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Arabic Testimonials

"My lesson went really well. I'm very happy that Safa is my tutor. Thank you very much!"
Victoria Rothbard - Arabic course in Long Island.

"We originally wanted a face-to-face class but we could not find any teacher. After taking online classes with Listen & Learn we have been very happy!"
Kathryn Wendeln - Arabic course in Madison.

"The lessons seem to be going well. Teacher and student have a connection and I believe they are working great together."
Yasmeen Sehbai - Arabic course in Montreal.

"Thank you so much for everything. It was a great experience and I have referred some friends to Listen and Learn."
Lauren Majed - Arabic course in Edmonton.

"The lessons are going great! Rose is an incredible teacher and I am so grateful she is teaching me. Thank you for all you did to connect me to her! "
Maggie Konstanski - Arabic course in Baltimore.

"My classes are amazing. I enjoy them very much. Yasmina is a great trainer."
Anita Vazquez - Arabic course in Dallas.

Chinese Testimonials

"Brilliant course, Listen & Learn!"
Jon Sheldon - Chinese course in Edmonton, MD, Space Ltd.

Dutch Testimonials

"Maaike is an excellent instructor and knows precisely how to approach our specific needs. We would highly recommend her to any student."
Glenn van Gaalen - Dutch course in Houston.

"I will definitely be sure to recommend these language courses to any friends or colleagues that are interested in learning a foreign language. Thank you for all the help!"
Jared Forrester - Dutch course in Saskatoon.

"My teacher's been wonderful so far and has been very patient with me. I am quite happy with the course and my progress so far. "
Gray Eby - Dutch course in Sacramento.

"I couldn't be happier with my lessons! My teacher is wonderful. She makes it fun and personable. She's a very understanding and kind-hearted lady. I'm very glad to have been paired with her as my Dutch teacher. Looking forward to book more lessons once these are over."
Sandra De La Cruz - Dutch course in Miami.

English Testimonials

"The Engilsh courses are going very well – we chose Listen & Learn because it was one of the only courses in our area that met all our expectations. The classes are coming to an end and I'd like to thank you in advance for all you've done for us!"
Raíssa Malaguth Girundi - English course in Baton Rouge.

"The English courses are going very well – we chose Listen & Learn because it was one of the only courses in our area that met all our expectations. The classes are coming to an end and I'd like to thank you in advance for all you've done for us!"
Djalma Junior - English course in Baton Rouge.

"Thank you for the amazing lessons – I appreciate the level of Listen & Learn's service."
Vitalii Panchenko - English course.

"Classes are going on well. Maribel is an excellent teacher. She is is very kind, sweet and understanding. I feel grateful and thankful for finding such a compatible trainer."
Sarojini Kanagala - English course in Plano.


Meet the Listen & Learn teachers, all native-speakers, and dedicated to reaching our clients' language goals!
  • Marion Read more
    Language: English
    Years of experience: 20+

    “Teaching does not just include the language itself, but also the cultural aspects. Without understanding the culture somewhat you will only be able to talk to people, but not actually be able to communicate.”
  • Rasha Read more
    Language: Arabic
    Years of experience: 4

    “I like teaching and try to make Arabic easier for people willing to learn the language. I believe I have the experience and methods to do so.”
  • Manola Read more
    Language: Italian
    Years of experience: 18

    “I am also very proud of my Italian heritage, and very passionate about it, so I enjoy teaching my students (and my children!) about our traditions, morals and values, and of course, language.”

Farsi Testimonials

"The course is going extremely well! I am very pleased I signed up for it. The pace and content are very good."
AJ Abraham - Farsi course in Akron.

"My tutor teaches well and has patience with me to learn the language. I really had fun and look forward to my classes."
Heather Mikulski - Farsi course in Akron.

"I just had my last lesson today and I am very satisfied with the results. I finished the beginner book and in the future when I have more time, I will be interested in continuing with the classes."
Juana Gonzales - Farsi course in Vancouver.

"I originally found Listen & Learn in the UK – you were one of very few companies able to set up lessons in my area. When I moved to the States I was able to contact you again, to continue my lessons. They have been great and I appreciate the flexibility with my changing location!"
Nikki Brunner - Farsi course in Virginia Beach.

French Testimonials

"I was extremely pleased with everything, I couldn't ask for anything better."
Kerri Douglas - French course in Burlington, Executive Director, OSFA (Ontario Funeral Service Association).

"My instructor has been professional and courteous while still pushing me to succeed."
Rosalind Ziegler - French course in London, National Compliance Manager, Investia Financial Services Inc./ Investia Services Financiers Inc..

"Thank you for all your help. Everything is going well and the kids are enjoying the lessons."
Andrey Makarenko - French course in Oakville.

"The lesson was great. Francis gave me some very good information on pronunciation rules and tips. I am very happy."
Jonathan Fortier - French course in Vancouver, Training Advisor, BBA.

"I really like my teacher. She makes learning fun and I am hopeful that she can teach me to converse in French."
Lynn Franzoi - French course in Long Beach.

