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Mandarin Chinese is the most spoken native tongue in the world today, meaning that learning the language will allow you to communicate with more than a billion people around the world. Acquiring the language will be particularly important if you plan to study or do business with Chinese people, given that only 1% of the population in China speaks English. Sign up for an online Mandarin course with Listen & Learn and our native-speaking instructors will prepare personalized, interactive lessons for you to master this tonal language without effort!


Who can take online Mandarin lessons with us?

You can take a Mandarin online course regardless of your level of proficiency. You’ll be learning grammar, pronunciation, and vocabulary while developing your receptive and productive skills using real-life materials like books, series, and movies.


What will you learn in your course?

Beginners will get started with a Survival course that includes basic phrases like greetings, polite requests, and asking for directions so you can start speaking in Chinese from the very first lesson. They will also deepen their understanding of the ancient Chinese culture and their rituals. After successfully passing this Survival Chinese course, students will continue their language journey with a tailor-made program that suits their every need.

Advanced learners will be acquiring more complex vocabulary and structures and fine-tuning their pronunciation. Mandarin Chinese is a tonal language, meaning that the same syllable has different meanings depending on how they are pronounced. For example, “ma” with a rising tone means hemp and with a falling tone means “to scold”. Quite the difference, right? But don’t worry: with the help of our professional trainers, you’ll not find yourself in an embarrassing situation due to your pronunciation!


Some benefits of our Mandarin Chinese online lessons include:

  • Flexibility. As our teachers don’t need to travel, they can be more flexible with rescheduling lessons according to your needs.
  • Possibility of recording your class for future review.
  • Technical support for Skype (for individual lessons) or other software (for group lessons).

You can take an online one-to-one or two-to-one course with our instructors. Or you may sign up for private group sessions with your friends or colleagues. Just consider that the maximum number of people allowed is 8.

These are completely free and will take no more than 15 minutes


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mandarin-chinese Songs


Stranger in the North- Wang Lee Hom

Are you looking to acquire some Mandarin Chinese vocabulary while enjoying some nice music? Then, you should give “Stranger in the North” a try. This is a pop and rap song that talks about a traveler who wants to get to know different places in the world and describes the beautiful landscapes he wants to visit. As it uses a lot of complex sentences and prepositions, it’s more suitable for Advanced students. Plus, the rap sections are fast-paced and include many colloquial expressions, so it may be hard for beginners to understand what the singer is saying.

Check out the song here!

mandarin-chinese Songs

Light Years Away- 邓紫棋 (GEM)

Those who love pop ballads and would like to improve their Mandarin Chinese skills should listen to “Light Years Away” by GEM, a great track to start getting familiar with this tonal language. As you may know already, a word can have multiple meanings in Mandarin depending on the tone the speaker uses. In this song, you will find some examples of how this can occur (and you will notice them because it is a slow-paced piece), such as the word “ma,” which the singer pronounces with rising and falling tones.

Check out the song here!

Playhouse- JiaJia

Learning Mandarin Chinese does not only entail memorizing words from a textbook: you can also improve your listening comprehension and learn new words by doing something enjoyable, such as listening to music. For example, “Playhouse” by JiaJia is an inspiring piece that talks about self-acceptance and love. It’s a great track for beginners, as it has a very slow pace and a lot of repetitions, while also using simple grammar and everyday vocabulary. For example, some of the most common words you will learn include love (ái), kiss (wen), hate (taoyán), and work (Gōngzuò).

Check out the song here!

mandarin-chinese Apps


The Chairman’s Bao

If you are an advanced-level student of Mandarin Chinese, you should download The Chairman’s Bao app to your phone, available on both Android and iOS. This is an online newspaper that has been simplified, so that Mandarin learners can understand. Access the app and you will find thousands of articles about politics, travel, lifestyle, and more. The app includes an interactive dictionary, so when you are reading, you can tap on an unknown word and find out its meaning. Further, you can read in both simplified or traditional Chinese characters.

Check out the app here!

mandarin-chinese Apps

Chinese Pod

Do you learn better by listening to podcasts? Then, ChinesePod is the app for you. It features hundreds of high-quality podcasts, categorized by level and topic, so it’s easy to find something that interests you. For example, you can learn traditional Chinese recipes or listen to businesspeople and entrepreneurs. Most of these materials include a transcript in Chinese (for the most advanced learners) and in English for those who are just starting their language journey. A big advantage over other apps is that you can download all the content and listen to the podcasts without an Internet connection.

Check out the app here!


Similar to Duolingo, Memrise is an app that offers bite-sized lessons in a great variety of languages, including Mandarin Chinese. You can find the lessons categorized by topic, such as family, food, jobs, and more. Some of the tasks include translation from Mandarin to English and vice versa, transcribing what you hear, joining two words that go together, and other interactive exercises that will help you remember vocabulary items and phrases in a fun way. And the best part is that you can use Memrise even if you only have 5 spare minutes a day.

Check out the app here!


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The best resources to learn mandarin-chinese

China is one of the most populated countries with 1.28 billion people, making Mandarin Chinese the most spoken native language worldwide. Learn Mandarin to expose yourself to opportunities to make new friends, discover a new culture, and expand your professional horizons. And don’t let the language’s reputation for being difficult to learn hold you back: with commitment, a suitable teacher, and world-class resources, you can master the Chinese writing system, its tones, and cultural aspects.

Explore our compilation of tools and materials and increase your Mandarin Chinese proficiency in a short time.

