesson went very well. Jolita, my teacher, was very kind and well prepared. I really liked that she had notes to send out to me after our first lesson.Thank you for helping me getting all of this set up."
Makalah Braun - Lithuanian course.

"I am very much enjoying my Lithuanian course; I can't praise it enough! Actually, I am very interested in booking an additional course with Jolita because she is such a lovely teacher."
Kelly Hacker - Lithuanian course.

"Jolita is a wonderful teacher. Her lessons are tailored to focus on new things, but also to revise and reinforce previously seen content, especially the areas that I find difficult. I could not ask for a better tutor and I’m excited before every lesson :)"
Shauna O’Mahony - Lithuanian course.

Macedonian Testimonials

"Although I have only had a few lessons with her so far, I feel like I have learned so much from my teacher. She is very flexible with scheduling and is responsive when I have emailed her about our class appointments. In addition, I feel like I have learned so much from her in such a short amount of time (my Macedonian fiancé who speaks it fluently thinks I have to). She takes her time with me and answers all my questions. She also sent me helpful learning materials to study during my free time. I never thought I could learn a second language at 30 years old until I started taking classes with Listen & Learn."
Jackie Sanchez - Macedonian course.

"The lessons are going great! Nadica is a great teacher and she fits my needs very well."
Taylor Eftimov - Macedonian course.

"The kids are still very much enjoying their lessons. Nadica is brilliant with them and they always finish the lessons with a big smile and enthusiasm. Thank you to Listen & Learn and Nadica."
Marina Barr - Macedonian course.

Mandarin Chinese Testimonials

"It went pretty well considering we are outright beginners, we made good progress and Yuan is very patient fortunately."
Desmond Taylor - Mandarin Chinese course in Lawrenceville, Snr Vice President Merchandising, National Vision.

"The lessons with Cindy are going very well! She is an excellent teacher and seems apt at teaching beginners like myself. I think I am learning as much as I can about Mandarin given the short time I have with her. The class has also been very informative about the region I am traveling to, especially for the safety and etiquette necessary in various situations. I am quite pleased, and I would recommend her to another student."
Benjamin Schmidt - Mandarin Chinese course in Calgary.

"My lessons with my tutor Jason are great! He is a very good teacher."
Sarah Graham - Mandarin Chinese course in Nashville.

"I am proud to say that our group, including myself, is fully satisfied with the Mandarin Chinese course so far. Jing’s teaching style is very helpful. She provides us with notes, PowerPoint slides, examples, and book lessons while explaining each concept with practice in-class. Jing is also very helpful for out-of-class questions. She makes herself available by email or phone to clear up any confusion. Jing voice records each class lesson so if needed she will drop box the recording to each of us afterwards which is helpful when studying. The speed and content is also excellent. At first, we moved too quickly but adjusted the in-class learning/speaking speed when appropriate."
Patrick Mittelstadt - Mandarin Chinese course in Virginia Beach, Swimways Corp.

"My lessons have been an amazing experience and my teacher Chen has been amazing. I can not thank you or her enough. She has advanced me to the stage where I have been able to integrate with a local Chinese community and practice regularly with new friends. I am more than confident in my language abilities and I can't wait to move to China with my new found confidence. Thank you for everything."
Callum Hardy - Mandarin Chinese course.

"My teacher's teaching style is superior and I am fully committed to the lessons."
Jeff Mann - Mandarin Chinese course in Calgary.

"The course is going well. The teacher seems to be really nice and helpful."
Diane Haslam-Craib - Mandarin Chinese course.

"My lessons are going well. We've re-calibrated to increase the difficulty and to fit my needs better, which is amazing to receive such personalized service!"
Anthony Marchese - Mandarin Chinese course in Vaughan.

"My Mandarin Chinese lessons were excellent! The instructor provided a good overview of things and gave me plenty of material for self-study."
Jaime MacKercher - Mandarin Chinese course.

"Everything is great! I've been working on learning Chinese more and more and Ting is amazing: she's super nice, accommodating and helpful!"
Andrea Siy - Mandarin Chinese course.

"My Mandarin Chinese lessons are going quite well and I very much enjoy working with Jia. She is an excellent teacher apparently with quite a bit of experience teaching Chinese to adults, both students and professionals. I would highly recommend her for future students.Because of my work schedule and the three holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's) we have mostly been doing one hour sessions once or twice a week. I hope to get to two hours twice a week next year. Jia has been very flexible and accommodating and it is not her fault that we are moving so slowly. It is mostly due to my busy work schedule.The book she has chosen for me is excellent and I'm using the CDs to improve my speaking abilities,I found your course on Google by typing in ""Chinese lessons"". The price was very reasonable for private lessons. Comments by people who had taken the course were quite favorable.I will be traveling to Taipei in February so we shall see how much I have learned."
Steven Williams - Mandarin Chinese course in Pittsburgh.

