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Meg Leu

22 years old
The College of William & Mary
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 I'm a double major in Spanish and History. I study dictatorships, state repression, and memory work in Latin America, and I would love the opportunity to visit some of the countries I've been studying in my classes. I've been interning with the National Security Archive for a year now; I work with declassified U.S. documents that contain evidence of human rights abuses committed during dictatorships in the Southern Cone, and I present my findings to human rights organizations based in Latin America. If I won this scholarship, I would take the chance to work with some of these organizations in person and develop my understanding of these places.

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To give Meg an even better chance to win, Answer 3 or more questions correctly from the Spanish or Portuguese Level Tests (Spanish or Portuguese) and YOUR VOTE WILL COUNT AS A DOUBLE!

Level Test
Level Test

1. Lima ...... en Perú, ...... la capital del país.

a. está / es
b. está / está
c. es / está
d. es / es

2. El sofá es ...... y muy .......

a. roja / gran
b. rojo / grande
c. roja / grande
d. rojo / gran

3. Mis abuelos ...... más de 80 años.

a. son
b. tienen
c. es
d. tiene

1. Quem ...... eu?

a. sou
b. somos
c. é
d. são

2. Como é que você ....... ?

a. chama-se
b. se chama
c. te chamas
d. chama

3. Os meus pais ...... um apartamento em Londres.

a. têm
b. tem
c. tens
d. temos
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