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Meet Georgina, studying Serbian, and see why they chose Listen & Learn!
Learning Serbian to Begin a New Life

Listen & Learn: Hello, Georgina! Thank you for giving us the opportunity to ask you a few questions. Could you begin by telling us a little about you and the language you chose to learn and why?
Georgina: Our family is in the process of picking up and moving to Serbia, so we decided to get some language learning under our belt before the big move. After doing some research online, I came across Listen & Learn and decided to give it a try.

Listen & Learn: What aspect of Listen & Learn did you find most appealing when you were considering our Serbian courses?
Georgina: What was most appealing initially about Listen & Learn was the way they interacted with me concerning all of my questions and, in fact, this continues to be a major strength of the organization – they have excellent admin staff who go above and beyond to serve their clients.

Listen & Learn: Our staff is certainly one of our greatest sources of pride! What did they do to make you have such a high opinion of them?
Georgina: At the beginning, it took us some time to find the right language teacher for our family. But Listen & Learn patiently worked through that with us and we have been delighted with the results. In fact, the organization encourages you to be proactive in the process of your language learning, which has turned out to be very helpful – although it did take some time to figure out what that would look like.

Listen & Learn: It’s good to know that you could work that out with the help of our team. And what was the most helpful aspect of your course?
Georgina: Our children are benefitting from one-hour one-on-one lessons with a wonderful teacher – who lives in Serbia! All of our lessons are online (which we have actually preferred) and our teacher, Ana, comes ready with lessons and gives very helpful homework.

Listen & Learn: Do you believe your language ability has improved? Have you had an opportunity to use your new skills in the real world?
Georgina: We are still awaiting the opportunity to use our newly acquired Serbian skills in Serbia, but in the meantime, we feel that our family is in good hands!

Listen & Learn: So, would you recommend Listen & Learn?
Georgina: Definitely. Listen & Learn is worth considering for anyone’s language learning journey.

Listen & Learn: Thank you, Georgina! Lastly, what is your favourite word, phrase, or expression in your new language?
Georgina: My favourite phrase so far is Ja bih jednu kafu which translates to “I would like one coffee”…a very important phrase!