"I am really enjoying my Mandarin Chinese lessons with Qin. He is a really good teacher. I have learnt a lot from him so far.I chose Listen & Learn for my Mandarin Chinese course because of the information I saw on the website. Also, the people I spoke to made me want to take lessons with your company. I am really glad that I made this decision."
Saba Akhtar - Mandarin Chinese course.

"Renee was very professional and enthousiast which I really liked. She even invited me to an event in Montreal celebrating the Chinese New Year in a mall next to our office and we did go with my boss and her. It was a great first session in general."
Jordan Lanoue - Mandarin Chinese course in Montreal.

"The lessons are great. I appreciate Sharon's teaching and help."
Mashhur Anam - Mandarin Chinese course.

"I thoroughly enjoyed my language course. Ting is an excellent instructor, and provided me with a good foundation from which to practice and hone my skills."
Jaime MacKercher - Mandarin Chinese course.

"We are enjoying Qun’s lessons. She is organized and friendly, adapts quickly to our preferred learning style, and challenges us."
Amy Yee - Mandarin Chinese course in Burlington.

Marathi Testimonials

"I couldn’t ask for a better teacher! I am absolutely amazed with her - she is perfect for me! Very encouraging, quick to add little cultural explanations, great with getting me to speak and understand, my 2 primary goals.  I couldn’t be happier, and I hope to continue with her for a long time."
Karina Page - Marathi course.

Mongolian Testimonials

" The Mongolian lessons went well. My trainer is very nice and I enjoy the lessons."
Cong NIE - Mongolian course in Toronto.

"My teacher was very knowledge about linguistics and the best ways to acquire language skills in a short amount of time. My course experience was very positive. The process was easy and I feel like what I learned helped me feel comfortable when I arrived in Mongolia!"
Claire Bond - Mongolian course.

Nepali Testimonials

"The classes are going really well. I really like Subhash, my Nepali teacher, and I feel like I'm already learning a lot."
Callie Burke - Nepali course.

Norwegian Testimonials

"My first lesson was GREAT! I absolutely love my teacher and I am really looking forward to continuing my lessons with her."
Kate Shooltz - Norwegian course in Arlington.

"My teacher has been a great Norwegian instructor for me. I personally enjoyed the relaxed pace with my teacher also due to the crippling injury I have been dealing with for the past 9 months. "
Michael Choi - Norwegian course in Boston.

"I have thoroughly enjoyed working with my teacher. I am very lucky that you found her for me!"
Henry Marling - Norwegian course in Bakersfield.

"My lessons are going well! I am meeting weekly with my teacher and I feel I am learning a lot since I am able to ask the teacher any questions I may have."
Kathryn Krause - Norwegian course in Chicago.

Polish Testimonials

"The lessons are going well and my teacher is great and friendly."
Caroline Harper - Polish course.

"Our teacher got very quickly what we are after and how to deal with our weird mix of levels of understanding versus speaking. We enjoyed her approach to teaching very much."
Petr Komers - Polish course in Calgary.

"Aneta, my Polish teacher, is great. We love her. We chose Listen & Learn because it seemed like the most convenient way to start learning Polish."
Carlee laczo - Polish course in Calgary.

"Marta has been great! I've really enjoyed her teaching. She is very professional and always prepared for each lesson.I found Listen & Learn through a web search. Not too many companies offer Polish tutoring in the Seattle area, and I read the reviews and I've been very pleased with the process so far!"
Mizuki Asano - Polish course in Seattle.

Portuguese Testimonials

"I thoroughly enjoyed the lessons. Isobel is a great tutor and makes the classes fun. She says I am progressing very well. I will definitely recommend Listen & Learn to others who are wanting to learn a new language."
Maxie Carvalho - Portuguese course in Burlington.

"The lessons are going very well. My instructor is fantastic and a very good ambassador for Listen & Learn.   "
Shannon de Souza - Portuguese course, Compressors aiR Us Inc..

"My Portuguese classes are going well. I’m pleased to say that I feel I have a strong foundation on which I can build my skills. I’ll certainly recommend Listen & Learn to other groups as a great language resource!"
Catie Henley - Portuguese course.

"Everything is going well with the lessons, I am learning a lot and already using the Portuguese in my work. "
Daniela Del Boccio - Portuguese course.

"My first couple of lessons have gone very well! I've learned quite a bit already, and my teacher has been a wonderful teacher so far."
Christen Vieira - Portuguese course in Winnipeg.

"I am pleased that I am enjoying my Portuguese classes. My teacher is good and works hard to try to assist me, appearing interested in my development as a "student" which is helpful."
Terry Myers - Portuguese course in Toronto.

"The Portuguese lessons are going really well. Elisabete is a really nice and good teacher.   "
Enrico Massala - Portuguese course.

"My classes are going great. She's a great teacher. I am exceptionally busy and she is very accommodating."
Felipe Albuquerque - Portuguese course in Phoenix.

"Everything is fine. The teacher is very nice and knowledgable. I got in touch with Listen and Learn  through somebody who is using your services to learn Slovenian via Skype."
Jan Eberhardt - Portuguese course in Kitchener.

