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Meet Kaylee & John, studying Italian, and see why they chose Listen & Learn!
Italian Course Online

Kaylee & John are moving to Italy in order to provide aid to hundreds of thousands of refugees.

Listen & Learn: Hi Kaylee and John, thanks for taking the time to talk with us today!
Kaylee & John: No problem!

Listen & Learn: Would you mind telling us a little about yourself?
Kaylee & John: We work with an international Christian organization that helps refugees. We will be relocating to Europe to help the churches help hundreds of thousands of refugees who are seeking asylum across the continent. We have a background in missions work and some basic language skills in French, German, and Spanish.

Listen & Learn: That's amazing! When did you start studying with Listen & Learn?
Kaylee & John: We have been studying with Listen & Learn since January 2016.

Listen & Learn: What language have you been studying?
Kaylee & John: Italian

Listen & Learn: How come? What were your reasons and goals?
Kaylee & John: Since we were planning to move to Italy with our organization, it made the most sense. Our goals were to spend 6-8 months studying with our teacher via Skype to provide a solid foundation before we enter into a language immersion program in Italy.

Listen & Learn: Why did you choose Listen & Learn?
Kaylee & John: I researched options both for study within our city and online tutoring. What we found is that by using an online teacher we had the flexibility we needed. We travel with our work and cannot always make in-person classes. Additionally, our teacher is Italian; living in Italy. We felt like this gave us an expert teacher who really understands what it is like when someone moves to Italy and she could guide us wisely in what we need to know, customs, culture, etc.

Listen & Learn: How was your experience? Was Listen & Learn helpful?
Kaylee & John: Extremely. Bianca, our teacher, is fabulous. She made learning fun. We laughed a lot and we learned a lot. We got the Italian foundation we were looking for.

Listen & Learn: What was the most helpful thing about the classes?
Kaylee & John: Bianca’s approach was the most helpful thing. She was very professional but made learning fun. She adjusted to our needs rather than having a strict curriculum she followed. She was always open to feedback and she truly cared about us and wanted to be sure we learned.

Listen & Learn: And on a final note, what’s your favorite saying in your new language?
Kaylee & John: Io vengo dagli Stati Uniti. (I’m from the US)