Are you interested in K-pop and want to understand the lyrics of bands like PSY, Girls Generation, EXO, or BTS? Are you planning to move to Korea in the near future? Would you like to continue your studies at a reputable Korean university, either face-to-face with your teacher or online? Then, sign up for an online Korean course with us at Listen & Learn and get started with a fun, interactive program! And don’t worry if you’ve never studied Korean in the past: our courses are tailor-made to suit your individual level, needs, and preferences.


What will you learn with us?

Korean can be quite challenging to learn, but don’t let this discourage you: our professional, native-speaking tutors will give you tips and tricks for you to master the language in the manner most suitable and interesting to you and your learning requirements.

For instance, soon you’ll know that, unlike other alphabets that grew organically, Hangul (the Korean “alphabet”), was invented. That makes it a lot more logical and, therefore, easier to learn and use than that of other Asian languages, like the characters of Chinese, Japanese, or even Cyrillic.


More reasons to learn Korean

Even though Korean is a language isolate (meaning it has no linguistic brothers or significant links to any other language), it has historical connections with Mandarin Chinese, so almost 60% of Korean words are of Chinese origin. So, you can use your Korean knowledge as a starting point to access other languages, especially Mandarin. Get started today and you’ll become bilingual (or even multilingual) before you know it!


Why take an online Korean course with us?

  • Our online lessons are flexible, so you can reschedule with just 1 business day’s notice.
  • You don’t have to leave your home to study Korean.
  • You only need a computer or smartphone, a stable Internet connection, and Skype to get started! And, if you don’t know how to use the software, our technical agents can help you download the program and test it.

These are completely free and will take no more than 15 minutes


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