"I'm really happy with my Portuguese course. I really like Sidneia. She has a very effective way to manage the lessons. I feel that I'm learning a lot. She is great. I really enjoy the lessons. They are all different and never boring."
Brytnie Minns - Portuguese course in Toronto, HR Coordinator, Forty Creek Distillery (o/a Campari Canada).

"Lessons are going well and Diego, my Portuguese teacher, has been great so far. Thanks!"
Meagan Maw - Portuguese course in Raleigh.

"I have to let you know how much of a delight it has been getting to know Marylize, my Portuguese teacher.Marylize was perfectly matched with me and I have learned a significant amount through her. I couldn't recommend another person more.Thank you for your time and your great services."
Neil Young - Portuguese course in Ottawa.

"My Portuguese lessons are going very well. I really like the way that Carly teaches, the material that we work on and the way that she encourages me to speak all the time in Portuguese. I am very happy with the lessons!"
Mary Pytlowany - Portuguese course in Toronto, International Trade, Ontario Government.

"The lessons are going well! Particularly, I want to recognize the high-quality and commitment of our teacher, not only professionally but also personally. She has been great with us and has shown a lot of passion in her work, and is very flexible in terms of timings and last-minute changes on the dates of the classes. For us, these are the biggest assets that have added value to Listen & Learn's service. As far as the Portuguese lessons are concerned, in the two months since having started, I have been able to speak with work colleagues and send emails in Portuguese without the use of Google. I have made some mistakes, of course, but the course has given me the confidence to start challenging myself to get out of my comfort zone, which is huge progress for me. Similarly, my girlfriend, who has been taking the course alongside me, is refreshing her Portuguese and has started to practice more at work."
Jose Mendoza - Portuguese course in Houston.

"The lessons are going GREAT! Samile is a wonderful instructor and is very good at teaching us at our pace, as well as including some cultural information (which is what we requested). We couldn’t be more pleased!"
Karen Van Der Eems - Portuguese course in Jersey City.

"I’m really enjoying my online lessons; they are actually better than I expected when we shifted from face-to-face lessons. Gisele is very resourceful and always eager to help."
David Kraglievich - Portuguese course, Intel.

"The lessons are going great. Denis is pacing the lessons to my abilities and I think we are progressing well. I already feel confident with listening to/writing/reading Portuguese. Denis is a great teacher who is thankfully very patient, but also great at keeping the lessons interesting and fresh. I love it! < The lessons are going great. Denis is pacing the lessons to my abilities and I think we are progressing well. I already feel confident with listening to/writing/reading Portuguese. Denis is a great teacher who is thankfully very patient, but also great at keeping the lessons interesting and fresh. I love it! "
Alex Richards - Portuguese course.

"My classes have been excellent. I'm fortunate to have Rute as my instructor."
Kerry Olejniczak - Portuguese course.

"I have really enjoyed my sessions with Lucia and my confidence in speaking Portuguese has grown, even if my verb conjugation leaves a lot to be desired. Thank you for an excellent and professional service."
Alison Lindsay - Portuguese course.

"I am enjoying the course very much and I have felt that I have learned a lot in the 50 hours I've done so far.  My teacher is excellent.  I have no complaints and would highly recommend her. "
Tanis Walker - Portuguese course in Winnipeg.

"Envandro is a great teacher and is very accommodating with my schedule. Thank you for everything, Listen & Learn!"
Erika Toscani - Portuguese course.

"The classes are going fine and I like how Pedro has structured the classes so far. He has received a course book for me and we started a few exercises in it during the last lesson."
Valerie Cromie - Portuguese course in Oakville.

"My teacher is very attentive to my needs regarding language and even scheduling. He is very flexible and is able to work with my busy schedule. "
Delma Ramirez - Portuguese course.

"His Portuguese classes are going well and he is liking the teacher!"
Carla Hampel - Portuguese course in Omaha.

"I would say I'm satisfied with the Portuguese lessons. Tiago and I are good friends and he's a really easy guy to talk to. I wasn't looking for a grammar/syntax instructor, more just someone who'd have a conversation with me for 2 hours a session and correct me when I make errors. He's done a great job doing that and I am very happy with how this has turned out!"
Zach Fyne - Portuguese course in Salt Lake City, Park City Chamber/Bureau.

"The classes are going great. Evandro has helped me understand a lot of things I have been confused about in the past. He is also extremely patient as a teacher and is flexible to work with when scheduling classes."
Franklin Jones - Portuguese course.

Punjabi Testimonials

"We had a wonderful time with Sumaira. Now, I am speaking basic Punjabi with comfort. She is a great, fun teacher who pushes her students to do more than I thought I could."
Ajooni Sethi - Punjabi course.

Romanian Testimonials

"My lessons are going really well. Daniela has started me on some intermediate stuff. Really enjoying them."
Carrie Bryan - Romanian course.

"I would like to say that I think Sorin is the perfect tutor and that I am very happy with him. He’s very dedicated and focused, but also very personable and flexible in terms of how we approach the material."
Oliver Ryffel - Romanian course in Edmonton.

