Whether you’re planning to move to a German-speaking country, do business with Germany, or have to sit for an important exam and need some support, we are here to help. Reach out to us at Listen & Learn and we will design a program for you to become fluent in German in a fun, interactive way!

Our tutors are professional native speakers of the language who will carefully prepare your classes, assessing your level of proficiency, and taking into consideration your preferences. Do you want to improve your comprehension of the language and build up your vocabulary using intriguing series, like Dark? No problem! Are you interested in music and want our teachers to plan your lessons around amazing bands, like Rammstein? We do what is necessary to ensure you enjoy your online language course as much as possible.


What will you learn with us?

Enroll in one of our online German courses today and soon you’ll be able to communicate with almost 100 million German speakers living in Europe and worldwide. No matter where you are based or what your proficiency level is, we have a course for you. If you’ve never studied German before, you will get started with basic conversational phrases and structures like greetings or requests, so you can use the language from the very first lesson.

Further, you will be exposed to the German variety that is most useful to you, be it the dialect spoken in Germany, Austria, Luxembourg, or Liechtenstein. If you already have some German proficiency, you’ll advance to an even more personalized course that suits your skills and needs. You only need access to the Internet, a computer or smartphone, and free communication software to get started!


Here are some benefits of studying German online with us:

  • Our lessons are more flexible than face-to-face courses. As teachers don’t need to commute, you can reschedule your lessons with just one business day’s notice.
  • You can record the class for future review.
  • You’ll receive full technical support from us. If you don’t have Skype (or similar) on your computer yet, Listen & Learn will help you to set it up and test your sound and video well in advance of your first lesson.

Sign up for an online one-to-one or closed group German course. We adapt to you, so the lessons will be scheduled for your convenience. Just consider that the maximum number of students in a group is 8, and the minimum hours you can book is 10.

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The best resources to learn german

Learning German today is an asset for any international professional, but it doesn’t end there. Mastery of the language will also be of help if you plan to travel to German-speaking countries, like Austria, Liechtenstein, or Germany, and want to feel like a local. Plus, studying German will also give you an insight into the fascinating cultures that have helped to shape the European continent and the world.

Further, German is a great language for English speakers to learn as the two languages bear many similarities. But like any language, the key to learning German is to practice relentlessly, including using resources outside of lessons. To help you in your endeavor, we have compiled a list of fantastic online resources that will take your German skills to a whole new level!

Grammar Grammatik

German grammar can appear intimidating (for example, it has three totally arbitrary genders and verbs are also inflected according to case and number), but most rules are simple to learn and remember. Once you nail them, you will see how quickly your fluency improves! Take a look at these resources to acquire grammar in a more exciting manner than by using a textbook

Verb Conjugators

Verb conjugations in German can make your head spin. Luckily, you can use these free verb conjugators for some help!

Grammar Exercises

  • BEGINNER INTERMEDIATE ADVANCED The BBC website has a great section where German language learners to practice grammar. The page is arranged by level and topic and includes fill-in-the-blank activities, videos with explanations, crosswords, and many other tasks that will help you acquire grammar in a fun way! 
  • INTERMEDIATE ADVANCED German grammar is quite different from English. But with a lot of practice and a great teacher, you will succeed in learning the rules. Find some exercises on German grammar in German.net and practice using the passive voice, conjunctions, pronouns, and more. 

Pronunciation Aussprache

German has very consistent rules for spelling and pronunciation, which means that with a bit of training and practice by using the following resources, you will soon pronounce most words like a native speaker!

  • BEGINNER INTERMEDIATE ADVANCED Even though German and English belong to the same linguistic family, they have evolved differently and this shows, for example, in the distinct German accent and pronunciation. It probably sounds harsh to you, but do you know why? Read this blog post to find out
  •  INTERMEDIATE ADVANCED You may already know a lot of grammar rules and vocabulary, but all this effort goes to waste if you cannot pronounce words correctly. Find here some great tips to perfect your German accent and be understood by native and non-native speakers, alike.
  • BEGINNER INTERMEDIATE ADVANCED If you are unsure how to pronounce a certain word and your teacher is not available to ask, you can always use an online dictionary, like Duden. It features audio clips that will help you know how to correctly pronounce a word. 

