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Have you always wanted to watch classic French films, like Amélie or La Haine, without dubbing or subtitles? Want to communicate with almost 70 million people living in France without the help of Google Translate? Enroll in one of our online French courses, available to students from beginner to advanced levels, and become fluent in a short time. Our native-speaking instructors will prepare lessons for you to improve your vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation while helping you to become proficient in listening, reading, writing, and speaking.


What will you learn with us?

Our instructors will get you speaking from the very first lesson, teaching you words and phrases that will introduce you to the traditions of French-speaking countries. Soon, you’ll be ready to communicate not only with people living in France, but also with the millions who use French as a first and second language worldwide. Further, French is a Romance language, meaning it will be far easier for you to understand and acquire Spanish, Italian or Portuguese!


What resources do we use?

All the materials you will use in your lessons will be selected and designed to suit your level, needs, and preferences. Do you love cinema? Our tutors can prepare fun lessons around classic or contemporary films. Are you a literature-lover and would like to learn a language through books, instead? Done! If you are already an advanced learner, you’ll acquire more complex vocabulary and grammar (ever heard of the plus-que-parfait?), while working on your pronunciation to sound as accurate and native-like as possible. Regardless of your aim when learning the language, our online courses will help you attain them!


Some benefits of our French online lessons include:

  • Full technical support available in case any issue arises.
  • Take the class from the comfort of your own home (or even your bed!)
  • Flexible schedules to suit your busy routines.
  • Possibility of recording the lesson to review it later.

You can choose to take one-to-one or two-to-one courses, or can even ask for closed group lessons (with friends, co-workers, or family members). The maximum number of people allowed per group is 8, and each online French lesson lasts one hour. 

These are completely free and will take no more than 15 minutes


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Top Tips For…

french Apps


Rosetta Stone

Would you like to put your French into practice after your lessons with Listen & Learn are over? Then, you’ll be happy to know there are countless resources that will enable you to use your French on your phone. One of them is the app Rosetta Stone, where you will find a ton of videos featuring real-life conversations in French. By watching them at various points throughout the day, wherever is easy and convenient, you can improve your contextual vocabulary and listening skills, making your language learning more natural and realistic. Though the app isn’t free, the monthly subscription is very affordable. Try the app here!

french Apps


If you are a language learner looking for options to put your skills into play, Duolingo is a must: it is one of the most popular language-learning apps available for Android and iOS. The app offers learning tips and exercises for 26 languages, including French, with a focus on vocabulary development. Words are categorized into different groups (like Food, Family, Animals, etc.) and these are presented in contextual phrases. You’ll also be challenged to use them in different sentences and can listen to how to pronounce them correctly. If you want to enjoy some extra features, you can pay $9.99 a month for Duolingo Plus. Download the app here!

Hello Talks

Would you like to speak with French native speakers using a cell phone app? Then, download Hello Talk, an app that joins more than 15 million people looking to practice foreign languages together. You can try it for free for a month and then decide if you want to pay for their monthly subscription. Their system is quite simple: you teach your native language to native French speaker, who will teach you their language, in turn. This way, both of you will be exposed to real-life speech and cultural exchanges of your target languages. You can interact with others using text, voice recordings, and calls. Download Hello Talk here!

french Youtube Channels



Cyprien Iov, also known as Monsieur Dream, is a popular French YouTuber and comedian with more than 15 million subscribers! Cyprien creates hilarious videos with subtitles in over 10 languages, including English. This makes this YouTube channel a great option even for beginner language learners looking to increase their listening skills with real-life materials. Some of the topics he touches upon include ads versus reality, school, being a geek, and living alone. He speaks quite quickly at times but uses simple vocabulary, so it’s a nice option for anyone who wants to improve their French while having a good time. Subscribe to his channel here.

french Youtube Channels

Norman fait des

Want to have some fun while watching content in French and improving your listening comprehension? Then, you should definitely subscribe to Norman fait des vidéos YouTube channel. He’s the third-most popular French YouTube channel (based on the number of subscribers) with videos that have over 34 million views! He focuses on topics like bilingualism, popular brands, animals, and video games, producing short sequences of less than 5 minutes. And the best part is that they have subtitles in Japanese, English, and French, so no matter your proficiency level, you can enjoy Norman’s videos! Subscribe to his channel here.