"My courses in Romanian went great. Lucio was a great teacher."
Sean Sears - Romanian course in San Francisco.

Russian Testimonials

"I am very happy with my teacher, Tatiana, and her ability to teach me Russian. It takes a lot of work to teach Russian, but I’m doing very well thanks to her knowledge. Thank you for bringing Tatiana to me! I’m having a great time with her as my teacher and learning the language."
James Churchill - Russian course in Saskatoon.

"I am making good progress with Stella; she is patient and encouraging!"
Byron Hauser - Russian course in Miami.

"Everything's going great! I'm getting tons out of the course and me and Veronika get along fantastic! The content has been nice and varied, and I've really been motivated to do the work. The speed has also been decent, not too fast, but just enough to cover quite a bit of material. I have only good things to say from what I've seen and done."
Patrick Nurse - Russian course in Toronto.

"I'm happy with my course and wouldn't change a thing. My teacher is fantastic, and she is good about setting a pace/plan but adjusting it to my needs."
Dana Gorodetsky - Russian course.

"My teacher is excellent and has a passion for language. She provides structure and grammar which is very important, but she also incorporates other media to make it interesting and fun. She takes the time to get to know her students to make the learning experience tailored to them. These one-to-one lessons are by far the best way to learn."
Sam rhein - Russian course.

"Inna, my teacher, has a friendly and encouraging teaching style that allows me to feel comfortable speaking aloud in Russian. Her lessons are always efficiently organized, and she continually reinforces what I have learned previously. Her enthusiasm validates my efforts to communicate in a new language and encourages me to continue practicing my Russian language skills. As an educator myself, I really appreciate her high quality teaching and the excellent instructions she provides."
Cari Gulbrandsen - Russian course.

" My classes are going great. Aman, my teacher is nice and professional. In fact, once I finish my 1-on-1 classes with him, I also want to take Russian group lessons. I chose Listen & Learn because one of my friends, who is also learning a language with them, told me about his experience. "
Ali Salami - Russian course in Montreal.

"I was thrilled with my first Russian class."
William McChesney - Russian course in Chicago.

"The lessons are going great! I'm very satisfied with my teacher."
Sam Rhein - Russian course.

Serbian Testimonials

"When I decide to take more courses I wouldn't go through any other company. You guys are great and I'm so happy with the tutoring I received."
Jennifer Loveland - Serbian course.

"Sanja has been professional, committed, kind, patient, non-judgmental, flexible, encouraging... all qualities priceless in learning a new language.  This experience has been a true gift."
Susan Mirkovic - Serbian course.

"My lessons are going really well. I am enjoying them and Sanja is an excellent teacher. Thank you so much."
George Donaldson - Serbian course.

"The Serbian lessons are going very well, and I love my teacher. She is very thorough and detailed when explaining the class. The content and structure of the class is perfect, and it absolutely meets my expectations. She also assigns homework every week which allows me to review what was taught and allows for me to practice writing and grammar.  She ensures that I am understanding things that she has already taught me and when she notices that I am struggling in an area, she reinforces it until I memorize it. I am learning a lot and I am now able to pick up some very few words during a conversation being held around me. I am more than happy."
Alexida Perez - Serbian course in New York.

"Everything with my lessons is great! My instructor is attentive and responsive, and so far we’re working well. Looking forward to the next class!"
Matthew Marteney - Serbian course.

"Things are going great with Mila, my Serbian teacher. She is doing a fantastic job and I am appreciative of all of her work."
Tom Van Grinsven - Serbian course in Chicago.

"I have been very much enjoying my lessons and Marija is a fantastic teacher. I'm learning a lot!I found you actually just by googling ""serbian lessons nyc"" and Listen & Learn was the first result. After looking at your website and speaking with you, I didn't feel the need to look any further."
John Clinton - Serbian course in New York.

"Marija has been excellent so far. She has well structured lessons, helpful resources, and goes out of her way to assist my learning.I chose Listen & Learn for cost efficiency. It was high on Google and there are relatively few Serbian language providers. I was mainly looking to learn with a native Serbian speaker so I was pleased to be paired with Marija for this reason.I would like to note that I was really impressed with the speed and efficiency with which the lessons were organised.     I chose Listen & Learn for cost efficiency, it was high on the page on google and there are relatively few Serbian language providers. I was mainly looking to learn with a native Serbian speaker so was pleased to be paired with Marija for this reason.       I would like to note that I was really impressed with the speed and efficiency with which the lessons were organised."
Miriam Gott - Serbian course.

"This style of learning has been such a good fit for me. My teacher really knows what she is doing and has prepared lessons for each class that are very helpful. I love how she structures the classes and assigns homework each week."
Georgina Mcdonald - Serbian course.

"Our class was very good. We really like our teacher."
Danielle Wuchenich - Serbian course.

"The lessons with Dushanka are great. She is really helpful and I really enjoy the time with her."
Andriana Arianoglou - Serbian course.

Slovak Testimonials

"The lessons are excellent. We're really enjoying them."
Leanne McNamara - Slovak course.

