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When you travel, study or volunteer abroad, you embrace new experiences that help you expand your own boundaries. We want to make language learning accessible to you!

We are giving away our first $3,000 USD scholarship to an undergraduate or graduate student who has the desire to immerse themselves in Latin American culture AND to improve their Spanish or Portuguese language skills

Candidates need to complete an application form and submit a short video of saying their favorite tongue-twister in Spanish or Portuguese. Then share it with friends and family to collect votes. Finalists will be selected among the top 3 most voted candidates. Candidates must not only have a desire to travel and curiously explore new cultures, but have the intention to learn Spanish or Portuguese and positively share their experiences with the Listen & Learn community.

It costs nothing to apply! Simply complete the following steps:

Plan your trip to Latin America.

Apply to The Listen & Learn Language Travel Scholarship.

Share your profile with your friends & get as many votes as possible.

Pack your bags and enjoy your award.

Vote for your favorite candidate and give them chance to win a $3,000 USD Scholarship to travel around Latin America.
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Are you a film student who has always dreamed about making a short film on the beautiful desert in Bolivia? Are you currently studying Latin American literature and want to visit the places that inspired Gabriel García Marquez and other famous writers? Are you learning about gender studies in Guatemala? Or are you a social science student who always wanted to study Argentina´s cultural diversity, a dancer who wants to join a Rio Carnival float at the Sambodrome, or a botanist who wants to explore the Amazon? Our Travel Scholarship can help you achieve your goals and give you advantage to develop your ideas, and truly learn the language, as you’ll be surrounded by it day and night. We want to make sure you make the most out of your experience abroad and have the confidence to explore and feel secure in your destination. So, together with the $3,000 USD budget, you will receive 10 FREE online Spanish or Portuguese lessons to prepare you for your trip.


Do you or would you like to have your own travel itinerary? We will not interfere with your plans. Choose the destinations you want to visit and how long you want to stay! Whether you want to see as many places as possible, or get to know a few locations as intimately as possible, we want to help you have the most enriching experience possible.


Meaningful travel is on the rise, especially in the form of “voluntourism”—literally, volunteering with social-good or eco-friendly projects while travelling. As a company, we strongly support those who have the passion to help others and contribute a positive social impact. But volunteering does more than benefit the local community: Helping others while travelling will transform your experience! You will put aside the tourist spots and interact with locals on a more meaningful level. You will have more intimate conversations with people and see how they really live in your destination. And you will discover the hidden blessings and hardships that visitors normally never experience. In fact, you will experience all this and more while improving your language skills and making profound friendships that will last a lifetime. If you would like to contribute toward volunteer or humanitarian projects during your trip, we will gladly support you and can even help find suitable programs that may interest you.

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