Grammar 语法

Studying grammar rules can be a hassle, but they are a vital aspect to any language. Even if you know a lot of Chinese vocabulary, you won’t be able to organize your speech coherently unless you know the rules that govern the language. Use the following resources to supplement your classroom learning and cement your knowledge!

  • BEGINNER INTERMEDIATE Beginner and intermediate students looking for simple and engaging grammar explanations should access Hanbridge Mandarin, a website that features step-by-step grammar lessons in video and written form. After each lesson, you will find exercises to help you remember the rules you have just studied.

  • BEGINNER INTERMEDIATE ADVANCED Access the University of Texas’ site for fantastic online resources to learn Mandarin Chinese grammar through interactive activities, like crosswords, YouTube videos, flashcards, and more!

  • ADVANCED Students with an advanced level of proficiency in Mandarin can take advantage of the interactive exercises in DongYu. For example, complete activities that compare major verbs, like “cai” or “jiu,” or enable you to practice noun and adverb agreement.

Pronunciation 发音

Most Mandarin Chinese learners complain that pronunciation is one of the most difficult aspects to acquire. Different from English, Chinese is a tonal language, which means that the same symbol can have multiple meanings depending on the tone with which a speaker says it. There are six different tones in Chinese and mastering them can be quite challenging. However, with the help of these websites and resources, you can practice in your spare time and improve faster than ever!

Vocabulary 词汇

Having a robust vocabulary in your target language is essential to hold conversations in an array of topics. Now, with Mandarin Chinese being strikingly different from English, increasing your lexicon can be a challenge. But with these resources, you can improve your vocabulary in your spare time and from anywhere!


Take a gander at these libraries and repositories with free non-fiction books, novels, and short stories for your to put your skills into play. The more your practice reading in your free time, the more vocabulary you will learn and the more you will comprehend the language and the culture.

  • ADVANCED Learn about Chinese history and culture with this free library. It contains over 80 classical and modern texts, historical documents, children’s stories, and more!

  • BEGINNER INTERMEDIATE Reading fiction is a great way to sharpen your skills while acquiring new vocabulary and getting acquainted with Chinese culture, tradition, and philosophy. Browse this amazing repository of graded short stories in Mandarin Chinese. Most stories have audio recordings, word lists to help you remember vocabulary, and even English translations.

  • INTERMEDIATE ADVANCED Read the New York Times in Chinese! Stay informed about matters that interest you while improving your language skills at the same time. You can even look for an option to turn on parallel reading (so you’ll have the Chinese version on one side of the screen and the English version on the other).

  • ADVANCED If you love to read and are looking for some outstanding books that can help you learn Mandarin, have a look at our blog post where we offer some suggestions.


Listening can be a tricky skill to develop, especially when the language is so different from your mother tongue. But with a lot of meaningful practice and guidance from experts, soon will achieve your goals. Use the following resources to improve!

  • INTERMEDIATE ADVANCED Browse some great YouTube channels to follow to put your listening skills into practice while you learn more about the things that interest you!

  • INTERMEDIATE ADVANCED Podcasts are amazing resources to take your listening skills to the next level, especially while on the go. If you are looking for some suggestions, read this article for four free Chinese podcasts for beginner- and intermediate-level students.

  • BEGINNER Listen to this collection of spoken articles. They are very short and the speaker pronounces each word in a slow and articulate manner. Plus, each recording includes English subtitles.

  • BEGINNER INTERMEDIATE ADVANCED Enjoy great Chinese TV shows and films for free (and with English or simplified Chinese subtitles) by accessing the PPS website. They also have American movies subtitled in Chinese if you prefer to watch something you already know.


The more you write and receive feedback from teachers, peers, and native speakers, the faster you will improve. Check out these resources to take your writing skills to the next level.

  • INTERMEDIATE One of the main elements of writing is knowing how to spell words. In Chinese, this is a bit different because there are no letters but characters. Get to know more about the Chinese symbols and their evolution with this post!

  • BEGINNER INTERMEDIATE And if you are looking for some tips on how to memorize Chinese symbols, this article will be of help!

  • INTERMEDIATE ADVANCED If you don’t currently have a teacher to help you develop your Chinese writing skills, you can join Penpals, where you will find other enthusiastic Chinese learners with whom to exchange texts and help each other improve!


Ideally, you need to find a partner with whom you can practice your communication skills. But if that is not possible (or if you want to complement the speaking practice you already have), take a look at these online resources!

  • INTERMEDIATE ADVANCED Join Conversation Exchange or Tandem and find other motivated learners who also want to partner up to improve their Chinese skills.

  • BEGINNER Just Learn Chinese has a thorough guide with plenty of advice for elementary students who want to improve their speaking skills without a partner.

For Kids 针对儿童

Give your kids a little push and help them acquire Mandarin Chinese in a fun, interactive way with the following resources:

  • Looking for fun, interactive games for your children to learn some Mandarin Chinese vocabulary, like numbers, colors, or animals? Visit Pandatree! This website also has a section called “Story time” that features classic short stories, like The Tale of Peter Rabbit or Cinderella, read aloud in Chinese.  

  • Digmandarin is another great website with an array of resources for kids to acquire Chinese with colorful flashcards, catchy songs, and fun games while giving tips and suggestions for families who want to learn Chinese. 

  • Rock ’N Learn is an entertaining YouTube channel with appealing videos for kids to learn numbers, colors, body parts, and more basic Chinese vocabulary through the use of cartoons and songs.


And a few more resources that may be of help:

Improve your Mandarin Chinese skills to the tune of the most famous songs in this language!

Discover Popular Mandarin Chinese Songs