Somali Testimonials

"My teacher was very patient and kind. He was able to give me tools to remember verbs and tenses. He was able to re-word things in a language I was able to understand if I found something more confusing. He always made every appointment on time and would email me things we would be covering in that lesson so I could review. "
Michelle Howland - Somali course.

Spanish Testimonials

"The class is going excellent. Norman is a great teacher and a good fit for me. I enjoy his teaching methods (and the textbook which he has provided). He has been very accommodating of my constantly changing schedule. I am already seeing a drastic improvement with my Spanish."
Michael Mehlhorn - Spanish course in Brampton, Country Security Office, Siemens.

"Everything is going very well with our Spanish classes! Ana has been great and we are leaning at a good pace. We are happy with the content we are learning and we do not want to change anything."
Brad Zelenyt - Spanish course in Hamilton, Stanpac.

"The lessons are going very well, thanks!"
Harriet Robinson - Spanish course in Edmonton, Human Resources Manager, Emeco.

"My tutor, Mr. Edwards, is everything I had hoped a private Spanish lesson would be. I am very excited about meeting with him for our second lesson."
Kyle Gish - Spanish course in San Antonio, Dustless Air.

"The lessons are going great. Carla is an awesome teacher – we're having fun and learning a lot. Very enjoyable!!"
Katie Trueman - Spanish course in Chicago, Senior Account Executive, Queue Marketing Communications Group.

"I am very happy with Carlos, my tutor, and his attention to my needs and careful preparation of each session. I have found the course extremely worthwhile - time now to put it into practice!"
Ray Brooke - Spanish course in Ottawa.

"Marco is an excellent teacher – thank you, Listen & Learn, for finding him for me.  He has clearly done this before.  I am surprised by how fast I am learning."
Angela Boehm - Spanish course in Calgary.

"The lessons continue to go well. I'm learning something new every class and getting along well with my instructor. I will certainly be better prepared for my next Latin American business trip!"
Kal von Gal - Spanish course.

"We had a most enjoyable lesson yesterday and are looking forward to the next few. Our teacher, Liz, read us two story books which my husband and I thought was great. She also left us with a very nice website to play with and homework!Short and sweet...two thumbs up! I am getting more and more confident and conversant in Spanish and my husband is coming along nicely too.    "
Ruth Jordan - Spanish course in San Diego.

"My Spanish lessons with Maria are going well and I just completed my third lesson. She is a good teacher and really is helping my advancement. "
Justin Montigny - Spanish course in Windsor.

"My classes have been going very well. My teacher is very organized and is a very good teacher."
Tim Oshea - Spanish course.

"I am pleased with my lessons and especially with my Listen and Learn instructor. I really like the fact that I am skyping with someone in a Spanish-speaking country. I appreciate the one-on-one approach that allows for tailoring the lessons to my needs. My instructor has gone above and beyond in her effort to meet my needs."
Carol Massanari - Spanish course.

"I'm very pleased with our teacher. She is indeed a good fit, and is keenly interested in my progress, which I appreciate. She's extremely intelligent and a great teacher."
Wendy Hannam - Spanish course in Toronto.

"I adore my teacher! She has been a godsend for me for both learning Spanish and for learning about the cultural activities happening in my area. I truly enjoy learning from her and cannot imagine what learning Spanish would be like with anyone else. If there was a star rating I would give her 5/5!!"
Ashley Alexander - Spanish course in Fort Wayne.

"Listen and Learn helped me get back into learning Spanish. I could schedule with my instructor and work from my home via skype. My instructor incorporated online radio, movies, readings and discussions about issues I care about as well as cultural elements that were new to me into each lesson. Just having an hour to talk only in Spanish twice a week was important in itself, but she was expert in figuring out the next grammatical piece I needed to move forward. I'm looking forward to starting my program up again in the Spring. Thanks for the great program and interesting faculty all accessible from my home!"
Mary Ann Steiner - Spanish course.

"My teacher has been super helpful and is good about keeping me motivated when I get frustrated at the learning curve. She is very empathetic and constantly checks in to make sure I am following along and am absorbing the lesson. Past that, she's funny and able to keep a great attitude during the lesson and keep me motivated."
Josh Tobin - Spanish course.

"My first Spanish lesson went splendidly and I LOVED my teacher! She is just lovely, and I look forward to our next lesson, and the ones after! We already worked on a lot of material, and I have plenty of studying to do, but plan to make a great effort at it, and hopefully make her proud!"
Camille jim - Spanish course in Calgary.

"Elizabeth, my Spanish teacher, is very encouraging and dedicated. She has helped me a lot getting better in class. Her teaching method is good and I made good progress."
Keven Narrainen - Spanish course in Long Beach.

"Yes, my Spanish teacher is perfect. I enjoy my lessons with her. She is very passionate."
Niki Lambrou - Spanish course.

"The class was really good. Alejandro, our Spanish teacher, was very nice and he hit the ground running with us. We were very impressed with him."
Derek Groen - Spanish course in Cambridge.

