Mandarin Chinese is the most spoken native tongue in the world today, meaning that learning the language will allow you to communicate with more than a billion people around the world. Acquiring the language will be particularly important if you plan to study or do business with Chinese people, given that only 1% of the population in China speaks English. Sign up for an online Mandarin course with Listen & Learn and our native-speaking instructors will prepare personalized, interactive lessons for you to master this tonal language without effort!


Who can take online Mandarin lessons with us?

You can take a Mandarin online course regardless of your level of proficiency. You’ll be learning grammar, pronunciation, and vocabulary while developing your receptive and productive skills using real-life materials like books, series, and movies.


What will you learn in your course?

Beginners will get started with a Survival course that includes basic phrases like greetings, polite requests, and asking for directions so you can start speaking in Chinese from the very first lesson. They will also deepen their understanding of the ancient Chinese culture and their rituals. After successfully passing this Survival Chinese course, students will continue their language journey with a tailor-made program that suits their every need.

Advanced learners will be acquiring more complex vocabulary and structures and fine-tuning their pronunciation. Mandarin Chinese is a tonal language, meaning that the same syllable has different meanings depending on how they are pronounced. For example, “ma” with a rising tone means hemp and with a falling tone means “to scold”. Quite the difference, right? But don’t worry: with the help of our professional trainers, you’ll not find yourself in an embarrassing situation due to your pronunciation!


Some benefits of our Mandarin Chinese online lessons include:

  • Flexibility. As our teachers don’t need to travel, they can be more flexible with rescheduling lessons according to your needs.
  • Possibility of recording your class for future review.
  • Technical support for Skype (for individual lessons) or other software (for group lessons).

You can take an online one-to-one or two-to-one course with our instructors. Or you may sign up for private group sessions with your friends or colleagues. Just consider that the maximum number of people allowed is 8.

These are completely free and will take no more than 15 minutes

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