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Gaetan Lewis

23 years old
Stockton University
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My name is Gaetan and I'm a 23-year-old Business student at Stockton University. I'm mainly interested in Tourism and Event management. Therefore, to communicate with my future clients abroad, I'm interested in learning different languages. Currently, I'm focused on learning Spanish.I've been planning a trip to Latin America for the past six months and studying their culture (especially the Argentinian one! I Love their music and food!)and I think this scholarship will allow me to spend more time there and definitely help me improve my Spanish skills!I

Gaetan is one step away from getting the $3,000 USD
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To give Gaetan an even better chance to win, Answer 3 or more questions correctly from the Spanish or Portuguese Level Tests (Spanish or Portuguese) and YOUR VOTE WILL COUNT AS A DOUBLE!

Level Test
Level Test

1. Lima ...... en Perú, ...... la capital del país.

a. está / es
b. está / está
c. es / está
d. es / es

2. El sofá es ...... y muy .......

a. roja / gran
b. rojo / grande
c. roja / grande
d. rojo / gran

3. Mis abuelos ...... más de 80 años.

a. son
b. tienen
c. es
d. tiene

1. Quem ...... eu?

a. sou
b. somos
c. é
d. são

2. Como é que você ....... ?

a. chama-se
b. se chama
c. te chamas
d. chama

3. Os meus pais ...... um apartamento em Londres.

a. têm
b. tem
c. tens
d. temos
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