"Everything is going well! My instructor is great and I'm having fun learning. My tutor knows just how to teach the language and uses immersion techniques."
Peter Power - Spanish course in Brampton.

"I'm really enjoying my Spanish lessons with Andrea - she's really great to work with and she's really helping with my accent!"
Jack Baker - Spanish course in Pittsburgh.

"Our lessons are going well! We are enjoying them. Carolina is great so far."
Michelle Dryburgh - Spanish course in Burlington.

"The classes are going well. We really like our instructor. She is very engaging and flexible to accommodate our requests. We use all the material from the class and also homework to practice! Overall: a good experience, but Spanish is hard, so it's going to take us a long time to learn."
Shilpa Raut - Spanish course.

"My lessons are going great. My instructor is excellent."
John Rapes - Spanish course in Fort Wayne.

"We are making some good progress in the textbook "El camino de Espanol"; we are up to chapter 4 already. I am also working on my interview skills with my patients. I am very happy with Silvia, she is very nice, informative and patient. She is also very flexible with her time. I would highly recommend her."
Anthony Schwagerl - Spanish course.

"Silvia is wonderful and I am hugely pleased with her teaching style and how the lessons have been progressing. Nothing but positive feedback to share! I look forward to continuing my training with her."
Alexandra Miller - Spanish course.

"I chose Listen & Learn after doing a bit of research on the best way to learn a language. The approach fits in with my lifestyle and offers a unique one-on-one experience, which is invaluable. I am really enjoying my Spanish classes, and I love working with Florencia. As well as being an excellent teacher, she is friendly and funny and makes every class interesting."
Jenna Wade - Spanish course.

"My first class was great! Norman is wonderful."
Candace Haddock - Spanish course.

"I’m really enjoying the lessons with my teacher. My confidence pronouncing words and speaking has really come on very very well. I have recommended you to people in my college, so it’s all very positive."
Andrew Cashin - Spanish course.

"My first lesson went really well. My teacher Eugenia is very nice and explains things really well. So far so good."
Richard Dempsey - Spanish course in Braintree.

Swahili Testimonials

"Jane, our teacher, is wonderful! She is very patient and good-natured and we’re enjoying our lessons!"
Brenda Fogg - Swahili course in New York.

"The classes are going great. I'm loving them. Not only am I learning the language but I am also learning about the people in East Africa and the culture. I am also learning the differences in the language between different countries in East Africa. Evans is a very thoughtful and caring person and will really make an positive impact in this world in many ways."
Tonya Hogan - Swahili course.

"The lessons are going well and suited to medical themes. I appreciate George and his dedication to my interest in improving my medical Swahili. I am very satisfied."
Mark Druffner - Swahili course.

"The Swahili lessons are going very well. Andrew is a very good instructor and has been incredibly flexible in working with my schedule."
Payal Patel - Swahili course in New York.

"I am enjoying my lessons very much and I feel I am learning a lot.  My teacher is sweet and dedicated and it is very much appreciated. Perfect for me!"
Jean-Baptiste Marion - Swahili course in New York.

"I am very satisfied with my teacher and current lessons. Thanks!"
James Wholley - Swahili course.

"My teacher was so great and I learned a lot during my time with him! Everyone at Listen & Learn was really wonderful to work with and the process was totally seamless. Thanks!"
Janell Simmons - Swahili course in New York.

"When I first started, I went from never speaking or hearing a word of Swahili to speaking several sentences. The teacher's method of starting with language history first and then using different techniques to engage my learning worked out well for me. He's so friendly, humorous and open to questions. He seems really interested in making sure I get what I want out of the lessons."
Dan Leavitt - Swahili course.

"My Swahili lessons are going really well! My teacher structures the program where we read through a news story working on reading comprehensive and making sure I don’t just have a cursory understanding of the text but a definite one. We then usually talk about a different topic to practice listening and speaking: politics, travel, geography, food, etc. Overall, great reviews! "
David Scollan - Swahili course.

"I love my lessons - my teache rand the classes are top-notch. During a recent break in my lessons, my teacher instructed me on what to study. I am very excited to continue learning!"
Nikki Moore - Swahili course.

"Mustafa, my Swahili teacher, is very professional and extremely flexible. The flexibility he gives me has enabled me to get where I am now."
Chad Garrett - Swahili course.

"I am loving my Swahili classes. Belha is so great, a lovely person and a really good teacher. She knows her stuff, is patient and explains things really well."
Lisa Ann O'Keeffe - Swahili course.

"The lesson was great. Belha is a good Swahili teacher and is helping me get set up with the basics."
Ali Mbugua - Swahili course.

"My Swahili classes are going very well! Mustafa is an amazing teacher, being both patient and knowledgeable."
Anna Wright - Swahili course.

"We had a positive experience with Shoghi and look forward to putting our Swahili skills to use."
Adam Arents - Swahili course in Chicago.

"The lessons are going great. Mustafa is a wonderful teacher."
John Gowdy - Swahili course.