Antoine Daniel

Unlike other popular French Youtubers’ videos that cover random topics, Antoine Daniel’s channel has a clear focus. The content explores different countries’ traditions, like Japan, Spain, or Russia, analyzed from a humorous point of view; so, this is a great option for those looking to have some fun while improving their French. Just consider that this YouTuber speaks quickly and uses lots of slang, so it might be a bit challenging to understand at first. But don’t let this stop you: use English subtitles until you advance your French proficiency! Subscribe to his channel here.

french News



Euronews is a European TV channel headquartered in Lyon, France, that has been broadcasting for almost 30 years. Tune in to find programs about culture, technology, news, and even soap operas (original or dubbed) in French. It covers these topics from a European perspective and you can watch it on TV or live stream via their website or YouTube channel. You’ll never run out of fresh content, which you can continually use to build upon your learning. And if you want to improve your reading skills, you can also read many of their articles online. Watch Euronews here!

french News

France 24

If you are looking for a channel that covers the news from a French perspective, then you can watch France 24. This Paris-based TV channel was specifically created for people living outside of France. Follow the headlines in real time with the latest news bulletins or via their live stream service, or replay their programs by paying a monthly subscription. Their reporters usually speak in a very clear and articulate manner, so it isn’t too difficult to understand what they are saying and a great way for learners of all levels of French to expand their vocabulary and cultural awareness. Follow them on Facebook or Twitter to know more. Watch France 24 here!


BFM TV is the most-watched French TV channel in the country, dedicated to news and weather forecasts. With BFM being so popular (it has more than 10 million viewers every day!), it can be watched online and from anywhere in the world. Their journalists tend to enunciate clearly, which is ideal for both beginners and intermediate students, so don’t hesitate to watch BFM to improve your listening skills! Similarly, their online articles are very well-written, with appropriate use of grammar and elevated vocabulary; so, reading these articles will be helpful to take your reading skills to the next level. Watch BFM TV here!

french For Kids


Kids United

There’s no better way for children to learn a language than through real-life materials, like movies or songs. So, why not expose them to beautiful music, like that of Kids United? This is a French band of 6 children, formed to support UNICEF in 2004. Their first album, Un monde meilleur (A better world), features hits about peace, love, and the importance of family. The tunes are catchy and repetitive and the vocabulary is simple, so your child will have no problem learning the lyrics while enjoying great music in French! Click here and subscribe to their channel!

french For Kids

Petit Ours Brun

Looking for classic tales to tell your children, so you can share quality time together while they improve their French skills? Petit Ours Brun (Little Brown Bear) is a successful series of illustrated stories that follow Claude’s (a little brown bear) adventures. With a bird as his companion, Claude discovers the world around him, having fun with other animals in the forest and learning new things with the help of his parents. The series is not only great for kids to learn everyday vocabulary in French, but it’s also nice and fun way to teach values! Listen to the stories here!


T'choupi is a series of children's literature books perfect for kids who are just starting to learn French. It follows the adventures of a young boy who has a penguin as his pet. The penguin is a bit different from the animal in reality. Instead of a beak, it has a round orange clown-like nose and its wings have thumbs, resembling human hands. Every episode features a different theme, such as professions, colors, or animals, so the cartoon is fun way for your kids to acquire basic, everyday vocabulary in French. Watch the series here!


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The best resources to learn french

With almost 300 million speakers worldwide, French is one of the few languages spoken in five continents. In addition to being the native language of France, it is the official tongue of many other countries, like Canada, Belgium, Haiti, and Switzerland. This means that being a francophone will enable you to communicate with millions of people from all over the world, understand amazing literary works and cinema, and take advantage of countless professional opportunities, no matter where you are from.

Repetition, consistency, and motivation will help you take your French skills to the next level. So, it is important to complement your lessons with self-study. Take a look at the following resources to help you practice French in your spare time, and become fluent sooner!

Grammar Grammaire

If you are learning French as an English speaker, you will find the languages differ quite substantially. Some similarities do still exist, for example, French grammar is fairly similar to that of English (word order in both is commonly Subject-Verb-Object). But many aspects are a lot more complex, verb conjugations, and require regular practice! The following free resources are the perfect complement to your lessons with us at Listen and Learn.