"My first lesson went so well, and I have already learned about conversation and pronunciation!"
Erin McFarland - French course in Birmingham (Alabama).

"Nadia is very good instructor and I'm improving in the French language because of her."
Sherif Shamy - French course in Burlington.

"The course is going well. I've particularly improved my speaking and listening, which are my two biggest goals."
Leah Dierker Viik - French course in Brampton.

"French lessons are good! I enjoy every minute."
Renata Kirkwood - French course in Kitchener.

"The lessons are going pretty well. I am happy with my tutor's approach and his patience with me."
Jillian Hartman - French course in Oakville.

"I'm enjoying the opportunity to speak one-on-one with my instructor. I'm more comfortable in speaking French without fear.I'm enjoying the opportunity to speak one-on-one with my instructor. I'm more comfortable in speaking French without fear."
Mimi Wong - French course in Mississauga.

German Testimonials

"Our teacher is definitely helping us with our accents! That is huge for us!"
Cara Pagendarm - German course.

"The lessons are going really well. Claudia is a wonderful teacher and I have learned a lot this session."
Jennifer Von Durckheim - German course in San Antonio.

"Our teacher is really skilled and has been very flexible, accommodating, and creative in her teaching. We are very pleased to be learning with her."
Sister Emma Calvo - German course.

"This experience is more than I thought it would be. Grant is amazing. He really tailors it to my needs and it's like I get to meet a family member from Germany every week!"
Rexina Netuschil - German course in Reno.

"I love my German lessons. The lessons are geared to my needs. I think this is the best way to learn a language if you need to use it. "
Joan Kalmring - German course in Toronto.

Greek Testimonials

"Lessons are going well and I think that I am advancing. I can write with ease and reading is getting better."
William McCallum - Greek course in Houston.

"I feel confident that I will get back on track with Greek, even though I have to refresh a little now."
Athena Theodosatos - Greek course in Orlando.

"I'm very happy with the course. The content is interesting and the pace is as fast as I can handle. The course will definitely provide me with a firm foundation in Greek to pursue my studies."
Randy Jonasz - Greek course in Burlington.

Karen Ahola
Finnish in Calgary

“There are many language learning companies on the Internet. Listen & Learn was the only one that met my criteria.”

Kaylee & John Kolditz
Italian Online

“Bianca, our teacher, is fabulous. She made learning fun. We got the Italian foundation we were looking for.”

Hebrew Testimonials

"Yossi is an excellent teacher. I am learning so much. Great match! He is a fantastic teacher!"
Cathy Sussman - Hebrew course in Minneapolis.

Hindi Testimonials

"I'm very happy, as I am beginning to actually talk Hindi! I am at a stage where I think I can make myself understood and understand someone."
Ola Rozenfeld - Hindi course in Kitchener.

Indonesian Testimonials

"The class was great and I really enjoyed the trainer."
Monica Schwarz - Indonesian course.

Italian Testimonials

"I have now had 3 classes with my teacher Ester and am really enjoying them. We are primarily speaking only in Italian."
Anna Scarola - Italian course in Raleigh.

"Thank you so much! The lessons are great and I’ve really enjoyed the entire experience."
Lindsay Giffen - Italian course.

"The class is very good and both Diane and I like our tutor, Tony, very much. We look forward to the rest of our lessons."
Robert Barone - Italian course in Reno.

"Li stanno andando molto bene, grazie. Signor Masala e io siamo lavorando benino."
James Welch - Italian course in Lexington, Florida Tile Inc..

"I am very happy with my teacher, Claudia. I like her teaching style and also she has very nice way making me speaking Italian as much as possible during the class."
Julia Gauchman - Italian course in Chicago.

"In addition to basic language grammar and structure I have learned many valuable facts about Italian culture. Thanks so much!"
Marina Dessiatkina - Italian course in Oakville.

"I’m happy with the course. My teacher has been very accommodating. She has adjusted the course for my level of Italian."
Matthew Pepe - Italian course in London.

Japanese Testimonials

"The lessons are going well and now I think I have much more confidence in passing the test since Tomomi, my tutor, and I have been working so hard."
Iris Yang - Japanese course in Quebec.

"Hiromi has been doing a great job at keeping the lessons fun and interesting. I always look forward to the classes!"
Jake Chalkley - Japanese course in Guelph.

"I've had three lessons so far and I'm having a lot of fun and learning very quickly. The course has met my expectations."
Emma Farrell - Japanese course in Austin.

"My lessons are going very well! The teacher is very fun and very knowledgeable."
Lucas Daniels - Japanese course in Milwaukee.

"The lessons are going great I'm learning so much Japanese from Momo I'm really glad I found Listen and Learn."
grace kinyua - Japanese course in Baltimore.

"The lessons are going great! My son just loves the teacher. "
Kristin Rutz - Japanese course in Minneapolis.

"Our lessons are going extremely well. Yukiko is a phenomenal instructor and I cannot recommend her enough!"
Jason Franks - Japanese course in Norfolk.

