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Meet Monica, studying Indonesian, and see why they chose Listen & Learn!
Monica Learns Indonesian to Become a Physician in Indonesia!

Monica Schwarz is a first year medical student with dreams of becoming a physician in Southeast Asia. She had a chat with Listen & Learn about her experience learning the language:

Listen & Learn: Could you please tell us a little about yourself?
Monica: Sure! I’m Monica Schwarz, 23 years old, and a first year medical student at the University of Utah.

Listen & Learn: When did you start studying with Listen & Learn?
Monica: Around January 2013 after I returned back to the United States from Indonesia.

Listen & Learn: What language did you study?
Monica: Indonesian.

Listen & Learn: Why? What were your reasons and goals?
Monica: I am very interested in being a physician in Indonesia once I finish medical school, and I took a gap year in between college and medical school to focus on becoming proficient in the language. I received funding from a state department program to continue to study the language and Listen & Learn was one of the only programs that offered instruction in Indonesian!

Listen & Learn: Why did you choose Listen & Learn?
Monica: I found Listen & Learn on the Internet when I was still traveling in Southeast Asia. Their rates were more feasible for me and they offered an online option that allowed me to receive personal instruction back home in Salt Lake City.

Listen & Learn: Was Listen & Learn helpful?
Monica: I really enjoyed my instructor and was very fortunate to be able to continue to practice speaking Indonesian over Skype. We made individualized lessons that suited my language ability.

Listen & Learn: What was the most helpful thing?
Monica: The personalized lessons helped me hone in on areas of my language skills that needed improvement. I formed a good relationship with my instructor so he was able to pick out specific areas that needed work, and directly helped me improve on them.

Listen & Learn: Would you recommend Listen & Learn?
Monica: Yes, definitely!

Listen & Learn: And on a final note, what's your favorite saying in your new language?
Monica: Yang penting...bahagia! It means “What's most important... happiness!”