Verb Conjugators

Use these verb conjugators for regular and irregular verbs alike: 

  • Conjugator Reverso
  • Lingolia
  • One of our star French teachers, Bertrand, recommends the free website Toutelaconjugaison, which allows students to practice the conjugation of all French verbs with hands-on activities, online corrections, and self-study lessons. This is the best conjugator he has come across on the Internet! Although it is entirely in French, it is intuitive to use and suitable for anyone (children and adults).

Grammar Exercises

  • BEGINNER INTERMEDIATE ADVANCED To Learn French features endless grammar resources and self-assessment tasks for you to put your skills into play. The website has activities like fill-in-the-blanks and interactive games for every level of proficiency. 
  • BEGINNER INTERMEDIATE ADVANCED Conjuguemos has a section on French grammar focused on verb conjugation and learning the different uses of each tense, so it’s great for practicing grammar rules and to test your knowledge.

Pronunciation Prononciation

French pronunciation can make speakers of other languages feel confused. There are certain sounds, such as the “R,” which English speakers are not used to producing. But don’t worry: use the following resources to practice and you will be speaking French comfortably soon! 

  • INTERMEDIATE ADVANCED Slang and colloquial terms are crucial to sounding like a native, but they can be hard to learn from a textbook. Read this great blog post and learn 12 conversational phrases to become more fluent.
  • INTERMEDIATE ADVANCED If you would like to learn more about French pronunciation through music and real-life conversation, then the Mimic Method website can help you. It has both free options (where you can download guides and audio files) and premium courses, where you’ll be assigned a tutor and you can send them recordings of yourself speaking in French for feedback.  
  • BEGINNER INTERMEDIATE ADVANCED Audio French is a great online audio dictionary you can use if you are ever in doubt about how to pronounce a word in French. You can also find whole phrases, so they may come in handy if you ever travel to France and need to get by with your French skills. 

Vocabulary Vocabulaire

English borrows thousands of words from French (such as coup d’etat or rendezvous). So, as an English speaker, you have a head start learning the language because many words will be familiar to you already. But what about the many words you don’t already know? Try out the resources below to expand your French vocabulary!

  • INTERMEDIATE ADVANCED “Ancien” in French means “former,” not “ancient,” while “assumer” means “to accept” and not “to assume.” Learn more about false cognates in this article
  • BEGINNER INTERMEDIATE ADVANCED Looking for vocabulary exercises to help you remember the new words you have learned? French Circles categorizes them topic and level of difficulty. 
  • BEGINNER INTERMEDIATE Quiz Tree offers interactive quizzes in French for you to expand your vocabulary and assess your current proficiency.
  • BEGINNER INTERMEDIATE ADVANCED Looking for more free resources to improve your French vocabulary? Check out our blog post for dozens more! 

Reading Lecture

The ability to read French is an essential skill for everything from reading novels to understanding street signs, menus, and the news. So, it is worth taking a bit of time every day to try to improve your reading comprehension skills with these online resources.

Listening Écoute

Listening is a tricky ability to acquire, especially if you are a beginner. How can you improve if you don’t understand a word of what you are hearing? Well, the Internet is full of resources that will help you develop this skill in an engaging way, without becoming frustrated. Practice as frequently as possible to improve your ability to converse with native and non-native speakers in more meaningful and interesting discussions!

Writing Écriture

Take a look at these resources to improve your knowledge of French punctuation, word order, clarity, and the overall mechanics, so you can learn to write in French with flair.

Speaking Parler

Speaking can be hard to develop, especially if there are no French speakers in your area (or if you are shy when it comes to using your foreign language skills with others).

For Kids Pour Enfants

Children absorb languages more easily than adults, but some help from them never hurts. Take a look at these resources and encourage your child to learn French in a fun, meaningful way.

  • If your child is learning Canadian French, watching Caillou can be a great way to help them develop their listening skills and vocabulary. Caillou is a Canadian cartoon, and you can find more than 400 episodes on YouTube!
  • French Baby Flashcards is a great app for kids to remember vocabulary and create their own study materials. It even includes audio recordings, so kids learn how to pronounce each word correctly.

Miscellaneous Divers

Take a look at these miscellaneous resources and take your French skills to the next level.


Improve your French skills to the tune of the most famous songs in this language!

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