Whether you’re planning to move to a German-speaking country, do business with Germany, or have to sit for an important exam and need some support, we are here to help. Reach out to us at Listen & Learn and we will design a program for you to become fluent in German in a fun, interactive way!

Our tutors are professional native speakers of the language who will carefully prepare your classes, assessing your level of proficiency, and taking into consideration your preferences. Do you want to improve your comprehension of the language and build up your vocabulary using intriguing series, like Dark? No problem! Are you interested in music and want our teachers to plan your lessons around amazing bands, like Rammstein? We do what is necessary to ensure you enjoy your online language course as much as possible.


What will you learn with us?

Enroll in one of our online German courses today and soon you’ll be able to communicate with almost 100 million German speakers living in Europe and worldwide. No matter where you are based or what your proficiency level is, we have a course for you. If you’ve never studied German before, you will get started with basic conversational phrases and structures like greetings or requests, so you can use the language from the very first lesson.

Further, you will be exposed to the German variety that is most useful to you, be it the dialect spoken in Germany, Austria, Luxembourg, or Liechtenstein. If you already have some German proficiency, you’ll advance to an even more personalized course that suits your skills and needs. You only need access to the Internet, a computer or smartphone, and free communication software to get started!


Here are some benefits of studying German online with us:

  • Our lessons are more flexible than face-to-face courses. As teachers don’t need to commute, you can reschedule your lessons with just one business day’s notice.
  • You can record the class for future review.
  • You’ll receive full technical support from us. If you don’t have Skype (or similar) on your computer yet, Listen & Learn will help you to set it up and test your sound and video well in advance of your first lesson.

Sign up for an online one-to-one or closed group German course. We adapt to you, so the lessons will be scheduled for your convenience. Just consider that the maximum number of students in a group is 8, and the minimum hours you can book is 10.

These are completely free and will take no more than 15 minutes


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