"I found Language Trainers online while looking for the chance to learn Swahili in Edinburgh. The lessons are going well and I am enjoying working with Belha; she is a patient and experienced teacher."
Mark Huxham - Swahili course.

"The lessons with Mustafa are going really well. He is an excellent instructor and I have detected a massive improvement in my knowledge of Swahili grammar and I am learning at a very successful rate. I'm enjoying the classes and having a great deal of success with my lessons."
McKade Chamberlin - Swahili course.

"My wife and I enjoyed our first lesson with Mustafa."
Tom Boreiko - Swahili course.

"The lesson was great and we have a lot of confidence in Belha’s careful, methodical approach."
Malcolm Macnaughton - Swahili course.

"My job requires me to travel between NYC and Kenya, and Mustafa has been excellent."
Ashley Chory - Swahili course.

"The Swahili lessons are going great with our teacher!"
Madison Warner - Swahili course in Washington, D.C.

"Eunice was phenomenal. She was very easy to schedule with and provided so much material for us to go through. Now, I'll be ending my time, as I leave on my trip to Kenya which concludes the purpose for which I took the class."
Tasha Kell - Swahili course.

Swedish Testimonials

"The lessons are going really well, thank you. Åsa has been brilliant – very patient and understanding. I'm making steady progress at the moment and I feel like I understand more and more as time goes on. "
Joshua Adams - Swedish course.

"The lessons are going very well. I'm enjoying them and learning quite a lot as well. My teacher is personable and able to work with me at the appropriate level. If I need to go over something again, she works with me. I especially appreciate being able to receive one-on-one teaching as it helps with pronunciation tremendously. I can't recommend her highly enough! There really have been no problems whatever."
James Bredeson - Swedish course in Edmonton.

"My teacher is wonderful and a true professional! Learning is going great and I really appreciate everything."
Lorraine Kim - Swedish course.

"I am enjoying my Swedish lessons very much and I think I am learning a lot. My teacher is very personable and answers all my questions, giving me additional useful information not only about the language, but also about Sweden. He is quite flexible when necessary, but within the structure of the chapters. He’s very strict about pronunciation, which I appreciate."
Anne Culver - Swedish course in Washington, D.C.

"The lessons are going great. My teacher is awesome. She's knowledgeable, friendly, and flexible."
Adrea Widule - Swedish course.

"My Swedish lessons are going very well. Christina is an excellent instructor. When we meet, we interact much more like friends than the usual cold teacher/student relationship. It has literally become my "weekend golf game" (recreation). She is very pleasant and fun to learn from and is very good at helping me learn the ""why"" behind the language instead of teaching only the mechanics of it. I am continuing to learn quite rapidly and I am really enjoying the entire experience. I greatly appreciate her extra thought and effort. She truly wants to see me succeed, which I am."
John Ekman - Swedish course in Portland.

"My Swedish lessons are going well so far. Daniela is a good instructor and is tailoring the course to my needs."
Savannah Irving - Swedish course.

"All the feedback we have received from the students has been very good! I believe the teacher is professional and the students have liked her style of teaching and personality, too."
Jaakko Minkkinen - Swedish course in New York, Consulate General of Finland in New York.

"After googling our options and looking through what was available, we thought Listen & Learn seemed to best meet our needs. It is a higher cost in comparison to some of the other options; but to get a good experience, we were willing to pay it. Our lessons have been going very well and Alenka is a wonderful teacher! I would highly recommend her to anyone desiring to learn Swedish!"
Jenny Follmer - Swedish course.

"We connected well with Marcus, and are excited about our lessons with him."
Nick Brown - Swedish course in Portland.

"The course is going well. We're continuing to make steady progress and we enjoy working with Agneta."
Will Kerr - Swedish course.

Tagalog Testimonials

"My Tagalog lessons are going very well! My teacher is excellent and I am very pleased with my Listen and Learn experience. I cannot speak highly enough of her; she is personable, flexible, and very responsive. "
Matt Finkel - Tagalog course in Washington, D.C.

"Everything is fine. My Tagalog teacher is amazing!"
Andrew McCausland - Tagalog course.

"I chose Listen & Learn because it was one of the only organizations that offer Tagalog. All is going well, Rodolfo is a great fit."
Jenna Blower - Tagalog course in Vaughan, York University.

"My daughter is delighted with her classes!"
Mila Coleman - Tagalog course.

Tamil Testimonials

"Jana is a dedicated teacher who is always punctual and prepared for our sessions. I told her my reasons for wanting to learn the language, and she has prepared vocabulary lists specific to my situation."
Jeremy Samuel - Tamil course.

"I think I have made a lot more progress than before and Janet has given me a lot of additional material to work with."
Petra Stamm - Tamil course.

"Our course with Siva is going very well. I believe we have completed 6 lessons so far. He has been very accommodating with our schedule and the content of the lessons is in line with what we were hoping for. He is a great teacher and fit for us."
Ariel Frank - Tamil course in New York.

"The lessons are going well so far, and according to schedule. Shanmuganathan is very thorough and is going at the right pace for me."
Avinash Segaran - Tamil course.