Mandarin Chinese Testimonials

"I am enjoying my sessions with my teacher Michael and have much improved my confidence in using Turkish."
Desmond Taylor - Mandarin Chinese course, Snr Vice President Merchandising, National Vision.

"The class has been very informative about the region I am traveling to, especially for the safety and etiquette necessary in various situations."
Benjamin Schmidt - Mandarin Chinese course in Calgary.

"My lessons with Jason , my tutor, are great. He is a very good teacher!"
Sarah Graham - Mandarin Chinese course in Nashville.

"I am proud to say that our group, including myself, is fully satisfied with the Mandarin Chinese course so far."
Patrick Mittelstadt - Mandarin Chinese course in Virginia Beach, Swimways Corp.

"My teacher's teaching style is superior and I am fully committed to the lessons."
Jeff Mann - Mandarin Chinese course in Calgary.

Mongolian Testimonials

" The Mongolian lessons went well. My trainer is very nice and I enjoy the lessons."
Cong NIE - Mongolian course in Toronto.

Polish Testimonials

"Our teacher got very quickly what we are after and how to deal with our weird mix of levels of understanding versus speaking. We enjoyed her approach to teaching very much."
Petr Komers - Polish course in Calgary.

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Portuguese Testimonials

"I thoroughly enjoyed the lessons. Isobel is a great tutor and makes the classes fun. She says I am progressing very well. I will definitely recommend Listen & Learn to others who are wanting to learn a new language."
Maxie Carvalho - Portuguese course in Burlington.

"I am enjoying the course very much and I have felt that I have learned a lot in the 50 hours I've done so far. My teacher is excellent. "
Tanis Walker - Portuguese course in Winnipeg.

"The classes are going fine and I like how Pedro has structured the classes so far."
Valerie Cromie - Portuguese course in Oakville.

Romanian Testimonials

"I am very happy with him. He's very dedicated and focused, but also very personable and flexible in terms of how we approach the material."
Oliver Ryffel - Romanian course in Edmonton.

Russian Testimonials

"It takes a lot of work to teach Russian, but I'm doing very well thanks to her knowledge."
James Churchill - Russian course in Saskatoon.

"I am making good progress with Stella; she is patient and encouraging"
Byron Hauser - Russian course in Miami.

"Everything's going great! I'm getting tons out of the course and me and Veronika get along fantastic!"
Patrick Nurse - Russian course in Toronto.

Serbian Testimonials

"I wouldn't take courses through any other company. You guys are great!"
Jennifer Loveland - Serbian course.

Spanish Testimonials

"Norman is a great teacher and a good fit for me. I am already seeing a drastic improvement with my Spanish."
Michael Mehlhorn - Spanish course in Brampton, Country Security Office, Siemens.

"Everything is going very well with our Spanish classes! Ana has been great and we are leaning at a good pace."
Brad Zelenyt - Spanish course in Hamilton, Stanpac.

"The lessons have been going very well!"
Harriet Robinson - Spanish course in Edmonton, Human Resources Manager, Emeco.

"My tutor, Mr. Edwards, is everything I had hoped a private Spanish lesson would be. I am very excited about meeting with him for our second lesson."
Kyle Gish - Spanish course in San Antonio, Dustless Air.

"The lessons are going great. Carla is an awesome teacher – we're having fun and learning a lot. Very enjoyable!!"
Katie Trueman - Spanish course in Chicago, Senior Account Executive, Queue Marketing Communications Group.

"I am very happy with Carlos, my tutor, and his attention to my needs and careful preparation of each session. I have found the course extremely worthwhile - time now to put it into practice!"
Ray Brooke - Spanish course in Ottawa.

"Marco is an excellent teacher – thank you, Listen & Learn, for finding him for me. He has clearly done this before. I am surprised by how fast I am learning."
Angela Boehm - Spanish course in Calgary.

"Short and sweet...two thumbs up!"
Ruth Jordan - Spanish course in San Diego.

"My Spanish lessons with Maria are going well and I just completed my third lesson. She is a good teacher and really is helping my advancement. "
Justin Montigny - Spanish course in Windsor.

Swahili Testimonials

"Jane our teacher is wonderful. She is very patient and good-natured and we're enjoying our lessons!"
Brenda Fogg - Swahili course in New York.

"The Swahili lessons are going very well. Andrew is a very good instructor and has been incredibly flexible in working with my schedule."
Payal Patel - Swahili course in New York.

"I am enjoying my lessons very much and I feel I am learning a lot.  My teacher is sweet and dedicated and it is very much appreciated. Perfect for me!"
Jean-Baptiste Marion - Swahili course in New York.

Swedish Testimonials

"I especially appreciate being able to receive one-on-one teaching as it helps with pronunciation tremendously."
James Bredeson - Swedish course in Edmonton.

Tamil Testimonials

"Jana is a dedicated teacher who is always punctual and prepared for our sessions."
Jeremy Samuel - Tamil course.

Thai Testimonials

"I am very happy with your company and my instructor!"
Wesley Whittier - Thai course in Austin.

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