Vocabulary Wortschatz

Learning vocabulary is essential to develop fluency and accuracy in German. If you don’t know enough vocabulary, you will be at a loss for words whenever you try to express your ideas. Fortunately, there are hundreds of resources out there to help you acquire new words and expressions.

  • BEGINNER INTERMEDIATE If you would like to learn some German words every day but don’t have a lot of time, try out Mosa Lingua’s app for German learners. It features short lessons, games, interactive activities, dialogs, audio recordings, and more to help you remember every new phrase or term you learn! 
  • BEGINNER INTERMEDIATE ADVANCED Vocabulary tests are great to understand your current ability, check the areas you still need to improve and stay motivated by seeing how much you have advanced so far. Lingua Germanica, for example, offers a great vocabulary test that will only take 10-15 minutes to complete. Just pick the level of proficiency you want to test and give it a try!

Reading Lesen

If you lack materials to complement your German textbooks, here you can find some superb resources to develop your reading skills:

  • ADVANCED Reading the newspaper is a great way to increase your comprehension and to learn new vocabulary and what is going on in Germany at any given moment. One great online option is Bild-Zeitung, a tabloid that reports international affairs, politics, economy, health, and everything you may want to know about Germany right now! 
  • BEGINNER If you are a beginner, German Uncovered relays the news using simple narratives, so it’s much easier to understand the gist while picking up words and grammar. 
  • INTERMEDIATE ADVANCED Looking for some great books to practice your German? Find here some of our suggestions and discover 6 outstanding books to take your foreign language skills to the next level. 

Listening Horen

Exposing yourself to your target language is crucial to get used to the pronunciations, accents, and cadences. Plus, listening to German people speaking in their own language is the only way to actually improve your receptive and productive skills while acquiring words and expressions.

  • ADVANCED GermanPod101 has daily podcasts that can help you improve your listening comprehension while learning something meaningful. Some of the topics they touch on are how Germans celebrate Christmas, how to prepare delicious strudel, and more! 
  •  BEGINNER INTERMEDIATE ADVANCED Deutsche Welle is another great resource to develop your German listening comprehension. The site has a lot of freely available materials, such as real audio recordings, with worksheets, categorized by proficiency level. You can also listen to live news.
  • BEGINNERS INTERMEDIATE ADVANCED Learning German is much easier if you acquire the language naturally while enjoying something you like. If you are looking for great German-language TV series to watch, check out our article about the best Netflix shows and films to learn German

Writing Schreiben

Productive skills, like writing, are usually the hardest to develop (especially if you don’t have a qualified teacher who can give you constructive feedback). Luckily, there are plenty of websites on the Internet with prompts and exercises to help you improve your mastery of German writing mechanics, like punctuation or spelling.

Speaking Sprechen

If you want to become fluent in German, you will need to practice conversing with other learners or native speakers. Here are some resources to help you find people to speak with!

For Kids Fur Kinder

Is your child interested in learning German? Check out these apps and websites to make learning fun, as well as productive!

  • Songs are great for kids to acquire a language naturally, and you can find plenty on YouTube channels, like Sing mit mir, which is organizing its content into three playlists: nursery rhymes, lullabies, and Christmas carols.
  • Duolingo is suitable for children. It has a visually attractive design, interactive activities, and a gamified learning system (children can “earn” lingots as they learn, which they can later trade for avatar items to personalize their account). An alternative is Forvo Kids, which focuses mostly on teaching vocabulary.
  • Komissar Rex is a great German series for older children. It is about a police dog that solves crimes with his canine friends in Vienna. It features German spoken in Austria, so it’s a nice opportunity to learn this variety of the language.


Miscellaneous Sonstiges

And if you need a little extra help, take a look at these additional resources for learning German!

Improve your German skills to the tune of the most famous songs in this language!

Discover Popular German Songs