"The lesson was great. My teacher is very structured, which I appreciate, and the classes seem very planned out. He's great for having both visual and audio, which is how I learn best. I'm really enjoying it. :)"
Ebby Anekwe - Tamil course in Basildon.

Thai Testimonials

"I am very happy with your company and my instructor!"
Wesley Whittier - Thai course in Austin.

"My instructor is doing a great job. She is well prepared and is adjusting to my level. All in all, lessons are going very well."
Henry Stasiukiewicz - Thai course in Tampa.

"Classes are good! I am learning slowly as Thai language is difficult. Great instructor!"
Wayne Lesperance - Thai course in London.

"Nothing but total high remarks. Love my teacher, the curriculum, and the pace as well as the professionalism with the coordinator checking in and making sure things are going well. I'll definitely be seeing the lessons to completion as well as furthering my goals through more lessons after the first phase is finished. Thank you again!"
Max Borthwick - Thai course.

"I am really happy about how the course is going so far."
Tiziana Uliano - Thai course.

Turkish Testimonials

"Turkish is hard, but my teacher was fantastic. He was great at explaining questions I had, and was good at coming up with phrases/words I should learn. He was also extremely flexible and was able to meet wherever and whenever I asked."
Rob Ely - Turkish course in San Francisco.

"Turkish classes are going well. Ilker is a very attentive instructor."
Lucas Barros - Turkish course in Houston.

"I am happy with my course! Thank you!"
Ashley Mihle - Turkish course.

"It went very well and I am already starting to write short paragraphs in Turkish. The instructor was very engaged in the lesson and interested in my progress. I am looking forward to this week's lesson as well!"
Nancy ware - Turkish course in San Diego.

Ukrainian Testimonials

"My instructor was very good and continually adjusted her methods to best reflect my learning style and language needs. "
Jane Barker - Ukrainian course.

"Our lessons are fantastic. We really like our teacher and we are learning a lot."
Ken Hensley - Ukrainian course in New York.

"Daria is great and is doing her best to help me advance my Ukrainian. I am confident she can lead me to the level I wish to be. She's also very patient and checks with me regularly to ensure I am happy with the course syllabus. I love it!"
Lara Kandalaft - Ukrainian course.

"My lessons are going exceptionally well! I took the lessons to learn Ukrainian for my trip in January and it was an immense help! I was confident speaking to native speakers and was able to have basic conversations! Olena is doing a fantastic job!"
Timothy Mueller - Ukrainian course in Norfolk.

Urdu Testimonials

"I can honestly say the lessons have been going really well. Tasnim is a great teacher, and very patient! "
Adnan Hussain - Urdu course.

"My Urdu classes are going great. Iram is providing the basis of learning and also material to help me practice. Her teaching is very practical and structured, and she answers all my queries."
Araceli Delgadillo - Urdu course.

"I chose Listen & Learn because they were the only company I could find to offer online Urdu courses. Even apps don’t offer it. Plus, I felt more secure paying to an institution in the US, rather than an individual tutor in a foreign country."
Namrita Yuhanna - Urdu course.

Vietnamese Testimonials

"My teacher has been excellent in her approach and creativity, accommodating my wish to make the instruction follow a high school course format, with (rather rigorous) homework assignments and tests.  I highly recommend her to others wishing to learn Vietnamese."
Russell Sanders - Vietnamese course.

"I am excited to continue my Vietnamese classes. Kim is a really great teacher."
Jim Daniels - Vietnamese course.

"My Vietnamese lessons are going very well. I'm really enjoying learning the language and I have a great teacher as well. She is very easy to communicate to and learn from, and we have a good method of learning going."
Kiara Belamide - Vietnamese course.

"My class was fantastic. Wayne is terrific – a very easy teaching style. We speak each morning for a little refresher. I look forward to my future sessions!"
Doug Savoy - Vietnamese course in Mississauga.

"My lessons are going well. Le has been able to accomplish what many other teachers have not been able to achieve, and I really appreciate her."
Sarah Lukkarila - Vietnamese course.

Wolof Testimonials

"I love my classes! The course is going great. Mor is a great teacher, very caring. I can’t wait to learn more and become fluent!"
Mai Mouna - Wolof course.

Yoruba Testimonials

"I would like to say that I really enjoyed the experience of working with your company.  Your customer service is great and anytime I need something you guys were there to help.  But must importantly, the fact that you guys were able to help me find a Yorùbá teaching that fits my needs is amazing. Even though Yorùbá is a very popular language spoken by millions, it has been very difficult to find a teacher to teach me.  So for that, I am very grateful. Thank you very much and all the best. "
Jalil Anibaba - Yoruba course.

"My Yoruba language lessons are great. My instructor is really knowledgeable and does a good job adjusting to my skill level. My native-speaking friends have already commented on the improvement of my vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation."
Americo Paez - Yoruba course.

our clients include

Huf UK Ltd
Language learned: French in Indianapolis.

Louis Capital Markets
Language learned: French in New York.

World Trade Group
Language learned: Spanish in Toronto.