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Take a look at our many satisfied clients and see what they have to say about their experience with Listen & Learn!
  • Nick Alcock
    French in Amsterdam
    “Going from not being able to create basic sentences to being able to hold conversations. It’s been great to notice the progress month by month ”
  • Georgina McDonald
    Serbian in Amsterdam
    “ Listen & Learn has excellent admin staff who go above and beyond to serve their clients”
  • Kaylee & John Kolditz
    Italian Online
    “Bianca, our teacher, is fabulous. She made learning fun. We got the Italian foundation we were looking for”
  • Peter Dillard
    German in Tucson, Arizona
    “I was impressed by Listen & Learn’s ability to provide individual language instruction in my home through a tutor”


“As the proverb goes, interest is always the best teacher we know. The students with a sincere interest in learning always turn out to be excellent learners” READ MORE


Meet the Listen & Learn teachers and hear why they love teaching languages to clients around the world.

  • James Churchill
    Russian in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
    “My experience with all the people at the company couldn't have been better - they are #1 in my books and the professionalism that they have treated me with is outstanding”
  • Karen Ahola
    Finnish in Calgary, Alberta
    “There are many language learning companies on the Internet. Listen & Learn was the only one that met my criteria”
  • Monica Schwarz
    Indonesian in Salt Lake City, Utah
    “Listen & Learn was one of the only programs that offered instruction in Indonesian!”
  • Jared Crampton
    Dutch in Regina, Saskatchewan
    “My teacher was excellent - the course was one-to-one so it was perfectly tailored to what I was looking for”


From our clients all over the world

"I am very satisfied with my teacher and current lessons. Thanks!"
James Wholley

Swahili course in Online.

"Our teacher is definitely helping us with our accents! That is huge for us!"
Cara Pagendarm

German course in Prairieville.

"I'm learning words and phrases that will be useful if I visit the Basque Country. Nerea is very skilled and good at her job. I'm glad I chose Listen & Learn!"
Blake Allmendinger

Basque course in Online.

"My lessons with Shahbaz are going well. He's very thorough, and I know I'll learn a lot with him!"
Carrie Livingston

Farsi course in Online.

"I have been very busy at my job which requires a lot of traveling. My teacher has been very understanding and flexible. Thanks to you and Listen & Learn for facilitating this process."
Sina Ahour

Farsi course in Nashville.

our clients include

Instrumentation Services Inc.
Language learned: Portuguese in Colorado Springs.

Physical Electronics
Language learned: English in Minneapolis.

TeleWare House
Language learned: Arabic in New York.

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